Exercising the Will

Looking at the past posts, I realised it has been awhile since I last posted Keziah's pictures. Just can't imagine this happening at the start of the year coz Mummy has been really busy at work! Every meeting there will be new assignments to be done. Thankfully we still have some protected weekend time to take Keziah out for little strolls but as usual Mummy has been rather absentminded and kept forgetting to bring the camera.

Keziah has grown to be more attached to her parents. Heehee...feels good for Mummy and Daddy but the downside is that it is difficult to leave her in someone else's care. She has also started to refuse things that she doesn't want to do such as sitting in the stroller when out, sitting in the highchair, lying down for diaper change and cleaning up and still getting up once or twice in the night (sometimes to nurse...arghhh mummy wants to wean her off). At night when she rouses from her sleep and wails, despite Mummy trying to carry her and rock her back to sleep, she will push and struggle and Mummy will be so worried that she will drop her with the strength that she is exerting. She is definitely determined to get her way and wails so miserably and angrily at times when Mummy refused to oblige to her requests. Guess now is the stage where she knows what she can get away with and what she can. Wonder if Mummy should start training her and let her cry out.

So sad as a Mummy I can't spend the time I want with her to nurture her coz of the work commitments. I just love to see her smile each day when she sees me and misses the moments with her. Though I must say, she also tests my patience.

Sticky sticky Keziah...

THE day is here. Keziah has realised her freedom with the increased mobility. She has decided not to stay down during diaper change as of last week. Changing diaper has become a battle. She flips once she hits the changing table as if instinctly knowing Mummy is going to change her. Mummy has to raise her voice and warn little Keziah several times. Wiping her down for the night is getting tougher each day. Practically, Mummy has to hold her with 1 hand and wipe her with the other as she will only sit for a moment while rummaging through her little toy box which is meant to distract her.

Aside from the development of motor skills, Keziah has started to recognise people and becoming more sticky. She seems to know who are her loved ones and who are simply friends and strangers. For 2 weeks consecutively, Mummy left her on with her little friends in the nursery to be tend by churchmates while she went for Sunday School. And for that 2 weeks, she cried after having fun for 30-45min or so. After seeing Mummy come to calm her down, she refused to let Mummy slip out of sight. While she was engrossed with playing, Mummy tried to get out of sight but she realised it after awhile and started wailing again. Today, when Daddy left her at grandma's place for work, she did the same thing.


Mummy has decided to start weaning baby Keziah. It was just like yesterday that Mummy wanted to get enough milk to meet demand but now she has decided it's time for Keziah to grow up. Started first last Wednesday that Mummy gave bb fm for night feeds. Finally Keziah is sleeping through the night again. So really is it coz Mummy's supply couldn't sustain Keziah through the night? Hmm...still a wonder but anyway for now it's 240ml of fm to send Keziah off to dreamland. It was a little uncomfortable trying to wean when nursing her has become so much of a second instinct. Progress to hold the milk longer before expressing but was rather engorged. Guessed Mummy didn't quite do it the right way...Oooo...Gotta slow down and take it easy with the weaning. Consulted some forum mummies and gotten some tips, so now Mummy is trying to ease in with the progress to suppress milk. Supply=demand! Heehee....

A Quiet Weekend!

Last weekend was kind of quiet being the reason that Daddy, Mummy and Keziah were all sick and resting at home. Keziah is recovering well from her Fever, running nose and cough. Thank God for her speedy recovery. She has been rather sticky to us as she love being carried and cuddled by us.

A quite weekend at home. Or was it not?

We only managed to bring Keziah out to a playground in a nearby park. The playground was kind of sophisticated and it was only the bike ride that is more suitable for Keziah to play in. Well... I think she has to grow up more to better appriciate the bouncing bike ride as she can hardly hold the handle tight and her little legs are nowhere near the foot rest, which make the ride the more dangerous. But like always Daddy and Mummy will be there to make sure everything is in good order.

Some snap shots from the playground.

Succumb to the BUG...

Daddy has been coughing for awhile since last week. Not sure if this was the cause, little Keziah came down with fever on Sunday afternoon after church. It really caught us by surprise coz she was still as bubbly as usual. It was the first Sunday we left her to the nursery teachers at church while Daddy and Mummy went for Sunday School. We noticed for the first time she was bitten by mosquitoes after service. There were 3 bites on her right hand and 1 was huge! Daddy and Mummy had to sponge her to try to bring her temperature down. The night was terrible with the frequent waking to soothe her.

Thank God her temperature came down by morning but Daddy and Mummy still brought her to the doctor to have a check since she also had some rash and had been pertually scratching her ear till it's all red and sore. Guess what! For the first time we knew that even babies can have sore throat. Keziah had also been having a dry mucus on her nose and the ocassional coughing. Didn't really think much of it till our visit to the doctor. Maybe really Keziah is down with flu!!! She was given 5 different kind of medication - flu, cough, paracetamol, phelgm and neurofen for fever higher than 38.5 degrees.The doctor also mentioned that she had loads of ear wax. But how on earth would one clear ear wax from babies' ear? We were given a ear drop for that. It was a challenging time trying to feed Keziah the medication. One warning for all, never feed your babies medication lying down. They could choke! That was what happened and it certainly shook mummy.

Guess with all these and the little rest, Mummy also succumbed to the flu bug. Throat was terribly sore and head was simply spinning. Rest time NOW coz gotta work tomorrow!

WE've got a visitor...

Auntie Cynthia from Hong Kong came to visit us while on her business trip. Look at the welcome gift! Heehee...a giggling toy...We actually stepped into Fullerton Hotel where she stayed. posh..

Keziah was definitely happy, bouncing up and down the bed, clapping her little hands!

New Year Day was spent bringing Auntie Cynthia to sightseeing at Sentosa. There was certainly alot of people there.

Nonetheless there were some quiet spot like the Orchid Garden. The flowers were all in bloom.

Can you see her two front teeth? Heehee...a rare shot seeing that without having to force her open her little mouth.

We saw a rainbow on New Year Day just outside our door step. Rather it's Daddy and Mummy who saw it ...

What's up for the Xmas-New Year week?

HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL viewing our blog!!!! May all your wonderful dreams come through in this new year 2007....

Daddy and Mummy took off once again to spend time together with little Keziah. It had been a nice long weekend starting last Thursday till today. We had such a lovely weekend, spending time home and out together. These are just some snap shots of our days but there will be more coming up coz there's just so much to share but we have gotta rest early for tomorrow begins the working day again!!!! Nonetheless, let's keep the happy mood up..

Keziah has been up to her mischief after her visit to the zoo. Guess what is her favourite animal! For one we know she loves to explore people's nose and ears. Haha...beware of the nibble fingers!

Even granddad was not spared!

Keziah certainly had great fun on the kiddie rides! Though we didn't have to spend a single cent, she simply loved being in one of these, turning the wheels and having all her hands over the characters...

Wow, she has great interest in reading. She never misses out any newspaper, magazine and mailers that are insight. Not even the MONEY aspiring investor? Haha....Just look at the mess she makes. Culprit caught redhanded.

Mummy decided to try some different spread for Keziah. Isn't it boring with porridge all the time! So for this weekend we had ABC pasta with fish and veg soup. Didn't it look so yummy? Heehee...wonder what more will come in the next few weeks..

Keziah got a leapfrog caterpillar number toy from Daddy and Mummy! Keziah was really engaged but after awhile she wondered what more she could do. Guess her new mat gave her some pace to put her 'power' of disruption to action! Just look at her sneaky grin...