Sickly week...

The bug has caught up with us. Abel came down last week with throat infection and fever. This was one of the most horrid illness to have. He couldn't eat nor even drink his milk. Trying to get even fluids down him was a struggle. He even refused his favourite fruits. It's no wonder that it's coz of all the uclers that were in his throat. Thank God though it wasn't Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Whew, it was a week of interrupted sleep with Abel getting up at 1+am asking for juice and refusing to go back down! Mommy had to take him back to the doctor on Thursday since his fever hasn't gone down after 5 days. This time we were thankful for the antibiotics which put the bug at bay within the next 2 days. On the same day, at midday, Ah Ma called to say that Keziah was down with fever. Mommy was worried it's going to be long drawn again but thankfully hers was just a quick round and recovered after 2 days of paracetamol.

You might have guessed it was due to the fatigue from work and taking care of the two that the blog hasn't been quite updated. Haha...true to some extent but more so coz Mommy's dear Mac was also down and now in 'hospital'. Till it's return, we won't get the photos on the blog!