Thanks to our Teachers!

At last minute, I decided to get the kids to work together to make our lovely teachers some cookies to say our big THANK YOU to them for their patience with the kids.

The kids are never more excited than making something with their own hands.
 All nicely packed. Keziah also made some bracelets for her teachers. Her exclusive designs...

Rider's Cafe

This was a really nice place. Kids just love being able to watch the horses in their stable while dinning. The food was delicious too…
 Guess Abel's expression tells it all!

Legoland Prelude

Yes, we are here to collect our annual pass. A little place waiting for more to be seen!

Keren's 1

Time sure flies terribly quickly. Keren's now 1 year old. We decided to have a family celebration just like the other 2. Simple decorations but loads of love. I can't believe I have been home with 3 for this long, and of course, more to come.
The little girl took awhile to warm up to all the guests. 
Afterwhich, she was simply the bubbly and playful girl that she always is. 
Her first birthday was a cutie pooh just as lovely as our little princess.

Not to mention, tasting her first cake which was laden with sugar. A definite pleasure on her face!
Looking back… all 3 have grown…how alike do they look?

Keren's turning 1…the megawatt smiles!

Yes, we thank God for giving us happy kids. 
It's time to take stock of this one year!

Keren began with being a baby with seemingly slow growth but once she took on to solids, she grew! She's still petite but gained a good weight, now being close to 9 kg. She's not a fussy eater and simply loves all her foods, especially fruits!

She's very mobile now, able to get up on her feet supported and simply just dashing around with her walker.

Now she also plays hide and seek. It ranges from hiding behind the door….
To doing peekaboo in her play yard.

Her hands and legs are everywhere now which makes taking pictures extremely challenging. She's definitely kinetic and playful little one. But what captivates us more is her laughter that rings of pure innocent joy!

She's calling "mama" and "papa" with discrimination and we hear lots of "mum mum.." when she sees food. In fact, if you are carrying her, she will dive for the food. I think she's saying a lot more but it's Mommy who's getting to busy to note down every single progress.

Problem solver
Mommy has started to play hide the toy and she's really good at finding it though at times she gets distracted by other things around her. Mommy has to just ring the toy in hiding to alter her back.

There's so much to celebrate as we see our little girl each day. Her looks seem to change too…Do you notice?

National Day

We had planned to go West Coast Park to play but sadly, the place was so full that the carparks couldn't take us. So we detoured to IMM to explore the rooftop playground. It's a delight to be out and about, seeing the smiley faces of the kids. It's a pity we weren't prepared for the water play. We will definitely be back again.

We proceeded to our cousin's place to have dinner time together and watch the fly pass and fireworks before our eyes! The kids as usual had a whale of time playing together.

NDP in school

Today was a half day in school. As usual the kids done on their red and whites and showed their patriotism, embracing the national anthem, pledge and Singapore songs.
Dad took a day off and we went wet and wild at the zoo again. Yes, I know we never seem to get far from this place. The kids simply loved it!

Gallop Stable and Beaches

It's been awhile we haven't been to the beach front and we decided to explore the lesser treaded places. We went to Changi Beach but to our surprise, it was under refurbishing and many areas were bordered up. Well, the kids still hand some fun playing with the little playground.
I simply love the myraids of smiles my little one gives!
Next we ventured down to the Gallop Stables in Pasir Ris to let the kids have a ride. Seriously for $10, the ride was too short. Guess we paid for that experience for the kids. They enjoyed it and kept wanting to go for second round.

The kids wanted to play at the beach. So we stopped by the Pasir Ris Park. Guess it just wasn't our day, the big play area was bordered up for renovation. We simply just settled for some sand play. Simple fun under the hot sun!