More crafts…Penmanship

Mommy had been really caught up at work since the start of the term. We really didn't do much aside from reading and crafts. We are back to colouring and cutting for Keziah. Just to get her to practise writing, we decided to name all the pieces that we made. For this week it's cat and spider and learning to cut straight and curves. Looks like she's getting better with cutting curves. Well, for our little Abel, Mommy drew him a turtle and his colouring was just the usual neat little bits here and there.

One thing that struck Mommy was whether there was a need to correct Keziah of the way she holds her pencil. She's been always resting her pencil on her ring finger rather than the middle figure (in theory the right way of doing it). Over the holidays, Mommy been constantly correcting and to some extent she's getting a little frustrated, showing her displeasure by refusing to continue her colouring/writing. Is really holding the pencil the right way important? Any good advice?