Bang Bang Cake...

The kids had some fun making these with Nei Nei and along with a big mess in the kitchen! Chocolate indulgence….

Learning out of Class - Zoo

Keziah's been going for school excursion almost once a term. This term they headed off to the zoo to reinforce the theme on circus that they on this term. She had been so excited about it and kept reminding us of the day.
Mommy decided to pack a hot lunch and surprised her with her brand new Dora food jar. So glad she finished every bit of it!


Gotten this craft kit some time back but only started with Keziah recently. It's definitely no easy task and we're working at it slowly to make our own little back. Much needed patience for Keziah to sit down and do the stitches one at a time.

Fun with grocery shopping

The kids are always excited to go grocery shopping and today they were even happier when they found that there was kids' size grocery cart! It surprised us too at Cold Storage King Albert Park. They were happily putting stuff into the cart, ready to make their own dinner! 

A sweet treat thereafter. Interestingly our girl like pulut hitam flavour. Our camera ran out of battery so no catch of Abel enjoying his treat.

Manhatten Fish

It was one of rare nights out for dinner for Daddy and Mommy. This time together with Daddy's colleague. Sadly, Manhatten Fish @ Marina Square disappointed us. Looks good but tasted worse than Fish & Co.

Our Pretty Boy!

As much he is intuitively an engineer being great in assembling trains and cars, having great fun as an architect with blocks and legos, he's always a great playmate with his sister over cooking and pretend play such as doctor and nurse, mother and baby, teacher and student.

Just what we discovered this evening while getting them to shower!
Should we laugh or cry?

Swim updates

Keziah's been swimming for 6 months. Well she has progressed with breast stroke and doesn't need the float. Though there's still much improvement in the stroke, she can swim at least 50 m on her own now.

She was asked to turn around at the 1.7 m mark for this swim. Amazing how she know where that was when in the pool.

Word Search and Craft

Keziah's been always keen on craft and word search activities. These days we really hardly have much time so it's down to ready made kits. 

She got this foam art as present for her birthday and she was just so excited about completing it.

Then some word search activities. She's definitely getting better at spotting those words now that she's reading better.
 Our Abel never fails to find joy in his puzzles. Cars and Trains are his ever favourite. Now he does them with a breeze.

5th Birthday Party

We had a party arranged at Vince Art and Music Studio, nothing less than a princess.
 All getting ready to meet the guests.
It all started with making their own crowns when the guests came. Friends from her kindi, previous school, music class and our dear 2 cousins graced the occasion.
They did a little treasure hunt around the studio for jewels...
What for? To make their own photoframes.
The action! Friends from her kindi all busy at work..

 Friends from her previous school..
Friends from her ex-music class.
The glorious cake cutting ceremony that everyone looked forward to! So excited till we didn't managed to get any family picture or group photos. A little disappointed but guess there will be another chance. The kids were definitely excited with the princess cake!
Really thanks to all for attending and your understanding of any delays and lack of hospitality! The kids definitely enjoyed themselves. Thanks too to our organiser, Xinyi Jie Jie whom we didn't have time to even catch a picture with and of course, Shu Shu for the extra hands.

Not forgetting thank you everyone for your lovely presents. Keziah was all smiles as she opened each of them!

Kids start young...

Keziah showed me this from school…How should Mommy respond? It's from a boy this time round. Bum into a mom of another boy in her class and says he kept talking all about her especially after she celebrated her birthday yesterday at school.

Our Girl is FIVE!

Our girl has been very excited about her upcoming birthday and today she was so happy to be dressed for school.
Coincidentally another K1 girl was also celebrating her birthday today. As usual the birthday kids were invited up stage and the school sang them a birthday song afterwhich they blew out the dummy cake.

We brought a cake for her to celebrate with her classmates. Her brother was as eager as she was.
 Her classmates!

We had invited the class to join us for a party this Sunday so this was just the prelude. How sweet one of her classmate's mom gave her a gift despite not being able to make it to the party. Thank you Nigel and mom though we have never met before.
We had dinner out and our girl chose to have Pizza Hut. Her favourite lasagne!
 A sweet treat after...
Her birthday gift from dad and mom and a little note from another of her classmate which we found in her bag.

K's birthday wish

Looks like our little girl has grown and will be 5 year old in a few days. Now she knows what she wants and makes her request:

1) My Birthday Party
2) Princess cake (asking for 3 cakes - one for her K1 class, one for her Chinese Immersion Programme class in school and one for an external party)
3) Princess Ariel Dress - her favourite princess
4) Earrings (Yes, she got her ears pierced so now eyeing on cute ones like lady bug and flower designs.)
5) Chocolate maker (Coz she chose it for a friend's birthday after Mommy bought a few items back home from shopping trip. Now that she has given the present to the receiver, she wants another or an ice cream maker that makes real food.)
6) Craft kits
7) More storybooks
8) Games though she can't precisely tell us what kind
9) Barbie (We wonder why coz she already has 3 at home and hardly plays with them)

Well, everything seems to catch her eyes these days when we go shopping. Let's see what more she asks for before the day...Item 1 and 2 are in place though we are only doing just 2 cakes...

Happy Birthday Cheryl

Thanks for inviting us to your party. We had loads of fun!

A nice dip in the pool with all the kids...
 Batik painting

 Keziah just can't get enough of it!
Abel will not miss joining in and we were surprised by the precision he painted for his age of 3.
Body Painting…our little boy and his Pikachu..
 First time ever our girl chose to have her face painted..butterfly princess...
All time favourite…balloon sculpting…

Not to miss out the pretty mommies… It was simply great to catch up!