Rest and relax after the BIG day...

Wow, can't imagine it's been more than a year since I last created this blog. Guess I have been real lazy in updating.

Anyway, so much happened over the year. Gotten married in June 2005.
Well well the preparation was really tough, having to manage with work which seems to move at an immensely quick pace, having to manage students both in class and in OAC, having to balance time finding things for the wedding. I must say it's a real experience. Truly speaking, things never go as you planned. Thot I did a great planning to marry in June coz this year I'm teaching JC1 which should be more relaxed as compared to teaching JC 2. Who knows dearly me got so much more busy than I ever was. Initiating the tower programme after having bugged the principal for money to build it, now it's time to make it worth it's value. New syllabus in place. Coordinate collating of teaching resource. Teaching the IP kids....Wow whew! Looking back now so much has gone by.

Mauritius for honeymoon was really a splendid choice. A good rest down the beaches in the cool of the weather. The gentle seabreeze kissed your face while you basked in the glorious sunshine. Rest rest rest and what more but rest. Did some biking, snorkeling, cycling, cruising down the coast, looking at the people and the culture, walking down nature's path. What more can I ask for? Friends, this place is really a place for honeymooners. Choose a resort with no/few Singaporeans and you'll enjoy it a great deal more. Oh reminsence of the good old days in London....'s back to reality of Singapore....