Royce Gym

We were introduced to this playscape by our cousin. It was a fun place for little Keren and she certainly enjoyed climbing around and getting her first experience on a swing. She wasn't a bit frightened!

Tunnelling through...

 Climbing up the stairs. We were so surprised that she could do this!
 Swinging and cruising…so many toys to play with!

The Port of Lost Wonder

After hearing all the raving over the new water play that opened at Sentosa, here we were to explore. It was a warm, sunny day. Our kids were so excited when it comes to play and can't wait to get in.

 We were there early and the gates weren't open yet. So we went round to get some pics. Look at the poses!
 We were all 'tagged' to enter. However, we were a little upset our little Keren had to pay when she can hardly play much.
 Wet and wild time!!!!!
 We met Keziah's friends from the Disney Princess Pagent and the girls had a whale of the time playing.
Keren too had a dip in the waters with Daddy.
Capturing the little moments of our little one…One thing we noticed, she didn't crawl out of the mat. Guess the grass was simply too prickly!
The cheeky smile..
Aside from the water play, there were organized activities such as storytelling time, parrot show and craft sessions. Seriously if you were to ask me if we were to go again, I guess not as the area was simply too small and crowded even on a weekday.

Kiddy Fun @ Turf City

Daddy was on leave this week and we had so much fun going around. Mommy had bought some cheap Groupon coupon for 4 hours play @ Kiddy Fun in Turf City. It's our first time here but it wasn't impressive for Daddy and Mommy. So true to its name, it was really 'kiddy' and was more suitable for the very young like under 4. The space was also relatively small and a little too warm. Nonetheless, to kids, it was loads of fun.

Keren had her hands on some of the little rides. She was so giggled with these new experiences.
Well, considering the actual cost, we will think twice about coming back again.

@ 10 months

Now we have a mobile toddler who is no longer happy being constrained in any seat or play area. She's so excited to explore the world around.

She such an able crawler that even under the table was a fun new experience. Pulling up to stand was no longer good enough and she will cruise along and get what she wants.

She has also been procrastinating from naps. Her naps are just cat naps, lasting only 30 minutes at most twice a day. We know she's still tired but she doesn't want to go back to nap after waking unless you carry her throughout. Mommy doesn't have this luxury of time and so she just sits around to play. Unknowingly, sometimes she just dozes off in her chair or pram if we are on the move.

The kitchen is now her toy too. She enjoys 'cooking' but most of all opening the fridge. She certainly likes to show that she's the boss, sticking her leg out of the chair to rest on the table top.

We turned 7!

Unlike the usual couple time to celebrate our 7th year of marriage, we took the kids along to enjoy a no frills French food at Saveur. Though simple, the taste was lovely. What a reflection of our life together for these past 7 years. Nothing fancy and grand, but the very blessing of our Lord with 3 kids and the grace he shows as we walked each day, just makes us make us count our blessings when we looked back. Looking on, it's a reminder to count our blessings as they come along and trust that more will be showered upon us. Let us continue to love in sacrifice, rejoice in contentment and forgive when mistakes are made. Happy 7 dear!

Disney Princess Pagent

Keziah was selected for the Disney Princess Pagent during the makeover at Vivo City. In preparation for the event, the organizers actually had 2 full day of rehearsals to teach them an opening dance and cat walk. On top of it, the kids must perform a 3 min talent show during the competition. Keziah definitely enjoyed the dancing and making new friends. Guess it was Mommy who's the one feeling tired shuttling around.

Though our little girl didn't win any prizes, aside from the consolation pack, it was a good experience for her.

Owl in the Dark

Our play for the holiday! This time it was owl in the dark. This was a really engaging play. The cast even went round before the show begin to talk to all the little children and gave a little introduction.
The children were all engrossed in the show and laughing to their hearts' content at how silly the little owl can be for thinking it liked the day better than night when it simply is a nocturnal creature.

Lego Craze!

Holidays are the time we get to go out more often, a break from the usual school routine.

At Raffles City, there was an open play with loads of lego for kids to get hands on. The children simply enjoyed the building and playing with all sort of lego, especially Abel who was telling his story of flying planes. Never had they had so much lego to indulge in. Sad to say, it's not for bringing home.

A week before turning 10 months

It's a week before Keren turned 10 months old. Time passes so quickly and she certainly has started putting on bulk.

From pulling up to standing just 2 weeks back, she's now negotiating her way around furniture, cruising at ease.
She has also finally learned to flip! We had waited since she was 5 months old and finally the day is here. There's no stop to her movement now.

June Holidays: Botanic Gardens

It's never easy to keep kids home during holidays when you see them 24/7. Nothing beats bringing them out. Mommy arranged with Aunt Jo to take a little walk and we met at Botanic Gardens new MRT station to begin our mid morning walk. Yes, Mommy with all three kids!
It's good to have the kids back to nature, feeling the greens. We were talking about the different flowers and the different leaves (ranging from shapes to network and parallel veins). The kids even requested to head for the old tree for a climb. They were a little apprehensive initially, especially Abel, when they got on the tree as there were other more abled foreign kids hurrying them. After some encouragement, they each made a mark today by conquering their fears, reaching a new height in tree climbing.
We literally walked from one end to the other end of Botanic Gardens and amazed how the kids weren't complaining any bit. Finally we took a bus from outside Gleneagles Hospital back home!