Hiaz....hubby has just left yesterday for 18 days of overseas training. Feeling so emotional and sobby the whole of yesterday. Somehow it's as if he's going away for long. Silly me! Heehee...Somehow feeling so reluctant to be away from him. Ha ha he was joking that I will miss not having a 'blanga' around to help out. Gee...

For 3 weeks I am going to be staying at my mum's place so that baby Keziah will be cared for and ease me off travelling to and fro.

My little gal somehow always gets fever after her jabs. Happened again after her jab on Friday. I should have ignored the dr's instructions and give her some paracetamol once she's home from the jab. Might do her some good then to wait till her temperature goes up. Anyway, thank God her fever came down today after 2.5 doses of the medication. Wonder why 2.5 doses? Coz she spitted out most of her first dose. Was rather cranky and refuse to sleep. Needed to carry her and suspect she's actually comfort feeding. Nonetheless, what to do but to accede to our little princess's requests?


Anonymous said...

Just hang in there, he will be back soon! Don't need to feel lonely since you have Keziah to keep you company :) That's how I think since Zhongjie is also going away this fri for 2 weeks... will be moving into Shawn's room and sleep then.

As for the fever, it's common that they have them. It's actually a good reaction and unless it's v high, there's no need to give them medication. Shawn had a low-grade fever as well after his jabs, and I just put cool towel on his head and kept on nursing him (breastmilk is really powerful and good for them.. just use it as an antidote :p)... was afraid to give him medication. It went after that same afternoon. Can try that for her next immunisation.