It's a feasting weekend!

The past weekend has been a real feast of good food.
Aside from our indulgence on Friday, Ta Ta and Nei Nei decided to have a family dinner on Sunday as well. It was a splurge at Peach Garden with above average food which cost us a bomb! There were 2 more dishes of fried shark's fin and scallop asparagus which Mommy didn't manage to take coz her hands were full eating and feeding Abel.

Monday 22 Feb
Mommy wasn't expecting anything since we had our celebrations on Friday. Nonetheless, Daddy pleasantly surprised Mommy with cakes from Canele - something that Mommy had wanted to try but haven't quite told Daddy about it. The cakes were light and not too sweet, the chocolate ones were irresistable, melting in the mouth. Of course, nothing beats complimenting that with a glass of ice wine!