The teaching days....

Well, tomorrow will be Teacher's Day. Reading my friend's blog really reminded me of the occasion and brought me back to think of the days when I was teaching. This friend of mine is also a teacher and we both met during our NIE training days. She's now a mother of two and taking NPL to care of the kids. I really admire her for what she is able to do with her kids and seriously a good cook too.

Memories of the old days are fond but guess teaching JC kids is simply different from secondary school kids who are more appreciative, who actually remember you even when you are no longer their teacher. Actually wonder where all my 'kids' are after they graduated and me leaving the school landscape. There hasn't been much contact, not to mention visitation. Guess these 'kids' are no longer the 'kids' I knew but rather youths who have a great life out there. Hey! How come I sound so sad! I should be happy for them! Ok ok..back to my paper work...

Milestones at 16+ months...

Time to do some record keeping which I haven't been diligently doing for a long time...

What can Keziah do now?

Still not much fantastic progress but at least few clear enounciation:
Apple = "ah-ba"
Banana = "ba"
Book = "bo"
Bear = "Bear"
Papa = "pa"
Mama = "ma" which she only says sometimes when you ask her to follow you to do so.
ShuShu = "shhh..."
Eat/Drink = "Mmmm" or "Muak muak"
Duck = "dot" occasionally
There are a few others but not quite clear but she is certainly starting to talk to herself some form of gibberish such as "pi-ta-pi-ta" which I could hardly make out.

Motor Skills
Signing quite a bit, indicating to us thank you, please, pray, sleep, car, bus, aeroplane, pain, milk, scare, tummy, fish, dog, bird, finished/no more, more more, cracker, wash hands/dirty, brush teeth, baby....(can't quite remember all). Haven't been letting her watch Baby Signing Times for awhile so there are some things she doesn't sign often.

Understands what we are saying by acknowledging with nods and shakes. Quite interesting that when we tell her not to do certain things, she will wave 'NO' with her hands but really putting the instructions to action is another thing.

Wave goodbye, hello, good night....Sending flying kisses as well..

Take a book and read on her own..but this last only for a moment. Her favourite now at bedtime is the Nursery Rythme Songs...

Stack blocks and break them down, especially her Mega Block Farm.
Tuck the little animals into the Farm and close the gates before bed.

Good at throwing and kicking balls and balloons around. Can even point out balloons in books.

Handing milk to Mommy after she's done with her bedtime feed.

Loves anything new, like the windmill that Daddy bought her just 2 days back. She was so fasinated when it spun in the wind.

Loves to run around and climb the stairs (on her own accord now).

Dance and sway to the music, clapping her hands at time to go with the rythme.

Simply playful

Teeth Development
So far, she has 4 upper and lower front teeth plus 1 lower left molar. Not sure when all of them came out coz definitely haven't been keeping track.

Pa Pa...Pa Pa....

Keziah has started calling papa some time back..probably about a month ago. Somehow everything seemed to be called 'papa'. However, I realised recently that she is such a Daddy's girl that she will readily call him very often, even when he's not back from home and Mommy's putting her through her bedtime routine. Just last night, lights were out, Mommy was laying in bed with Keziah after she had her milk. Daddy appeared at the door. Guess how excited little Keziah was, literally jumping out of bed and making it for Daddy to give him a hug on his legs! sweet...of course, next it took awhile before she went back to bed. Not after she had some play time with Daddy after he's done with his dinner and shower.

Sunday @ church

Daddy had a meeting today after lunch in church. So all the little ones were on for some play time before going home. As usual, chairs would be one of their favourite toys. Though Keziah did not nap during the morning, with all the buzz in activities, she was all out to play as well even though she may be the youngest. Just look at them!

At the end of the day, she was so tired and fell asleep on Uncle Eddie's shoulders before Daddy finished his meeting. Naughty little Keziah refused to be put down on the stroller and was as clingy as usual...

Splashing Saturday

Today, we went over the Uncle Eddie's place for a parents' fellowship gathering. Auntie Li Kuan and Auntie Ruolan took care of the little ones while daddies and mommies had a time of sharing about Christian parenting. The children had much fun roaming around the function room but our meeting stretched abit too long and all the little ones were really hungry by then, especially little Keziah. Heehee, Auntie Li Kuan was commenting what a foodie Keziah was, with great interest in all kinds of foods given to the kids, from breads to biscuits. She was also certainly amazed by the quantity of porridge that Keziah could take. Guess it was a good time she had interacting with the little ones. Probably that was also why she didn't cry for Daddy and Mommy though in a new setting. One thing for sure, she is still learning what it meant to play with others as it seemed now she is more into getting toys for herself.

After lunch, Daddy took little Keziah for a dip in the pool...She definitely loved it!

Detailed Scan Results......

Ok, the outcomes of the detailed scan....It's a BOY...and all is well as it should be...

Well, seriously speaking baby was moving alot during the scan that it was rather difficult for me to make out what the scan was at some point of time, especially the gender scan. Just looking at the scan, I really couldn't make out the part pointed out relative to the legs. It could also be due to the fact that baby was in a breech position. In anyway, since the gynae that did the scan was some fetal head, I guess his words should be of weight.

I really liked the scan of the hand with all 5 digits.


Stomach and gender...

Cutie little hands....



Today's the celebration of Philane Jie Jie's (Jeff Shu Shu's gf) 21st birthday. It was held on a yatch at One° 15 located at Sentosa Cove. Sadly, the weather did not hold and it started storming at the time Daddy and Mommy was planning to bring little Keziah out earlier to Sentosa for some fun. We nearly missed the event and stayed home as Keziah wasn't really well over the weekend with a cold. However, since Daddy was the photographer of the evening, we still risked the rain and left for it though Nei Nei was rather worried Keziah would fall sick. Of course, Daddy and Mommy made sure she was kept warm with her blankie and long pants. Seriously, Sunday is always a day Keziah doesn't get her full nap as she is all preoccupied with the activities and friends from church. Thankfully she napped in the car, though a real short one, and the rain stopped rather soon after we arrived at the yatch.

It was such a lovely yatch and Keziah was certainly captivated by the experience on board - her first and Mommy's first too! Oh, and there was a theme to the event - Black. But well well, Keziah doesn't have anything black to put on so it's her usual spotty look in jeans.

Just look at the view out from the yatch...

"Oops, Daddy you caught me with my dreary eyes, just up from the nap..."

"Can you see the cute little note on my tag? 'The BF's lil' cutie pie'...Ain't I cute and loveable to everyone...especially my Shu Shu??? When am I getting my 'Shu Mu' who will also dote on me?"

Making herself really comfortable with the view and the space...

Heehee...Daddy's been getting many shots of me...How about Philane Jie Jie? Sure there's even more to remember the day...

Actually I wonder if a child would be sea sick. Though the yatch was docked, somehow the sea must be rather rough to have it swaying away. Mommy fed Keziah bee hoon for dinner but who knows it wasn't even half way through she threw up. Few causes perhaps:
1. Keziah was just up and down the sofa with all the excitement and distraction.
2. She wasn't very well.
3. She got choked on the bee hoon as Mommy got a little impatient in feeding her and gave her a big mouthful.

It was rather unsightly but what to do but for Mommy to bear the embarrassment of cleaning up and worst, Daddy didn't pack in extra shirt as he thought there's still one in the back. However, Mommy had took it out for Keziah for a change after church. So Keziah had to put on her cardigan which she had outgrown and don on Philane Jie Jie's cardigan which obviously was oversized.

Mummy and daddy modified jie jie's cardigan to fit me!

National Day Break...

Haven't been updating for quite some time. Been down with the 'Zzzz' bug that puts Mommy to sleep all the time before she could do much in the night.

Anyway, just a recap of last week's events:
Though last week was the national day long weekend, we hardly took many pictures for Keziah. Actually, it wasn't very exciting at all. On National Day, Daddy and Mommy had a seminar in church in the morning and afterwhich, there was a family gathering with relatives. It was a sumptuous spread for lunch at Turf City and the very first time Keziah had her bite into dim sum. Being a food lover, she simply loves the food she got even after she has stomached a full meal of homecooked porridge. Then it's back home for a nice long afternoon nap and the NDP parade on TV.

Saturday we visited Daddy's army pal, Uncle Lam, at his new place for housewarming and that was the first time we (and most of the army gang) met his wife. He was so secretive about the whole thing, including his ROM. Keziah was so fasinated with the swimming pool. Guess she really likes the waters. Too bad Daddy and Mommy weren't prepared for a swim.

Sunday, Keziah simply had such a great stamina, refusing to nap from morning till mid afternoon. It was along the way back from church that she fell asleep in the car but that was when we planned to visit Auntie Amanda and little Jamie, who will be going away, leaving Singapore. As usual, Keziah took some time to warmed up before she wondered around the house as if her own house. Jamie was rather excited about her new guests and kept coming forth and 'talking' to her. Quite interesting to see how they interact and also Keziah with Jamie's older brother Kevin who was happily playing games on the hp.

Actually, Jamie is 4 days younger than Keziah. Both mommies met while they were pregnant. It's been awhile since they got together again. Think the last time was when the two of them was just 2-3 months old. Guess these two little ones will have to part for a good long time. Not sure when they will meet again. Here's their shot for memories. Could have caught more shots but guess Mommy was a little slow and the gals were just moving too fast.

The Chopstick sisters?

Something New

Mummy and Daddy bought a Quinny Zapp for Little Keziah. Keziah was so happy and excited about her new wheels. We was thinking of a Quinny Zapp for a long while and the offer was good. The Zapp can in future used with our Maxi Cosi Infant Seat to carry our second baby around. The Zapp was cool and nice and it is very light to push around.

Just look at her in her new set of wheels.

Do I look cool in my new Quinny Zapp?

All smiles...

Ta Ta and Nei Nei picked up the roof for little Keziah's indoor slide and just look at Keziah happily playing around the slide fitted with the new roof.

Keziah posing on the slide.

Daddy took some pictures of Keziah with his D200 after taking some pictures for Nei Nei.

Don't I look cute?

You hide? I seek?

Nei Nei you like my new hat?

Outing At Macritchie Reservoir

Daddy and Mummy deceided to bring little Keziah to Macritchie Reservoir to let her have some fresh air and some space to run about. She was excited and as usual the trip was very fruitful.

There were tortises.....

There were monkeys.....

Training up for the Standard Chartered Marathon..... err.. got Toddlers Catergory?

Log PT anyone?

A Picture with Mummy.....

Checking out my di di or mei mei..... "Hello?? Are you there?"

A Family Silhouette.....

Wah... Did we just walked 9.5Km?

NDP rehersal... Daddy how come the chinok is flying in circle with the flag?"