My FIRST....

Well well... This is my first post on the blog. Just thot I might as well set this up and share my joys and sorrows with my fellow pals out there. It's been really a day in school. These few days just don't seem to get home early. Poor kids, they are getting so stressed and I'm here feeling so much for them. STaying along with them to help them out. However, kinda sad that it seems that there's little feelings between us. They don't seem to appreciate. It's as if my duty. So disappointing... Really don't mind spending time with them if they were ever a little appreciative at times. OH! I think it might just be me in one of my moods again.

Anyway should really thank God for every moment that I've. Really thank him for sustaining me. Despite the long days in school, he has kept me and kept me strong physically. Had not been him, I guess I'll be exploding at my students when u see how little they know despite the effort u put in to teach them with all your heart. Patience... love... perseverance... It goes on and on. I'm really seeing how limited I am and trusting every moment in Him to bring me through.

" If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be gvien to him" James 1:5