Yippi...Long weekend..

Finally the much coveted long weekend was here. The past few days were really enjoyable, spending a great deal of time together with Keziah as a family. We had so much fun. Keziah was so giggly and was excited too, making all her babbling and high pitch tones. We had been constantly out, shopping and seeing the world around us. Keziah was ever so intrigued by her surroundings. Today, we took her to Macritchie Reservoir. She was certainly enjoying the breeze, watching the trees, strolling by the waterside. Just look at her!

After a morning out, we were happily at home spending some time rolling on the bed. Keziah is now adept on her tummy, pivoting and moving with ease. Just a little short of crawling forward. She sure knows how to make her way around. Daddy and Mummy have to really keep a closer watch on her for she is real quick with her actions. She can also sit unsupported to read and play with her toys. However, as usual, when she gets too engrossed with what she's playing, she could just lose her balance and fall sideway like a rolly polly without being able to bounce back to state.

Oh yes! We have also been on a gourmet hunt. Keziah has been trying all sorts of foods. Past few days we let her try teething biscuits. And guess what! She is such a mess despite her great enjoyment munching down the bar. She certainly didn't want anyone to take away her biscuit, not even to eye at it.

So far she has explored sweet potato, carrots, potatoes, apples, pears and brown rice cereal. She doesn't mind brocoli and papaya either. She is sure a big eater, wanting her food fast and quick. Should look at how upset she is when her food is serve a sec too slow. Heehee...Demanding girl.


Hmm...ever since Keziah managed to roll onto her tummy, things have changed. She is now flipping back with ease, i.e. she is rolling around. She has also mastered great 'swimming' skills, managing to get her way around by turning rounds in circles, kicking and swiping her hands all around while on her tummy. She is real quick now with her moves! Today I just got a fright of my life. Left her in the middle of the bed and I simply walked out for a moment to get her bath water. Guess what! The moment I came in, her feet and bum were off the bed with the other half and outstretched hands at the edge. It's as if she was dangling off the bed. All I know was to grab her before she fell off the bed, even if my bed is a platform bed. Don't want to have her landing on the floor. Caught her in time! When on earth did she mastered her backward crawl? Nowadays I really have to keep my eyes on her. Otherwise, it's floor time when ever I have to leave her out of my sight. Who knows the next thing i spot would be her literally doing a proper front crawl.

6 months already.... Look forward and back....

Wow... time files... it has been six months already... Keziah has reached yet another milestone of her life. The process of watching her grow is very fullfilling and it puts more zest into our life as parents. She has started on solids, enjoying a wide range of organic food such as rich cereal, carrots and apples. Mummy will be adventurous to try out organic sweet potatoes tomorrow. She seems to enjoy her solids and eager to try out new things.

Daddy was sick for the past few days, coughing and having a running nose. It might be due to the haze as the weather in Singapore was not very good for the past few days. Thank God that the weather is improving and soon haze free weather will return to our sunny shores. Daddy might have passed the bug to baby Keziah as she has a slight cough and blocked nose.

Keziah went for her third Hep B Jab and everything went well. Keziah now weighs 7.75kg and measures a height of 66 cm. She is gaining weight fast, almost 1 kg more since the last month. Though she still looks pretty tall, she is on the 50th percentile. She's still as brave, putting up a brave front at Dr. Ong's clinic, but as usual, once the needle is taken out, she started crying a little and only when mummy picked her up did she stop crying and back to her usual smiley self.

As usual Daddy and Mummy brought Keziah out for shopping after her Jab. Daddy got Keziah two cloth books which she's more interested in putting it into her mouth than reading it.

Looking back at the past 6 months, it has been hard work and sleepless nights for us. But everything is well worth it. Reading the blogs written eariler and seeing her pictures posted earlier brought back fond memories.


Hmmm...Keziah's been getting up practically every hour or two from the time she's put to bed. It's really bugging mummy here who has to work and somehow not getting enough sleep for the past week. Thank God work is not so heavy at the moment but talking about it, I've got a report to finish up soon! Really finding it hard to work efficiently with the lack of concentration.

Consulted many experienced mums and concluded she's probably teething and so waking up so often. She simply wanted to find her thumb and would go back to sleep. Suck suck suck....Tried making her a bottle of fm thinking that my milk supply was low. To my surprise, she drank only 20ml and refused the bottle. Conclusion, she wasn't hungry. Think she's looking for comfort and warmth of being carried as well as her thumb as pacifier. Praying that this phase gets over quickly after her teeth cut through. But I still haven't seen any pearly white!

Stock take time...

Yippee....I am feeling so good after selling off some of my nursing wear for quite a good price. Didn't make such a big loss after all. Well of course there are some items that don't seem to move at all.

This weekend has been really fruitful. Getting Keziah all her new stuff. Hmm..looks like my shopping has been always been just for her things. Her new car seat and Fisher Price learn & play toy have just arrived. Daddy and mummy went to pick up her new high chair as well in preparation for little gal to join us at the table. This weekend, little Keziah has also gotten her first taste of cereal. She wasn't too impressed by her first taste but after a few mouthful, she was really eager to have the next.

You interested in my cereal?

Wow...look at those butterflies!

Something new to play! Oh listen to the music....

Look at me! Can't you see I am taking a good break n my comfortable bouncer?

Mummy and me just back from church...

Looking back. Keziah has really grown. Just look at her!

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