Early Xmas Gift

It's a public holiday and Daddy and Mommy had planned to take Keziah to Jocab Ballas Children's Garden at Botanical Gardens. We arrived there but the weather didn't keep. Look how disappointed Keziah was with the "I don't want to go yet, we've just got here" look. She actually refused to get into the car to head home when it started to pour shortly after we entered the Gardens.

So what did we spend this wet day? It's time to open up her early Xmas gift from Jeff Shu Shu. Of course, with none other than the giver himself. Keziah was seriously interested in giving a hand in setting up her new drawing easel.

There was really not much we could do since it was raining so Daddy and Mommy decided to take a drive down to Paragon where there's a kids' playarea so that Keziah could have some fun. While at Newton Circus, we hit a jam and Daddy decided to turn back. Guess everyone was either doing Xmas shopping or just heading to shopping centres to hide from the rain. So we went to United Square instead to pick up Keziah's chubby crayons from ELC. Hmmm....she just seemed to enjoy the 'facilities' at ELC as well, happily rolling around on the bee mobile while she found her hands on the kitchen.