Finally a time to take a break!

Wow! It's been 2 weeks since I last posted a note. It had been a real busy time at work. Working on report and analysing quantitative data. Whew! IT's really not the kind of job I am adept at. Took her so much time. I nearly went nuts looking at numbers.

Hmm...Nonetheless with the time passing, Keziah has also been developing all her motor skills. Looking at her crawl, sit and stand with such skills, I can't help but feel so amazed with God's creation. Little do you know where she learns all the stuff that she does. Oh yes, she is gurgling alot and even playing alot with her saliva, making "grr grr" sounds and pronouncing "a" quite well. And yes, she is sleeping better too these nights. Mummy can finally have a bit more sleep but well, not sure how long this will last. Just today, she started to clap her hands. It seems too that she understood us when we said clap your hands. She was so fastinated with being able to do that as well. Will catch a shot of that soon.

Okiez...juz a quick update on our trip out to the zoo on Xmas Eve..

Cheeky little gal...

A fresh start of the day at the zoo..

Daddy and Keziah...

So happy to watch the animal show!

Mummy and Keziah and the KANGEROO...

HEY fishy fishy....

Feeling so hot and sweaty after a while.....don't I look as if the rain had just poured down over me?

The animals....heeheee...

Daddy, Mummy and me...well that's what happens when you get some stranger to take your picture...Never the best shot. Do you noticed the giraffe? picture outside the zoo before we left.

The day wasn't finished. Xmas Eve was certainly memorable. In the evening, we went to celebrate Lucas kor kor's birthday. There we met little Cheryl and her daddy and mummy and many others. Cheryl and Keziah certainly had a good time interacting. They were kissing and hugging each other at the end of the day but pity Mummy didn't have the camera on hand to catch the shot!

At the Playground

Looks like Keziah's grandparents have really taken time off to expose her to her surroundings. Just heard from my parents that my Dad has been taking her down to the playground! It is certainly interesting to look at her on the see saw and the slide. I am so surprised that she can sit on her own on the see saw. Of course, my Dad is standing on guard at the side to make sure she doesn't fall off. Heard from my parents that she really enjoyed the times she went down. Can't wait to be the one to bring her there.

Here's an occasion at the playground. My sister took some pictures then....She looked rather stunned coz she's just up from her nap! Hee hee....

Life with a 8 month old child


Taking a MRT ride back home from Somerset. We have just gone there after church to get some things from Robinsons which happens to be on sale. Daddy and Mummy are loving their darling girl who charms everyone with her smile. Well, we just have to take pictures for one another with girl girl. Pity we have such few family pictures!

Little Keziah standing tall and sitting real sturdy....

Well, the house just seems to be a messy. Mummy wants a break!

Daddy's trying to help by keeping Keziah occupied...

Guess housework can be done later. What means more than spending the little time with little Keziah, especially when Mummy's out whole day at work during weekdays... play mat which now covers a wider area for Keziah's safety on her fours. Hmmm but then again, she's been crawling with such great speed that such an area is simply still not enough. Hee hee, still Daddy's doing a good job at cleaning up the area while Mummy takes a back seat. Shared PARENTING!

What's new?

Keziah's has gotten a new pooh toy. A walking pooh!
Look at how she is messing around with it. She was laughing and chasing after the pooh....Too bad the pooh speaks only German which Mummy and Daddy couldn't understand a word. This is what you risk when you purchase in a spree.

We have set up the tunnel for Keziah to play with for some time. However for quite awhile, she was just pushing the tunnel around. Today she finally realised what that was! A tunnel for her to crawl in and explore....

Our Family Day

Yippee...Daddy and Mummy will be off for the next two days. We can spend some time together!

Today we ventured out to Vivo City. It started off as a rather quiet morning but the crow built up towards noon time. Vivo City was really cold. Daddy and Mummy took me to Carl's Junior but sadly I had to eat porridge while watching them have their burger and chilli fries. Oooo...Mummy was so mesmerised by the clothes in Pumpkin Patch. The shop sold really nice embroidered tees but all long-sleeves coz it's the winter collection. Interestingly, the origin of Pumpkin Patch is NZ which is having summer now. The clothes were pricy too. It cost $26 for a long-sleeved tee but now they were having a sale 2 for $39. So Mummy bought 2 for me so that I could have something warm to wear when we go to the shopping centres. We walked around the many shops, looking at the sales that were on. We happened to stroll over to Harbour Front shopping area and saw this shop selling some branded items with cut labels for $8. As usual, Mummy went to have a look and got me a few pair of nice comfy long pants and a CK top. Quite a good buy ya!

Taking mrt to VivoCity!

Lunch at Carl's Junior....

Mummy's great buys at $8 as well as the splurge on Pumpkin patch tops (the green and the floral one!)

Keziah now is so active. Finding her feet and hands, crawling and grabbing at things to stand. Just for tea, Daddy and Mummy took her into a Japanese resturant for some light snacks. Oh, she was so interested with everything she saw. Even the cup of tea fastinated, not to mention the facade of the eating area.

Hey look! Keziah wants to have a hand in Daddy's cup too...

What a cheeky girl!

Don't you think I look cool?

Evening, we went over to great grandma's place for dinner. Keziah sure had the space she needed to move around. She was messing around the magazine rack, ransacking the place and crushing paper. Since her 1st little pearly white has started to appear with the 2nd making its way out, Mummy decided to let her chew on a piece of freshly cut apple. Yum yum and she loved it. She was rather upset when we took it away from her after a few bites. Looked too that she has started to recognise people. She refused to be carried by great grandma and the maid probably coz she didn't have much encounter with them. Mummy thought she could leave her with the maid for awhile in the living room while she had her dinner in the kitchen but Keziah cried. She only allowed the maid to play with her only if Mummy, Daddy or grandma and grandpa were close by.

One thing I'm sure from today, Keziah is such a Daddy's girl! She will smile and laugh so loud when Daddy speaks and plays with her! She doesn't do this to everyone.

Daddy's home!!!

Yeah...Daddy's back.
We went to pick Daddy up from the airport. It was a 8.30pm. Little Keziah simply refused to nap before that. Maybe she was excited too. However, after some waiting and by the time Daddy came out of the gates, Keziah seemed a little tired. She let out a weak smile before going all quiet. She almost fell asleep in the car. Mummy was definitely eager to see Daddy back. So much more of having someone to share the load of parenting! Guess that's what draws the couple closer.

Trampling ...

OOoooo....the marble floor feels cold...

Hey look! I have found the stairs. Let me try my hands on it...and maybe my feet?

The perpetual thumb sucker.....Arghhh...

U mean u know what I have in my mind?

Hmm...Let me see what is this shiny metallic box thing that is pointing at me all the time..

My exersaucer...can I try to get in on my own? First I must get on my feet...

Guess Mummy thinks I am not ready to do that on my own. It's better that she puts me in and I get to savour my yummy flower...

Is it a good thing to be mobile?

Keziah's motor skills seem to grow by leaps and bounds with the days. She is now more happy standing than being on her fours. Well that means everyone has to really watch her. She now ventures out of her padded play area onto the marble floor on her fours. Crawling and occasionally sitting up, she seems to coordinate quite well. She has too found the stairs. She would prop herself up on her feet by leaning against the stairs. Being so curious about things, she starts to try to take little steps on her own while at the stairs. Sadly she is yet to be there and loses her balance, falling right over! Oh dear, this is the first time with me that she has bummed her head. Thankfully it wasn't too hard a fall. Next thing u know, she tries to grab her feet and stand up. Please don't ignore her thinking that she will juz sit down on the floor after realising that she is still unable to do that. She has a mind of her own and definitely a persistent girl. She tried and then again losing her grib, she fell. Arghh..again hit her head. I think I should buy her a HELMET to protect her little head. While playing with her grandpa, the same thing happen but this time I think it's cause she tried to prop herself up by pulling on her wobbly activity gym. All in all she hurt herself 3 times. With her now roaming all over the place, I wish I had a padded floor as her play area is simply not big enough to satisfy her.

Today I guess she just didn't have enough sleep and so was rather highly strung, losing her senses and coordination, making her rather clumsy as well. At dinner table, for no reason she wailed like the world collapsed. It was so loud that mummy didn't know how to calm her down as the usual carrying and rocking didn't work. Tried nursing her. She was quiet for awhile and was back to her miserable wails. Desperate mummy was really about to cry too! She was passed to and fro between grandma and mummy till we finally tried to distract her with her storybooks and it worked! Thank God that she was back to her normal self. Was so afraid she choked or something just wasn't right.