Keren's first pearlies!

Yes, finally after a long wait, her first pearlies are cutting through her gums. Her bottom 2 teeth are sprouting. Time to try more chunky food!

EArly Army Days

Well one fine night when Mommy and Daddy were out, our dear boy decided to be the hairdresser. We can only say, there's nothing more we can do but to….
 give him a clean shave.

@ 10.5 months Bye and Hi-5

So surprised to see our little girl being able to wave goodbye and hi-5!

She has also started to speak more recognizable words like "mama", "papa", "ah ta", "lala", "mum mum". Though "mama" is not her first word, it was the first word with that was spoken with recognition! Heehee...

Love letters….

From none other than our dearie girl Keziah. Mommy has now taken some tuition assignments and evening time together has been shortened. These were the little notes Mommy found when she's home from tuition and the kids were already in bed. How comforting to know how wanted you are! Praying each day will be so no matter how old she is!

Sleep Training

I know this sounds rather late. I should have sleep trained her from baby. Guess things are different with the third one and somehow, you just want to hold her a little longer. Nonetheless, the short naps and constant wakings at night had been really trying for Mommy who has to run a day's activity for 3 kids. Exhaustion was almost unbearable and we decided to let the screams go. It started with a whole hour or more of wailing when put to bed. She was practically sleeping in a sitting position or over her legs as if doing sit and reach. Cold turkey as it says, it took less than a week and the message was clear. The crying shortened and Keren has learnt to just sit quietly in the cot or play with her toys till she lies down to sleep. She also seemed to sleep longer. Haha or probably out of exhaustion from the cries. Irregardless of all, it's good for Mommy and her.