Doing it the adult way...

Keziah now wants to self-feed and refuses to allow us to feed her at the table. Even with the cutlery she uses, she would sometimes insist to use the adult's ones rather than her plastic spoon..

Friday dinner at Ah Ma's place together at the dinner table..Yummy food to tuck into..Keziah's all ready to say her grace before the meal..

Getting ready to roll...

Abel's hands and feet are everywhere now, gaining strength and greater agility. He's even trying to roll now, lifting both his feet up and starting to rock from side to side. Gotta watch him now..

Lovely flowers...

Mommy has been rather tired from the disrupted sleep with Abel's night wakings and life seemed rather monotonous especially after his birth. Life has been much revolving around the two little ones that Daddy and Mommy seemed to have lost their sweet couple time (rather it's Mommy that's feeling so). Daddy's flowers today really brightened Mommy's day. It's been a long while since the last bouquet that Daddy bought. Little surprises really rekindle the romance of the courtship days, all the more for Mommy who loves flowers. Thanks Daddy...

Cooing Abel

Look at how little Abel join in the song....He is such a chatty little fellow and loves you to talk to her. You are sure to get a great conversation with the little babble and shrieks...

Head up on Tummy

Little Abel just loves to fling his hands around during wake hours, especially when under the play mat in an attempt to hit/grab the toys. Good practice of hand-eye coordination.

Mommy will usually try to put Abel to nap on the tummy, hoping he will nap longer than 30min. Sometimes it works but most other not. Today Abel actually woke up and lifted himself up on his tummy, looking around rather than the panic struggle cry.
45 degrees lift...

Hey, I can actually hold my head higher and look around.

In the afternoon, Mommy decided to put him on his tummy while awake for some play. It affirmed that Abel can lift his head close to 90 degrees.
Trying to actually even move forward by inching...

You're looking at me?


Charming look...

What's that in front? This purple thing...Jie Jie's Barney...

Sleep poses at 2m 3 wk

Siaw Look-alike Meter

The little ones look equally like Daddy and Mommy!!!

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Geneology - Roots

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family history research - Family history

Our Little Gal

Keziah has grown so much and many more sweet smiles. The way she calls you can be such that it melts your heart, a little whiney at times. She's gonna be TWO in 2 weeks!!!! This year we are going to just have a simple family celebration for her and probably a trip out to the zoo...

Good Friday long weekend

Last weekend was a long one with Good Friday. Actually we didn't do very much as Friday we were busy with the new flat. Leaving Keziah and Abel home, Daddy and Mommy went down to settle the curtain stuff and thereafter to Suntec and Lorenzo showroom to see some furniture. Well, we finally settled for our sofa, coffee table and dinning set at Lorenzo. Somehow after a few walk at those furniture shops, there were nothing that caught our eyes except at Lorenzo. Of course, Daddy was also keen on Lorenzo stuff for the comfort and the design. Setting up a new place really eats into our savings quite abit. Eventhough the renovation cost was reasonable, after adding all the peripheral bits like furniture, kitchen necessities, electrical appliances, lightings and things here and there, it still cost us quite a bit. Now just can't wait to see the completed works.

For now Saturday is busy with Keziah attending 2 lessons: Growing Up Gifted in the morning and Music at Mandeville in the evening. Thought it was a good time to give her some exposure to music and drama. Probably it's her first lesson and somehow she was shy and refused to join in with the activities. Mommy had to push her along and even thought she didn't like it. However, her little shy smiles and how she listened attentively in class told Mommy she did like her music class. At the end of it, she refused to let Mommy carry her instrument bag and insisted on carrying herself. Should have captured a shot of it. One thing Mommy felt could be better for the class is a bigger room as it was rather crammed and warm with the number of kids and parents in there.

On Sunday, at church, Keziah was starting to play with the other children. She no longer just runs around herself but mingles with the rest who are slightly older than her. The little ones having some fun..It's rather difficult to get all the little ones cooperating to have a pic..

Daddy and Mommy took Keziah and Abel to CK Tangs to shop for kitchenware after church. After looking around and looking at demo, Daddy and Mommy finaaly settled for a set of wok and Corningware dinning set. Looks like Mommy really gotta cook. While watching the demo, Keziah seemed rather interested in the cooking but somehow she kept telling the aunty "" while she was adding ingredients to make a cake. She also wanted to wander around ob her own, not to Daddy and Mommy's desire.

Thursday Shopping Adventure

Last Thursday, Mommy took the two to Ah ma's place. Out of the blue, Mommy decided thatwe all go shopping at Takashimaya Baby Fair. We stopped over CK Tangs to look at some kitchen stuff and feed Abel. The nursing room there was really cozy. Highly recommended. Definitely not easy to be out with two but thankfully Ah ma was around to help up and YiYi joined us later. Keziah being a toddler was all over the place and when it comes to the toys section, she would be most happy to wander off.

At the end of the day, we didn't buy much but had a good time walking around. Daddy joined us for dinner at Crystal Jade. The Xiao Long Bao was nice but Mommy preferred the Imperial Treasure's ones.

The little Potrait of Mommy and Abel

The artwork by Daddy...

Keziah and her train set

Daddy and Mommy bought this train set some time back for her 1 year old birthday. However, it's been lying there for a long while unopened as we wanted her to have something new every now and then rather than all at once to spice up the fun. Just look at how engrossed she was. Now practically every night she would be playing her train before sleep when Daddy's home to build the tracks...

Wow...just look at my new train set...over the tunnel it goes...

Oh no! It derailed...Help! Daddy to the rescue..

Round and round it goes...

Under the tunnel...

Oh yes, this was one interesting pose we caught Keziah sleeping in just a month back but haven't had the time to post it up.
Just don't disturb me from my nap...Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Yummy 'drumstick'

Little Abel licking and savouring his hands, so much so that you can hear the loud sucking could be quite comical...wonder he's hungry or sleepy?

Then a little snooze on Daddy dearest. How comfortable and warm!

Disney on Ice

This is the first time we were out for a show and not just with Keziah but Abel as well. It's just so exciting knowing that Keziah is going to see one of her favourite character Minnie Mouse. From the start of the day and throughout the show, she was simply just interested in looking for Minnie and was a little upset when Minnie disappeared behind the scene while the other characters came out. In total, there were 5 adventures: Little Mermaid, Lion King, Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians and Lilo & Stitch. In fact the seat we got was much nearer than what we expected, giving us a full good view of it all.

Though such, Keziah still swayed to the music, waved to the characters and looked on while asking for Minnie. She was more attentive and engaged than what Daddy and Mommy would expect. Abel was sleeping all the while even with the noise, with occasional wakes to look around at what's happening. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the skating quite abit and also reminscencing the times as children growing up with these disney stories. Pity Daddy and Mommy left the house in a haste without the camera. So no pictures of this first trip. Just the ticket stubs for rememberance.

Moms and babes gathering

It rained the whole late morning and even thundered at noon. Mommy thought she would never make it for this gathering with some mommies and their babies at Ikea Tampines. However, the rain lightened to a drizzle by 2pm and Mommy decided to join Mommy Fishia to share a cab down. Partly, Mommy needed to collect some items from Mommy Kitsune who went for the Isetan Private sale. Guess the rain kept quite a few mommies home and in the end the turnout was a total of 7 of us. Still not too bad. It's actually quite fun having such gathering and the babies were pretty well-behaved, especially so for this photo. Ain't the babies cute?

Abel under the play mat

Abel seemed to like his playmat and especially the purple elephant that was dangling up there. Finally, this was brought out for a change from the usual play gym which he kicks under during wake hours.

More smiles from the little boy. He sure enjoys people talking to him and definitely responsive.

Hmm..."I'm going to block you."

Weekend at Aloha

Last weekend was Keziah's cousin Raelyn's 1 year old birthday celebrations at Aloha Loyang chalet. We took the opportunity for Keziah to have a swim. It's been a long time since she last swam in a pool. The last was in last November when we went to Sentosa Siloso Beach Resort. It's just so interesting to see how she enjoyed the waters even after such a long time and somehow waddled and splashed around on her own without us teaching her to lower herself into the water. She was even stretching her hands out in the waters as if she's doing front crawl. She was very curious what the other children were doing with the float but guess she was too shy to ask them. Just a simple collage.

What was Abel doing then? Heehee..sitting in his car seat, listening to conversations and watching the world go by.