18 months!

Yes, Keren's now 18 months! She can do so many things and a real handful these days. Not only has she grown in terms of her motor and verbal skills, she has also become more expressive and emotional.

She would just be stacking blocks and pulling at everything she can get her hands on.

Mommy as usual have her hands full and can't be sitting at her side. Sometimes she simply has to just sit in her chair while Mommy coaches Jie Jie and Kor Kor. So what does she do in her chair?
(a) Learning to scoop
When scooping gets boring, she pours her beans from one bowl to another. Otherwise, it's hands on, picking the beans.
(b) Doodling with pencils and crayons.

(c) Learning to peel and paste stickers.

(d) Tearing and shredding paper/ crepe paper and trying to roll them into a ball.
(e) Fitting shapes into stand.
(f) Threading shapes into a string.
(g) Trying to take pegs off but she's still working on this. She simply just pulls them off rather than take them off the proper way.

These days, she simply loves carrying little bags. Trying very much to imitate an adult, going around with her bag, putting it down to get a drink and pack it back to move on next.
Child Labour? Looking familiar?
She goes around the playground and on her walks chasing after birds and cats. She's never afraid to go near them.
She too had her first hair cut by Mommy just 2 weeks before Chinese New Year at about 17.5 months. A little too short but nonetheless Mommy's maiden trim for her and only her as I never did it for the other kids. Daddy said she looked like playmobil!

Something we noticed about her amazing motor skill was that she started to undress herself when suited in a full suit for the night. Can't remember exactly when it started, whether it was 17 or 18 months, she started to unbutton herself and even take off her diaper! As we usually let her settle herself to bed in the cot, we found her half naked after she fell asleep! Something the other two never did! Each child is just so unique.

Emotive as she now also seeks for attention. She is no longer satisfied sitting on my lap while I read to the older two. She will grab a book and insist I read to her. She will smack her siblings if she doesn't get what she wants or that they are playing with what she likes. Yes, a very insistent girl in doing things her way. Guess the discipline starts. Amazingly she knows where the quiet corner is from watching the older two.Thus, she will run to it when we tell her that she had not obeyed and naughty though not trying there for more than 10 sec. She will protest a great time and kick on the floor when we put her in the play yard and start throwing every toy out. Terrible twos ahead.