K2 Graduation

We have come to the final day of Kindergarten years for Keziah. Time passes so quickly and here she is, so grown. How she has changed from N2 to K1 to K2! Those were the days of her baby looks.

Her drama class in school put up a short play for the parents. It's really amazing to see how engaged she is in drama. All the children were so full of smiles.
The concert performance
Her little friends whom she shared 3 years with.
Not to forget the lovely teachers :)

Explorer Kids @ AMK

We were invited to a birthday party at Explorer Kids by Keziah's classmate and the host kindly included all the little ones. This is probably the 2nd time Keren's been to a plays ape. She doesn't like the ballpoint and prefers thefreedomof roaming and climbing all over.
The older ones had a real good time with their pals. For Keziah, it's like one of the last gathering before graduating.