Tanjong Pagar Train Station …Bye Bye

This place is going to cease operation end of next month. We took the chance to bring the kids to visit this real old place which they will probably not see again. It's a real vast difference compared to the surrounding buildings.
 The kids were running around while we talked about the old train station.

 Food that has the authentic Malaysia taste but in Singapore.
The kids were asking for a train ride to Malaysia. Seriously, would consider a train ride to JB but what to do if we do?

RSAF Open House

Our little adventure at one of such Open House. We took the shuttle bus from Eunos as Daddy said we weren't allowed to drive there. The queue for the bus was amazingly long! Well after arriving we realised you could drive but it's a matter of whether there's parking lot. Nonetheless, the kids were very excited about seeing fighter jets.
Lots of picture taking but sadly the queue to be on board one of these fighter jets or helicopters was far too long, not to mention to want to try on being dressed like a pilot or have a chance at lucky draw for a ride on the aircraft like C130 or apache.
The beau and the babe!
The highlight..the airshow..However Abel was still alarmed by the loud jet engine that he just couldn't keep his hands off his ears. Keziah on the other hand enjoyed the show a lot and was asking so many questions.
The trip back was horrendous, not to care that was any preggy! Think we waited almost an hour getting through the crowd and heat to get on the shuttle bus. Certainly an experience to remember.

Abel's colouring

We had been doing join the dots for some time but Abel hasn't been keen on colouring till recently. He's sitting down more and completing a colouring with quite great care to not to get the colours out of the lines. Sometimes, he gets so upset that he coloured out of the lines and insists on erasing that part. Most times he will only do a single colour but today, he happily explored almost all the colours in his set after Mommy suggested to try the others aside from his favourite red and blue. Good progress at 3 years 5 months.

Things get clearer...

Well it's coming to mid year and really this year hasn't been quite fulfilling but things seemed to be getting clearer in the decision that Mommy should take in the months and year(s) to come. It's never been unfamiliar to those around me and those reading this blog that there's always a great struggle to work or stay home with the kids. 2 years back, I took almost a year off but once again I went back to work. At every juncture that I considered this, there were always distractor that came in my way, with career looking all bright and rosy. In fact, the previous time was a serious temptation as it was an interview for a definitely higher post for my age that I even asked my superior if they had identified the wrong person. Nonetheless, I gave it up coz I didn't want to regret losing my time with the kids or wear a hat too big for myself. Yet, I was just not willing to submit to God to stay at home and look after the kids. I fought to just go back to the ground and God blessed us with a 3rd (the key reason I want to be back at ground too) who sadly left us just before I returned. Yes, I'm probably not ready then for a 3rd as His plan is always higher than our plans.

By this point of time last year, the same thing bugged me. Not that work was taking a lot of my time, also issues in the family over caregivers, the children's development. I've contemplated halfload or three quarters load. I spoke to many, weighed the odds, explored alternatives. Yet my superior surprised me with the intent to appoint me a role. Tempted again, being such a goal getter and perfectionist, I went with the flow. Guess many out there must be wondering why such indecisiveness, why such turn of events, why say one thing and yet do another. I guess it was only the self to blame, for wanting to prove myself I could do it. However, events this year both at work and at home, just revealed that it was probably not God's way. He gave us again yet another little one about the time we lost the last. There was just no peace at work with issues cropping up at home, hearing what my kids say and how they behave. Probably, my standards are just high. Literally I'm so drained most times that it was my hub that's doing all the housework. I must thank God for him for being so hardy, longsuffering and understanding.

Staying home doesn't mean all the above will be resolved. Staying home doesn't guarantee my kids will turn out perfect nor geniuses. It's probably going to be more tiring than working and it would mean all at once dealing with three at a go. Reordering of routines, expectations and most significantly halving the household income. One thing it's going to be a journey…."Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6                                                              
Staying home will not be glorious like some are with maids and cars where there's probably more me time. Might even consider supplementing the household income with my only skill from home. However, it's a constant reminder that "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Cor 12:9

"I can do it" Carnival

The kids' school had a carnival today and there were loads of activities to engage the kids. The teachers certainly have put in great efforts in making up the place with various themes, focusing on the value of confidence that the school is driving among the children.

Abel in his little world of African Jungle following the works they had done after the trip to the bird park.

Keziah in hers, with loads more activities dealing with coordination and perception. The place was rather crowded at the hour we went so we didn't quite catch many of the activites.

Some of her works that we spotted along the way…there were more but we just didn't have time to take down everything :)
Craft the little kids made with their parents as part of home project on the theme of circus.

Daddy's the cook

Daddy took a day off as the kids didn't have school today and went grocery shopping. Surprise surprise he even made them a lunch of miso beef udong and baked salmon fish for dinner. It's always nice to have home cooked food.

Farm trail...

Well the kids in the rarest occasion slept in till 8 am. So we had a late start with breakfast at our favourite porridge store and on with a farm trail. Lim Chu Kang is one area we have a farming cluster. Though not the first time we are going there, the last we went were ages ago when Abel was not even born.

First destination: Hay Dairies Goat Farm
So disappointing we missed the milking of the goats. So if you ever want to go down for that segment, be there early between 9 - 11 am. Even more unexpected was that we weren't allowed to feed the goats anymore! AVA has issued a statement to avoid close contact between humans and the goats. So well, we simply enjoyed a walk around, seeing goats from a distance and drinking goat's milk. 

Destination 2: Jurong Frog Farm
Wow, the many tadpoles and frogs. Hmmm..didn't realise tadpoles can be that big! A quick recap of the lifecycle of frogs that we talked about some time ago with with kids.

Destination 3: Gardenasia for lunch
A nice little hideout for an alfresco lunch among the greens. Price is a little steep but the salads were great!

Destination 4: Qianhu
The famous fish spa. Surprise Surprise, our girl was game for a try and was so tickled by the fish nibbling on her feet. Interesting to note though, the fish didn't really cluster around the kids' feet but the adults'. So guess we adults have worn our feed so much that we need some fish therapy.
 Abel finally joined his sister for a dip after seeing the fun she had.
 A new type of spa fish. The big one for a bigger sensation. Really feel like sanding off your dead skin..

Whew! What a lot to see…the kids were even asking to see the crocodile farms and chicken farms after examining the map but I think we had enough. Furthermore, not all farms were opened to public.

Little Dolphins

Our little girl's choice..

Learning out of Class - Jurong Bird Park

It was a parent accompanied trip and Daddy took a day off to bring our boy out on excursion!
Birds to look out for... 

Abel tried to lure some birds to feed from his cup of worms but none were interested in taking a flight up. End up he threw the worms on the floor and the birds happily enjoyed every bit.
 One of his favourite friend in class...
The little explorer looking at the different eggs and wonder what a microscope is. Oooo he's as taller than the King Penguin now..
 He had this little project to do from his trip - make a waterfall...
 Geez…how close in resemblance of this tall waterfall comig from a rock looked?

Abel's water confident!

After about 7 months at the pool, here's our little prince very confident of water! Which means Daddy and Mommy have to keep a closer watch of this water lover as he still can't swim to save himself yet.

Abel's swim after 7 months from Joan on Vimeo.

Happy Mother's Day

Lovely mother's day gift from the little ones...

Changi Village

We had an extra day off in view of polling day and since it was Mother's Day weekend, we took the opportunity to getaway for a short hotel stay at Changi Village Resort Hotel.
 It was nice and cozy in the room with great view. The kids were so fascinated by the open concept bath.
 Nothing beats swimming on the roof top and watching air planes fly by.
Dinner was local fare at the hawker centre nearby. You'll be surprised by the good food you get over here at cheap prices.
 Cooling coconut to quench your thirst. Even the flesh of the fruit was not spared.
Next morning we went out to the beach for sandplay which the kids hardly had time for. Interestingly, the sand at Changi were so fine but since it was low tide, the area near the seafront was rather coarse. One thing not too pleasing was that the beach was littered with rubbish. As usual they will be building their structures, picking shells and anything they found interesting...
 Us four...
 Mom and kids...
 We managed to catch sight of the fisherman unloading their live catch!
Lunch as at Jacob's cafe just a block off the hotel based on reviews from We must admit the food was good. The baked marconi was layered just like lasagne and loaded with cheese and beef. The beef goulash was so well made that every mouth was full of flavour. The brownie was just as good and the kids just didn't have enough of it.

Fine motor skills - writing

It was time to get Abel to train up his control over the use of pencils. He was diligently joining the dots with care and colouring with great precision to ensure he kept within his lines. Colouring was not his favouritie but surprisingly today he finished colouring 3 buckets decently well. Cheap simply book to keep him occupied with some interesting activity.