Keziah's first sing-a-long at church

Today was Sunday School Open Day at church. Every year, this will occur on the last Sunday of the year for each class to reflect and share the lessons that they had learnt in Sunday School with everyone. It was also a means of reaching out to non-believers who we invite to be amongst us. Yes, we have Sunday School where we learn about the Word of God every Sunday for all ages, from the youngest in playgroup to the oldest. Keziah was placed together with the nursery class for the sing-a-long. She was the youngest among all. Just look at how she enjoyed herself singing "Walking in the light with the Lord". Sure hopes she remembers to put that into her everyday life as she grows.

Cookie making

Since Keziah was still not well on boxing day, we aborted the plan to go to the zoo. Tata bought her some cookie cutters of Australian animals from their trip and so Mommy decided to spend the day making cookies. The recipe was simple.

3/4 cup of flour
2/3 cup of oatmeal
1/2 cup of corn starch
1/2 cup of sugar
3/4 of soft butter (had a bit of difficulty measuring this amount of solid!)

It was fun but messy, especially with a toddler who was more interested in messing with the flour.

Just look at the active participation...

The products...some how they looked better as dough rather than after baking. Not sure if it's caused we made oatmeal shortbread and as a result of the oatmeal, the cookies ended up rather bumpy with the prints hardly visible. Somehow they don't turn brown despite the baking.

What was Abel doing in the meanwhile? Watching, waiting, waiting and waiting till he went out to play with his 'Fruits and Veg'.

A quiet Xmas

There wasn't very much happening this Xmas as usual aside from Keziah coming down with a fever once again. So we decided to do a quiet Xmas by simply taking an easy family outing to the East Coast Park to let the little ones breathe some fresh air. The weather was cool and not surprisingly, there were loads of families at the beach for play and quite a number of Malay families camping in tents. Wonder if we could try this camping out one of these days...

Keziah is now very good on her bicycle and Abel had his first feel of the sand and the sea on his feet. He didn't quite like the feeling though..

My 2 front teeth...

Finally Abel's 2nd tooth has emerged sometime the week before last...10 Dec 2008..His next upper one seems to be cutting through as well...

"Resort" stay at TPY

Tata and Nei Nei were holidaying in Australia. Daddy and Mommy decided to try out living on our own in our flat in Toa Payoh which has been standing around and collecting dust. It was quite nice to have some space of our own but of course, alot more we have to do on our own as well. Mommy took the chance to train the kids to sleep in separate room. Wasn't too bad a start considering that Keziah slept through and only woke up early morning to come into our room to join us in bed. Rather it's Abel that kept waking up once or twice in the night. A good time to try the crying out method as well.

Will we live on our own from hereon? Mommy thinks it's too early to conclude as there will be quite some changes next year.

The kids over the week...Abel with his many expressions...

Since Mommy had a bit more time, we took the time to grow some beansprouts together. Mine oh Mine, just look how they have grown so quickly in a couple of days.

Seimpi Xmas Prom

It's Keziah's first time on stage performing! Her music school had its annual Christmas concert for the children where every little one participated. Frankly speaking, the place was a little small and crowd control was bad. All the parents were anxious for their little ones and the aircon was just not strong enough. Nonetheless, guess it's a good first experience for Keziah on stage doing her percussion act on the bells to Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. Though she's not exactly following what she should do, it's good that she enjoyed it.

The preparation...she was all amazed with all those that went on stage to perform, giving claps after each item. Surprisingly when it's her turn, she didn't fuss and went into the queue enthusiastically as we went on stage together.

Cheryl was also in the same music school at a different branch performing on the piano. Just look how well she looked on the piano. Aunt Nat was cheering her on behind the curtains...

Keziah's friends in the class, making music together..

Abel and Ah Ma looking on...

The finale....we sang together....Keziah was enjoying every bit with claps and waving the song and Daddy who was down the stage.

And yes, a picture of her and her Teacher Siew Pei..

Jan Baby Gathering

Thanks to Lynn for arranging this gathering of babies! It's been awhile since we last met. It's a pity the baby birthday bash was cancelled. I am sure we'll have more of such...

Merry Christmas

SSO Baby Prom

Heard of this through one of the Jan 08 Mommies and thought it might be good to bring Keziah to see what a real orchestra is like. It was a greater impetus when Aunt Nat was also interested to bring Cheryl along. Together we went for this, though I am not sure what Keziah learnt from it. Nonetheless, Keziah was certainly mesmerised by the music despite not wanting to participate in the action. However, she clapped along at the appropriate times. Guess this will be first exposure for her.

Oh yes, we took the chance to catch the seseame street show at Marina Square. The place has changed quite abit. We weren't fast enough to be the first 40 to get a picture with the characters but Keziah enjoyed seeing Elmo, Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster. She was up on her feet as it was rather crowded and clapped along with the crowd. As usual when Elmo disappeared behind the stage, she would ask for him.

Christmas Shows for Children

Just gotten this from a Jan Mommy and thought it would be good to share that we might plan some activities for the little ones this season.


Boogie with the Tweenies
Forum Shopping Mall, 22 Nov - 7 Dec
Show 1pm & 5pm
Meet and Greet 3pm

Sesame Street LIVE Show [Might Go]
Marina Square, 22 Nov-7 Dec
Tues-Thurs: 1pm & 7pm
Fri-Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Meet-n-Greet for first 40, no purchase required.

A Very Barney Christmas [Might go]
ALL showtimes: Tue-Fri: 1pm & 7pm; Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
IMM, 25-30 Nov
Lot 1, 2-7 Dec
Plaza Sing. 9-14 Dec
BT Panjang Plaza, 16-21 Dec
Meet-n-Greet - Spend $30

Mr. Men & Little Misses
ALL showtimes: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Anchorpoint, 21-23 Nov (Meet-n-Greet only)
Centrepoint, 25-30 Nov
Causeway Point, 2-7 Dec
Compass Point, 9-14 Dec
Northpoint, 16-21 Dec
Meet-n-Greet - Spend $30
Sat & Sun : 1,4,7 pm

Looney Tunes Christmas Carnival
AMK Hub, B1, Ehibition Hall
5 - 14 Dec Mon to Fri (No shows on Tue), 1 pm, 7 pm
Sat & Sun : 1,4,7 pm

Winx Club: Enchantix Christmas
United Square, 28 Nov-14 Dec
Showtimes at 2pm, 5pm & 7pm (No shows on Tues)
Meet-n-Greet - Spend $30

Hello Kitty Show
ALL showtimes: Tue-Fri: 1pm & 7pm; Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Junction 8, 25 Nov-7 Dec
Tampines Mall (L4), 9-21 Dec
Meet-n-Greet - Spend $30

Meet & Greet with Dora the Explorer
Parkway Parade, 28-30 Nov (Dora & Diego); 2-7 Dec (Dora)
*NO Shows
Tue & Fri: 1pm & 7pm
Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Meet-n-Greet - Spend $30

Pooh & Friends[Might go]
Takashimaya B2, 28 Nov - 8 Dec
1pm, 3pm, 5pm & 7pm
*No show on 2 Dec

Transformers LIVE!
Takashimaya B2, 9 Dec-14 Dec
1pm, 4pm & 7pm

Power Rangers
ALL showtimes: Tue-Fri: 1pm & 7pm; Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Bt Panjang Plaza, 2-7 Dec
Junction 8 (L3), 9-14 Dec
Meet-n-Greet - Spend $30

Precious Moments LIVE! Show
Suntec City, 5-14 Dec
Mon-Fri: 1pm & 7pm
Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
*No show on 9 Dec
~ Fun with Bubbles - Mon-Thurs: 3pm, 4pm & 5pm

What is Christmas without SNOW?
SNOW FUN @ Tanglin Mall
14 November - 31 December 2008
Weekdays: 7:30pm - 8pm
Weekends: 7:30pm - 8pm & 8:30pm - 9pm

- Christmas Carolling
(20 & 21 Dec, 5 - 5:30pm, L2 Atrium)

First poo in the toilet bowl

Mommy decided to try today to have her off her diapers after evening shower till bedtime. She actually told us that she wanted to poo and held on till she was on the toilet bowl. Mommy was surprised as she never once told us that she wanted to poo even when we took her diapers off. In addition, her poo this time was rather watery, like diahorrea. Mommy won't have blamed her if she couldn't control, but she did it! Looks like our fear of her pooing on her pants when we take her off diapers was unfounded. More toilet training to come!

Daddy time...

DAddy's been home earlier these few days since he's driving as Ta Ta has gone out of town. There was certainly more time for play with the little ones. Sure the little ones loved Daddy being home early with them for even the tussle in bed before our good old bedtime story and milk.
Hey come on move it, move it!