Stock take time...

Yippee....I am feeling so good after selling off some of my nursing wear for quite a good price. Didn't make such a big loss after all. Well of course there are some items that don't seem to move at all.

This weekend has been really fruitful. Getting Keziah all her new stuff. Hmm..looks like my shopping has been always been just for her things. Her new car seat and Fisher Price learn & play toy have just arrived. Daddy and mummy went to pick up her new high chair as well in preparation for little gal to join us at the table. This weekend, little Keziah has also gotten her first taste of cereal. She wasn't too impressed by her first taste but after a few mouthful, she was really eager to have the next.

You interested in my cereal?

Wow...look at those butterflies!

Something new to play! Oh listen to the music....

Look at me! Can't you see I am taking a good break n my comfortable bouncer?

Mummy and me just back from church...

Looking back. Keziah has really grown. Just look at her!

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