Mommy's bday...a long awaited couple time

It's been a long time since Daddy and Mommy had some couple time. In view of mommy's birthday, Daddy took her out to Dempsey for dinner while Nei Nei and Ta Ta tended to the kids. It was really refreshing to be out alone together again. Dinner was at Margarita and the food was definitely yummy. The place wasn't too busy for a Saturday night for two to have some nice quiet conversation. A good place to relive some lovely moments in a relationship...

Studio Loft Pictures...

We went to studio loft to take some familly pictures together. Below are some of the pictures from studio loft. :) Abel is just like Keizah when she first took her pictures... needing encouragement and constant disracting to get him to focus on the camera cause he's easily disracted by the new things around him. :)

Here are some of the pictures...

Abel in his smily self...

Keziah and Abel... together...

Family Picture... White...

More of Abel's pictures

Another family picture with a change of clothes...

Keziah in her cheeky self.. :P

Life hasn't been quite the same....Kids are growing

Life really hasn't been quite the same since Mommy has gone back to school. As you could see, there is hardly much post or pictures. There's so much to learn and do at the same time in this new role that Mommy sometimes wonder if it's worth the while. Nonetheless, she's trying very hard to adapt. Sometimes, even weekends, Mommy finds no energy to play with the kids or take them out.

Somehow, the kids are growing very quickly. From CNY till now, which is barely 1 mth, Abel has learnt to walk and toddle around on his two feet. He's so much a tactile boy, constantly putting bigger buckets into smaller ones, stacking 2-3 blocks together, finger pinching constantly to pick up small objects and certainly learning from his sister to scream and to fight for his wants. He's no longer the baby that just do what you want though he still smiles as sweetly as could be.

As for Keziah, she's finally toilet trained for peeing a week after CNY even in school though she still refuses to poo in the toilet. It's just so amazing she would ask for her diapers when she wants to poo. Sometimes it's really letting go of the comfort and take to risk of going without diapers that made this toilet training a success. Though she's turning 3 in 2 months, her terrible twos seems to have peaked. Mommy, being really exhausted at work, is constantly frustrated by her acting up when she gets home and for many times, having to discipline her. Of course, she will run to her protectors - Ta Ta, Nei Nei or Pa pa. Yes, that makes Mommy the bad guy. For now, there are days that she says she doesn't want Mommy and it really hurts. Mommy really doesn't get much time with them aside from the evenings but the struggle is making it all so sad. Should she just give up being strict and close one eyes at things?

Sometimes, Mommy really wishes that is an easy answer out. How to be effective work and an effective Mom? Should staying home be the calling?

Valentine's Day Foursome

This year, Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday. We celebrated it by bringing the kids out to the zoo. Yes, that's a good hunt now for us. Each time we go, we explore a little here and there. This time was really taking a slow walk to the Kidz Rainforest to enjoy the playground.

Just look at Abel happily toddling around. Now he's such a steady walker.

Keziah had her first try at the flying fox. She was initially reluctant. However, after seeing how Cheryl (yes, we usually meet up with the Lians for some kids' play when we can) enjoyed the ride, she too went up on it.

Abel's finger food

It's been awhile Mommy had been giving Abel Geber's finger food to keep him occupy while Mommy has dinner after work. He's now quite an expert at picking up the stars and feeding himself. Though I must say, he's more cautious of what goes into his mouth. He never takes a first big bite, rather he licks to see if it's the right food before willing to take it.