Mommy rode on a bulk purchase and bought Keziah her first Crocs - a striking green disney crocs...Just look at her so fascinated at trying out her new crocs! of her favourites and the one of the latest words that she could expressed verbally. Now she would go to where we place the bubble solution and the bear bubble blower and tell us that she wants to play.

Playtime at Globetrotters while Daddy and Mommy catch a bite. However, Daddy and Mommy were rather disappointed with the food. It wasn't quite worth the cost to go there for meals/snacks just to let her have some fun in the playroom. Some kids were rather rowdy and loud eventhough there was a caretaker in there.

Uncle Mic and Auntie Jodie just welcomed baby Jonathan into their family. Finally Daddy and Mommy managed to make a trip down to visit them. Baby Jonathan is really so cute and handsome, certainly also an angelic baby. What a sweet serene look of a sleeping baby!

However, Keziah had just woken from her nap and rather cranky. She didn't have much look at the little one except a goodbye touch.

Ma ma...

Ok Mommy hasn't been very diligent in posting to track Keziah's development. However, since a week or so ago, she has finally started calling "Ma ma" discriminately. Last Tue when Mommy was out for a gathering and Daddy had to put her to sleep, she actually called for Mommy during her bedtime. I was so touched eventhough Pa Pa is the first person she called. Seriously, Pa Pa is her playmate. I must say your heart really melts when your child calls for you persistently. Now she is also very good with calling for "Ah Ma" and "Nei Nei".

Jan 08 Mommies Gathering

The Jan 08 Mommies had a dinner gathering at Park Mall Fish & Co. It was a pretty good turn up. We have 13 mommies and 3 hubbies for the event. Finally meeting the unknown faces that we have been chatting with online and on the forum. I am sure we will have more opportunities to catch. Some mommies were amazingly neat with only a little pouch showing! Ok, being a 2nd time mommy, I think I am not so fortunate. Nonetheless, what more than a healthy, happy baby.

No High Chair...

The dreaded day has arrived and become a reality. It is now impossible to put Keziah on the high chair no matter what carrot we put in front of her. She simply wants to sit on the adult chair and stand up to see what's on the table, not to mention to reach for it. I seriously can't figure a way to put her in anymore as she will struggle. If you manage to force her into the chair and tie her down, she will cry miserably and refuse her food. When we are out, it's a bit better in that she will stay in the high chair for awhile before getting restless after her meal is about to finish. What next? Probably I should start letting her to learn self-feeding with a spoon. Just the worry of making a mess of the place and wasting time.

Yucky paint....

Well I always thought little kids love to play with colours and paint. Keziah loves colours when she gets her hands on crayons but on Saturday when it rained all day and there was nothing much for her to do, Mommy decided to let her try some fingerpainting and sponging. She was initially fascinated by this new little tubs of colours and sponges of various shapes. However, once she got her hands on sponging and found some paint on her hands, she refused to touch it anymore. Rather she was more concerned that she had gotten paint on her hands. That ended the painting lesson in 5 mins with Mommy finished showing her how the various colours and shapes formed when you printed a sponge on the paper. What a clean freak! Not sure if I was also a little cautious not to have her dirty her clothes. Maybe next time I will get her an apron so she can mess around with a bit more.

2nd Molar is out!

Keziah's 2nd lower molar sprouted when we came home from our holiday break. That's 4 September.
It was initially some redness in the gums which Mommy thought was due to overbrushing but the next day, we saw some white with some blood (I think). It must be a real painful experience with the molar cutting through. Now she has a total of 10 little teeth. We are still waiting for the upper molars which Mommy hasn't quite noticed as yet.

Off at Sentosa

It's September holidays!!! Mommy had an extended weekend due to Teachers' Day. Off we went to Sentosa to spend 2 days at NTUC Costa Sands Chalet. The chalet wasn't very impressive and the weather wasn't that brillant. However, we still enjoyed our little family time together.

Starting off the trip on a Sunday afternoon. Keziah was all excited when she saw the spouting water sprays. First was just dabbling with the water but looked at how she ended all wet in the waters.

After cleaning up, we went for the musical fountain Song of the Sea. Quite refreshing display of laser and lights and a good rounding up with the fireworks before we took the tram back for the the night.

Knowing the weather usually doesn't keep up in the afternoon, we maximise our mornings. Keziah as usual loved the beach play and sand. However, the sand at Siloso Beach was rather rough. Not sure if this was the reason that she rather not run in the sands and simply stay put to shovel and mess around unless Daddy walked her.

Hey a good shot for an advertisement?

Visit to the fish at Underwater World. Surprising Keziah appreciated the fish and was actually quite fascinated by them. Though by then, she was quite tired that she fell asleep in Daddy's arms.

It rained the whole afternoon so we could simply just stay in house. Little did we know how a beach ball could keep Keziah all occupied and full of laughter. Of course, not to mention the wonder playmate she has - Daddy! He was simply having such a 'great' time being her entertainer.

When the rain stopped, we went out for dinner and took a stroll at Merlion Walk. We managed to catch the fireworks from the Song of the Sea from Imbiah Lookout. Looks nice from far too!

Tuesday was a rather short day as we had to check out by 10.30am. A simple fun out at the beach along with breakfast for Daddy and Mommy. Guess what! We managed to stumble on a spot with 3 sandcastles left behind by someone the day before.

Oooo....Keziah was getting hungry too...time for some bread....

Messing around while Daddy and Mommy packed up. Oh yes, the room wasn't impressive ya!

We ended our trip at Vivo City for a meal at Hog's Breath. It's here we discovered the little dip pool. Keziah really didn't want to get out of it when it was time to leave.