East Coast Park

Keren's first visit to the beach and her first sensation of sand! She wasn't at all squirmy about it!
Keren: Do I look chubbier now?
 The beautiful sunny day after days of rain. Guess what Keziah found in her dig for shells? The skeleton of a crab!
The kids had so much fun as it had been ages since we last got ourselves with sand! They were happily piling and splashing that even a stranger came to join them to play together.

 Some cool drink after a hot play under the sun. 
A: My eyes can be as big as marbles and as small as slits.
 We ventured into the long abandoned Road Safety Park. The kids were just pretending to be road users.
 How interesting a petrol kiosk can be. Haha two gunning their way around!


First it was the Happy Call Pan, next the bread maker. Am I serious about homemaking? Haha...
Our very first loaf of cheese bread. Keziah loved it! Hubby supported it!

Keren @ 4.5 months

Things that she's able to do:
Keren's using her hands to reach for toys to gum.
Manipulates toys with her hands freely though she still drops them.
Finding her feet…something more that she could keep herself occupy with. 
 Preparing for CNY…Gong Xi Gong Xi...
Things she's attempting: 

 Trying very hard to flip onto her tummy but still not successful.
Trying to sit up…needing support though…

Abel's doodling

The two have been spending much time drawing, especially after their holiday art programme. It really surprised mommy when one day Abel said that he will draw a train and it really did turn out like one. He was never into drawing.
 Another. In fact he drew many more on which he added in smoke and weather but mommy just didn't manage to document it down.
 The kids were given marker pens and he started to do join the dots and surprisingly the dots that he drew and joined did turn out to be something. Once it was a car which he cut out and gave mommy as present for the day and another was this. What do you think it look like? Daddy asked him and he said it was a camel!

Christmas Family Gathering

Thanks Titi and Peter for organising this Christmas family gathering. We certainly had a great time young and old gathering together for a meal, singing and present exchange for the little ones.

The host….
The wonderful feast!
 The Big big family...

The juniors….
Who sings and plays 

Thumbs found!

Yumz..and Keren's drooling a lot!

Keziah's recent sketches

Keziah is really into drawing animals of all kinds. In this month or so that we started having three home together, she has to learn to spend more independent time. These days she's into drawing and writing short sentences. Sometimes, she even takes a storybook that she likes and copies the story. 

It's really heartwarming to be getting little notes from her every day or every other day. She's drawing for her sister too!
I love the family picture right down on the right hand corner. Guess which is Mommy? Carrying little Keren on her back, with Daddy and the other two.

More Happy Call Pan

Mommy is starting to experiment more with the Happy Call Pan under the inspiration of many who shared their recipes on Facebook. More recipes can be found from the new website set up by her friend with some others.

After that perfect silver fish omelette, it's now baked pasta…The kids love it just that next time, the cheese will be more browned.
Char Siew..simply delicious! Did some vegetables using the pan as well and it seemed to draw out the sweetness especially of the corn.

Bedtime reading

It's reading time for everyone just before bed! Big and small, all alike...

Ice Skating…a first for Abel

As usual for this Christmas Season, ice skating was here at Novena Square. Keziah was so excited to go for it after last year's experience but Abel was a little reluctant. After much persuasion from his sister, he agreed to join her.

All suited up!
Abel started a little apprehensive. Simply just holding on to the staff helping out the kids.
While Keziah was having a whale of a time on ice though she wasn't very good at single blade. She's still more comfortable with the double.
Eventually Abel caught the thrill of the experience and was all smiles.
 They definitely wanted more just that we had no more passes for more. Next year again!

Keren's 4 months old!

Yes, she's 4 months old and still a little 4.7 kg baby. However, she's very alert and active. Now she can reach to grasp the objects she's eyeing on very well. Keren's also biting her lips and playing peek-a-boo with blankie.

Bead craft

Keziah has been doing these crafts and Abel wants to join in too. Her pieces over the holidays.

Mommy happen to come across these at Toy'rUs that are more guided for Abel where he doesn't need to literally count the spaces but simply follow the template. He was so enthusiastic doing them. It is certainly good at training a kid's concentration and pincer grip.
His pieces in a few days...

Keren's pulling everything

Yes, her hands are fast now. She simply grabs everything, including her nappy cloth used to line her rocker, to play pee-a-boo..

Abel's fighting off nap

Abel's been struggling to fight off his nap when mommy insisted that he has his. When he finally napped, these are some interesting poses he's spotted in.

How angelic when kids sleep!

Brother and sister

Little Artist

Holiday programs are great to occupy the kids. They have been bugging me to go to Little Artist for art lesson but I never agreed coz it was really far. Since it's the holiday and Ta Ta and Nei Nei were willing to send them, we had a go. Over two sessions, they made these with other pieces underway to be completed over another 4 more sessions.
 Abel's clay porcupine pencil holder

 Keziah's first canvas painting. It seems like she's into ladybugs this season.

Keren's finally in dress…hands meet feet..laughing good time

It's the first time we dressed her in a dress. Cutez….

 Keren's been trying to catch her feet…when will she send them to her mouth too?
A laughing good time with Daddy!