"I miss you Mommy"….."I miss mei mei"

Mommy had really hit the ground running this term. There's just so much to do at work and not to mention, less time at home. Maybe Keziah was just having a withdrawal symptom of too much Mommy during hols that this week, she kept saying "I miss you Mommy in school". It really melts one's heart to be yearned for. One morning when Mommy didn't managed to tuck her the night before, she woke up earlier than usual before Mommy left for school and said with tears. Really felt bad not doing very much with her. Though a teacher, Mommy hardly taught her much and to sit down and do practices in the evening just wasn't Keziah's routine. Mommy really has to work at setting a proper routine for them which had been really haphazard eversince return to work. Even basic lifeskill like toilet training has been put on and praying for nature to take its course.

The two kids have been saying "play with me" whenever Mommy's home. Really that's what we need to build the bond though seriously Daddy is a much better player. Mommy has got to learn PLAY!

What surprised us was when she started tearing and said "I miss mei mei" last Friday while we had our cuddle and tum tum time before bed. The conversation went something like that:

K: I miss mei mei.
M: Oh, God has taken her back home to a safe place.
K: But why no more mei mei? *Rubbing Mommy's tummy* I like mei mei.
M: Well, maybe God just think we weren't ready for another.
K: I can take care... I miss mei mei…
M: Maybe when you can take care of yourself….

Well, we had lost #3 just before the year started @15plus weeks. We had introduced our impending member to K but it was just not meant to be. To her then, she was so excited and kept saying baby was mei mei. We never knew the gender though when baby left us quietly. Seriously healthy wasn't the best for Mommy and it had been constant fatigue and we had put the these thoughts all aside till her mention. Do kids nearing 4 start having memories? She never remembered the HK trip she took at 2 plus. Now we really have to be more cautious about what we tell her.