Letter D and homecraft

Mommy started a series of phonetic sounds activities with the kids, targeted especially at Abel to revise his letter sounds as well as to get Keziah to blend/spell simple words beginning with them. Now, we are at letter D. We did a treasure hunt round the house for things starting with 'd' sound. Then a look at the word chart to see how many we have found. 

Using these objects, Mommy tried to play some linking memory games with the kids. Keziah caught on quite quickly but Abel can only do a few when he's interested.

 This time we talked about different breeds of dogs. Which are those that we have seen and which was their favourite.
 Sang some simple songs

We had been doing memory verse for some time with the kids and now taking the opportunity to fit our letter hunt as well as word recognition, we did a jigsaw to assemble the verse. Mommy introduced the "ing" sound to Keziah.

Nothing beats reading! Mommy also borrowed several books from the library:
1) Usborne beginners - Dogs (non-fiction book which the kids found it rather dry)
2) It's a quacking time: Tells of how a family of ducks waited for a duck egg to hatch. We learned about their lifecycle from egg to duckling to adult duck.
3) A dog called Rod: A girl who desires to have a pet dog imagines how her dog which she named Rod would be like, unlike all other dogs.
4) Baby Dragon by Amy Ehrlich: Keziah loved this book. It tells of how a baby dragon waited for her mother who left in the afternoon to visited his grandma to return the next morning. How children should never wander when asked to wait eventhough it may seemed ever so long.

A dog puppet: Simple to do. Mommy cut out all the parts and got the kids to assemble and glue them on a paper bag with some guidance and a picture of the completed work. Not too bad but certainly needs perception of space which Abel was better at. (Top: Abel's and Bottom: Keziah's). We wrote the word "dog" at the back and used it for some simple puppet play and singing the "Doggy with a Bone" song.

Keziah pulled this craft which we bought last year. It was a 3D puzzle of the Red Riding Hood scene. All they had to do was to punch out the styroform pieces and fit them by matching the number on the corresponding pieces. We tried to tell the story with it to see how much the kids remembered of it from when we last read it.