More attention...

Wow, it's end of Feburary!!!!! Each day is moving faster and faster. Keziah has grown to be really clingy and also certainly more strength in the muscles. Bed time is still mommy time. Daddy just seems to keep her from her sleep. Just last night, she slept at 9.45pm as opposed to 8.45pm coz Daddy came back and it was the moment she just finished her milk and about to sleep. Maybe to her, Daddy = play..

Babies are really smart and they know right and wrong. Well, at least to some extent. Keziah was flipping her storybook last night and guess what! She tore out a page. Mommy gave her a smack on her hand and reprimanded her. She actually cried, to some extent holding back her tears as mommy went on to reason out with her why it wasn't right to do that. Nonetheless, mommy hugged her and told her not to do it again. She seemed at one point not to realise that it was a mistake. It was only later she showed some sense of remorse, or well at least that's what Mommy thought. Also a chance here for Mommy to teach Keziah how to sign 'sorry'. An after thought from the incident - how Mommy will be able to instil some discipline when often she is away at work?

Mommy's birthday

Well it's past midnight and still haven't been able to sleep. Just yesterday was Mommy's birthday but she's feeling low and depressed. Don't know what has gotten over her. For the past 2 nights, she has been losing sleep. Tossed and turned in bed but hardly catching a wink. Work has been bugging her or probably it's not so much as the load but her expectations and the procrastination from doing things that she found simply tough to understand and apply. Being an amateur and having to train others certainly isn't how things is. Will 'smoking' through get her there? No matter how much reading she does, it's just so little that she retains in the head! What's the problem????? Can anyone answer???? How can she get to back the coverted sleep that she needs to make sure her body function properly????

First Chinese New Year

17 Feb Chinese New Year Eve

18 Feb First Day of Chinese New Year
Keziah finally met everyone in the big family at one venue. However, she's not quite too comfortable with the large crowd. What a contrast with her at home toying around and out playing slide at United Square on Day 2 in her easy purple top and jeans skirt!

20 Feb 3rd Day of Chinese New Year
Well, today is fun with the Sunday School visitation. We started the day off at Uncle Eddie and Auntie Celina's place. Somehow Keziah was really getting sticky to Mummy and Daddy and simply showed quite obvious stranger anxiety in crowds.

Afterwhich, the youths came over to our place. Just look even the big kids were interested in little Keziah's toys. That goes to show how toys can be rather universal at times.

We ended the day by taking a walk out to United Square (our regular hunt for lazy weekends) for some fun on the slide with a stopover at TCC for tea. There Keziah met two nice little gals who constantly encouraged and helped her along like big sisters. So cute...Oh yes, we took a bus back home and look at just how Keziah tried to be 'adult'. Well, she loved riding simply on her Daddy as well.

Valentine day...

Well this year has been rather quiet for Valentine...Can't help it with the little one around...But guess the celebration was much predated to 2 Feb when Wencong bought a nice Valentine's cake home...Heehee....It was pretty yummy. He's gotten it from this cake shop at the basement of Takashimaya. It was some Japanese bakery. I must say their cakes are one of the best I have tasted so far. So much better than Sun Moulin which I wonder why the queue for their cakes and breads.

Some shots of our Mischieveous little one in act....

Keziah's Play Area

Mommy and Daddy have really made the effort to get some pictures taken today. Started with a nice quiet morning just playing around in the house after breakfast.

Look at her smile!

Heehee...trying to a split and meddle with her toy

Oh, did I tell you that she can now stand pretty well on her two little feet even without support. She can cruise around by holding onto the furniture. It's also quite an interesting sight to see her turning around on her bums 360 degree.

After lunch, we went out to pick up some toys that Mommy and Daddy bought from another Mommy. Ooooo....
After that, we went to West Coast Park to have a walk. It was a really nice breezy afternoon and wasn't too hot and sunny.

A wonderful time taking the ride in the play ground. Just look at her waving to people around in excitement.

She certainly didn't want to get off the see-saw...

Oh the first few steps walking on the ground of a playground. The feeling was sure different from the marble floor at home.

We took a break at the MacDonalds. Keziah had to watch Mommy and Daddy eat as she still can't take fastfood for the time being. It was certainly fun but well, it can get rather frustrating watching others enjoy their food.

Finally a chance to catch a picture of her two lower front teeth. Ever since last December, Keziah hasn't grown any more teeth other than these two.

Ok, it's time for a ride back home....Oh did I tell you that she loves to read too!

And set up the toys...Juz look at her little self-contained home....juz short of a 'fence' to make it a 'private' property...

Bad Mommy....

Well the day just didn't end as well as it started. Mommy was too complacent I guess. Thinking that Keziah would be safe in the cot, I left her there for a short moment all ready for bed while I make her milk a few steps away. Who knows careless Mommy spilled water and had a get a cloth which was on the table to clean it up. Worse, I didn't latch the cot up proper thinking it's just a few steps away. Arghhh....Keziah was happily standing up in the cot and jumping away. At the moment I turned my back at her, the cot flung opened and Keziah fell straight out and hit her head! I am feeling so guilty now. All I could do at that moment to pick her up and try to hug and comfort her. I didn't even really notice where exactly she hit her head. Sob sob...Now that she is in bed, I could only pray all is well and she hasn't injured her head.