Wow! It's been more than a week since I last came in to post some updates. is just getting so overhead of me sometimes. Especially last week when my hubby and I both came down with a cold at the same time. Thankful our gal is strong and kept resilient.

Well well wonder what has gotten into her system. She now periodically rouses from her sleep punctually at 10pm. Need some cuddling to put her back to bed. She is persistently sucking her fingers still mummy wonder if she would kick the habit. Is she teething? Hmm...and notably she needs woman's touch at bedtime. My hubby simply can't coax her no matter how.

Last night was a horrible night. She was perpetually getting up every hr or two with a screaming cry sounding as if she has been frightened from her sleep. Each time I have to nurse her to lure her back to dreamland. Hiaz..tired! Wonder if she was just too simulated from the day out shopping and walking around.

That being said, our gal is growing beautiful each day with the most charming smiles..

What is work?

I have been at work for aout 1.5mths. Somehow I simply feel things at work are not as fulfilling now as compared to the time when I was teaching in school. I really feel like a high class clerk. Things that I am doing at the moment are so clerical, like taking minutes, making calls to affirm attendance at event, sending out circulars... The most meaningful thing so far is writing a chapter in a paper and the next thing on the list, a year end report. Nothing seems very challenging. Most days I am just doing background reading. This is where the dimension of work is drastically different in schools. Worse, I am not a good reader and it takes me ages to work through a few pages. Or probaby things I am reading now are not as interesting and more difficult to digest. Sure hope I can find the meaning of work soon. I must say I am thankful that things are going slow and easy now for me to simply blend in but I really wonder how suited I am for such jobs. Think I need to be up and running about.

Midnight Fever..

Fever again after the jab. My dear gal woke up middle of the night with feeling real hot. Oh no! Her temperature hit a high of 38.8 degrees. Mummy and daddy quickly gave her some medicine and some milk to wash down the terrible taste, following a sponge to bring my temperature down. A quick change so that little Keziah won't catch a cold as well as to cool her off by dressing down. Finally her temperature fell to 37.4 degrees. That's when she finally also got drowsy to go to bed.

Keziah's new toy...

Some nice shots by Daddy

My brave little gal...

Today Keziah took her 5th mth jab in her stride. She simply fussed a little after the doctor jab her but was all smiles when mummy picked her up. My brave little one! She has gotten over the fear of needles I hope. At 5 mths, she is now 6.95kg, growing well but weighing less than what mummy expected, especially with her huge appetite. It's just queer that most babies appetite should be going down due to teething and such, but she just so happily enjoyed her meals and wants more at times. Hmm..hope she'll sleep well tonight as it was rather difficult to put her to bed earlier.

Growth phase

Thank God that after few nights of unrestful sleep, Keziah has right herself and been sleeping pretty well on my working days. She slept from 8.30pm to 6.30am for the past 2 nights. Certainly hope this is going to be her cycle and probably the wakeful nights could be due to growth demands which has now settled into her system. Interestingly, she is now only having 5 feeds each day rather than 6-7 feeds with the usual 180ml of milk. Hmmm...Is she teething and thus not too interested to drink her milk? Certainly she has been drooling a great deal and has taken great interest in sucking her thumbs and even savouring each finger at times. Her suckle is now more powerful and full of noises..heeheehee...

Pics are up!

Finally gotten the pics uploaded via some other means of hosting the pics...looks like I overused the 300MB on blog for image hosting...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sleep deprived..

Mummy Joan is seriously sleep deprived with little Keziah being very naughty, waking up in the wee hours of the morning and refusing to go back to sleep for the past few nights. She simply wanted company. Just last night, I fed her and thought she had fallen asleep. But once she hit the cot, she smiled widely at me. I knew the night cycle was going to start. Argh...I am feeling so zombified now. Wonder if it's due to her teething or seriously she wants to start her soids earlier than 6 mths?

Hmm...wonder if the Blog has a capacity quota. I simply can't upload the photos no matter how I try.

Day out at Bishan Park

Finally taking our girl out for a day in the park after church to join the children in their outing after Gospel Sunday. The day was hot but nonetheless a good time out with her to catch a few nice outdoor shots. She was so happy and chuckling at people around. Had her put on her pink headband which everyone commented made her look really girly. However, didn't manage to catch a shot with that as the weather was so hot that she pulled it off. Perspiration was all over.

Ok I wanted to upload some pictures taken today but this silly blog seemed to have some problem with image uploading. Guess it will be tomorrow when u get to see those shots.

A headache with flipping..

Ok, I know this is going to sound contradictory. I have so wanted my girl to quickly learn to flip as it seems like everyone else's babies, some even younger than her, have started flipping. My anxiety was resolved when my hubby came back from his trip and she started to officially flip. Guess she was waiting to show both of us her first. Then again I realised that she now has a will of her own, wanting to flip whenever you put her down on her back, even on the changing table. It is challenging to simply change her diaper as she would turn and grab things insight with attempt to flip onto her tummy. Oooo...her feet are everywhere as much as her hands. She had kicked over her basin of water for sponging with little time for Mummy to respond. Fortunately, Daddy's reflex was faster otherwise the floor and table would have been seriously flooded.

Hey! I am enjoying sitting up and the world looks good from here...

Heehee....tummy fun time....

Few recents shots...