Keren @ 5.5 months

Keren still loves her fingers and definitely very comfortable being on the tummy, raising her head higher to look around. At about 4+ month, we witnessed her flipping from her tummy to her back but it was occasional and these days she simply doesn't do it and rather just lie down when she got too tired. She's not flipping yet though we see her rolling onto her sides.
 She's holding her two little feet and playing around with them a lot more. Most times, she will be pulling off her socks. She enjoys sitting up. Guess there's more to look at with a different perspective when upright. We still need to support her as she can't sit on her own yet.
The bumbo worked wonder to make sitting up safer for her.
She's now very good with grabbing toys under the playmat, reaching out and getting her hands on what she wants. That means pulling anything within her reach. She can pass toys from one hand to the other and chew on it and even reach for a toy nearby while on tummy to grab.
OOoooooo…she's just so cute when she plays with her tongue…little sharp pointy one…

She loves to play peek-a-boo. Always putting on the nappy to cover her face.
Life had been real busy since school started so tracking her development closely and simulating further have been challenging. Nonetheless, watching her smile each day and making more babbles while she plays almost amaze me and brighten the day. Posting on the blog is definitely slow with so many other things to manage. Staying home with 3 kids is no joke but looking at them grow and talking about their school day and most importantly. seeing them smile and sticking to you simply means millions. Guess it's learning to work within our means and savor the moment while it lasts.


yeing said...

Wow, I am envious of your life at times! Three brilliant kids :) Hang in there Joan!