13th Month….

Each day, Keren gets steadier with better control of her motor skills. She's also asking for more attention and being in the play yard alone won't satisfy her. Mommy tries to occupy her with as much of age suitable toys.
Playing puzzles though she most of the time just take out the pieces and throws them everywhere. She has not developed the motor skills to piece the pieces back. However, she's more keen to explore her brother's toys, ransacking boxes to see what's in it. Haha…caught red handed here.
Thank God there are quiet times when she will sit down and flip the books. These days, she has her favorite books. Yet when Mommy sits down during her free time to read to her, she would crawl away or simply just take another book after a few pages. She starts to say 'book' and finds one when we ask her for one.

We play with little stacking blocks and she creatively made it into a ball stand.

She sure knows what a phone is.
Messing around in her play yard..

She's learnt to shake her head to say NO too!