Abel's 6th Birthday Party

It's been a long while since we last had a birthday party for Abel. His last was his first birthday which obviously he had no collection of. Since this is his last year of kindergarten, we thought we shall just throw a party to gather his classmates and mums whom I hardly caught up with ever since number 3 came along and have some fun. Nothing beats running amok in a playscape. So here's the simple party at Kids Amaze Toa Payoh to kick start the school year 2014 on 1 January. The party room was nice and big for the kids to freely roam but it's not the draw to keep them in. The hit was out there in the maze to work them all out!
It's really great to see how he played along with the rest. They were moving so fast that it was terribly hard to catch clear pictures of them. Anyway we were busy with the organisation that we hardly see much of the play but their faces tell us that it's a whale of a time out there.
 Oh yes, the food and chatter...
 The cake cutting..the toy cake that he ever so wanted. It's a pity we didn't catch a whole group picture of all the kids. They were all so eager to gather around the cake.
 But nonetheless, these are our little guests, all 22 of them!!!!
 The best part...opening the presents...all the exhilaration over what he gets. Thank you everyone for your lovely presents!!!