Farm Visits

Yeah, it's our first trip out to the farms...

Our first stop - the Hay Dairy Farm where we visited the goat and fed the goats. Keziah was rather delighted to see the goats from afar but once we set her in the barn, she was rather apprehensive to approach them except for the smaller ones that were behind the gates.

K: "Erm..u sure we can go near these?"

K: "I am scared."

Daddy: "This is how you feed them."

It was only after some coaxing that we managed to get her to try to feed the goats. Haha but the goats decided to do quick job and grabbed the whole bunch from the pack.
K: "I will feed only if you hold my hands."

K: "It's all gone!"

Next stop - Jurong Frog Farm.
Well, there was not very much over here aside from seeing those huge frogs. So we just moved on for lunch at a vegetable farm - Bollywood by friend's recommendation. The food there wasn't very impressive and mainly spicy dishes. Price was rather steep. Not worth another visit.

After lunch on our drive to Qian Hu to visit the fish, Keziah fell asleep. Daddy and Mommy took the opportunity to try out the fish spa. Look at the fish nibbling away at Mommy's feet. Initial feeling was rather ticklish and like little electric shock up the feet but after awhile it wore off. It was rather interesting to see your feet swamp with fish feeding off your dead skin. After a 30min spa, the feet sure felt alot cleaner somehow.

Now our little princess was up to wonder in amazement at all the array of fish around. Just look at those big goldfish and the koi.

Keziah also got her hands on catching some 'longkang' fish. She was so into it that she simply refused the help of Daddy and Mommy.


Since Mommy was off the whole week, she decided to join some churchmates for a play date. Heehee..the little ones had great fun baking their own pizzas and making their own cookies. Not to mention the slightly older ones entertaining the little ones with pillow fight in the room. Too bad Mommy didn't manage to get them in act. It's the first time Keziah's been to such a playdate and surprisingly, she was so comfortable with all the mommies there, even asking for cuddles from them and acting like a super 'manja' little girl being the youngest around. Mommies who saw her every Sunday also commented that she was rather different in church eventhough she saw some of the other toddlers during the nursery class. I must agree that in church she somehow would be in a crying spell but here she was practically making herself comfortable with the toys and babbling alot more.

Getaway at Siloso Beach Resort

We were back in Sentosa for a short getaway (25-27 Nov) since both sets of grandparents were out of town but this time round at the Siloso Beach Resort. It was a beautiful quiet place and we really liked the eco theme compared to Costa Sand chalet we had been previously. In fact, we had a complimentary upgrade to the Deluxe room which was most probably by mistake. This time round we didn't really take much pictures but rather enjoyed to simple time of leisure play.

Just look at how excited Keziah was! Seriously making it fun even in the room

A dip in the pool which was never to be missed. There was this waterfall feature in the background.

5 more stops to where we were heading....

Beach play but interestingly Keziah didn't really enjoyed the feel of sand on her feet. She was very much rooted to the spot and would insist that we held on to her to move from spot to spot.

She still remembered OSCAR the fish which she saw at the Song of the Sea the previous time we came. This time she was showing such infatuation with OSCAR that she simply refused to leave the spot and would raised her voice in excitement whenever she saw OSCAR's pictures on posters even at Vivo City monorail stop.

Cheeky smile...

A trek down Dragon's Trail..

Finally, we made our way down to the southern most tip of the island...Our one and only family picture on this trip and as usual taken by ourselves. It wasn't fantastic but still a memory shot.

No fear on the swinging Keziah comes charging ahead...

The last day was rainy so there went our plan for a final swim in the pool and beach play.

However, the room did provide the shelter and fun. Fun can still go on in the tub..

Geee...Keziah's not gonna show u her birthday suit while she played in the tub..just this wrap..

Happy Birthday Ah Tai!

It's great grandma's (Ah Tai) birthday today! We all went over to Daddy's uncle's place for dinner. It was one of those occasion that Keziah got to meet up with her other cousins. They were really lovely kids and ready to share their toys with her. Just look at all of them with Ah Tai for a picture with the birthday cake.

Keziah was trying to cut the cake together with Ah Tai. Heehee...she must be really engrossed with the cake to be able to sit still for pictures after pictures with the cake.

Hmm...but Mommy didn't think she fancied the taste of the cake eventhough it was chocolate, really rich chocolate mousse.

Finally a Family Picture... minus Daddy who is the photographer of course! :P

Rainy Saturday...

These few days have been rainy. Saturday was no different.
After the usual morning lesson, we are back home for lunch. Mommy was thinking of bringing Keziah to visit Auntie Jean and baby cousin Raelyn but there was no car and the skies were really dark. In the end, Daddy and Mommy decided to be creative with whatever raw materials we had at home to cook up some little snacks. Mommy tried her hands for the first time at making some baby cereal pancakes. It wasn't fantastic and actually they did turn out like little roti pratas more than pancakes. One thing for sure the flame might have been too hot. In anyway, Keziah seemed to enjoy the little pancake with sliced bananas.

Pancakes ready to serve....

Keziah's portion...

When the rain finally stopped, we trottled out to get some food for dinner. Heehee...Daddy was having a crave for stuffed pasta so we went cold storage to get some fresh pasta filled with portebello mushrooms and cheese. These pasta really weren't cheap but we just decided to have a splurge. Topped with Prego tomato and herbs sauce simmered with minced beef and fresh white button mushrooms, we have our humble serving of pasta. Here's Keziah's share of the adult's food.

So tired..............

These days I have been feeling so ever tired! I wish I could take leave and rest at home but sadly, I don't have much annual leave left. Just 4 days to survive December! No matter how much I slept I still felt tired, not to mention that this week my sleep was rather disrupted by Keziah's night waking for no rythme of reason - or is it coz she is aware that her little brother is arriving soon?

For the whole week, she's been getting up at 2-3am, standing up at her cot and calling out for Ma Ma or crying for us. In the past, Daddy would simply pick her up and put her beside us and she will doze back to sleep. However, this no longer worked. Just 2 nights back, she actually wailed to go out of the room for almost an hour, refusing any water while she was being carried. Of course, we didn't open the door at all and told her she had to go back to sleep coz it's only 3 am! After much coaxing, finally she was back to sleep with us at 4am. Last night, before bed, she kept signing that she was scared. Not sure what she was scared of. Gave her a good hug for bedtime. She still got up, even earlier this time at 1.30 am without wailing. I was only aware of it when Daddy gave me a light tap on the shoulder. Thankfully after Daddy carried her, she slept.

I seriously hope this will pass soon and she could tell me more. Hopefully, she will feel as secure even with her little brother's arrival.

19 Month Fun...

Keziah's 19 months today! We took her out for a studio shoot to mark the day but sadly she was very engaged with the shoot. She was more excited with the toys and looking at the camera. Studio shots were really different though with the lighting provided. Can't wait to see the pics though.

At 19 months, she is so much more chatty and is really a toddler who is finding her loopholes to trap the adults. As much as she memerises adults with her sweet smiles and little dances, she can be a real attention seeker and can wail the house down if she doesn't get her way. She's now such a sticky little thing who will chant incessantly for you. One thing though, she is excited by new things but cautious in attempting to draw. However, once she is familiar, she can just let go of herself just like here at Vivo City at the waters. She was constantly running to Daddy on her first few attempts to splash the waters. Next you know, she was all soaked through.

A nice cool drink after the play...She's all into trying adult's food. She loves to drink off the straw and of coz chew on them, be it fresh milk or juice or her favourite Yakult drink.

Oh yes, all kids go through this phrase of trying to wear an adult's shoes. This is not the first time but one of the times she got both her feet in and trottled around the house with it!

Her new found reading corner in the bedroom. Well, not a very neat corner with her pulling out her books and leaving them all over. Today was one of those days she tried to drap a nappy over the shoulder like how we put a shawl over ours...heehee...