A nice photo eassy done up by daddy for mummy.

Check out the photo eassy done up by Daddy on Mummy on the last day of 07. Denoting the events they did!

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Snow Fall in Singapore....

Mommy had actually been quite sick the past few days with flu and cough. In fact the whole of Friday she's been sleeping in. Finally she gathered enough energy to feel a little better to bring Keziah out for a short afternoon trip. We went down to Borders to browse some books and you should see how enthusiastic Keziah was when she found Sesame Street books. It was Ernie and Elmo and Big Bird that kept ringing from her lips. I must say the pop up books were really interesting. We also managed to changed the pair of Clarks shoes that Mommy bought over the Isetan Private Sales 2 days back as it was just fitting. However, the replacement was much too big and had to be kept for awhile before she can wear them as the next size was not available and we had to get 2 sizes bigger. At least it was better than outgrowing them in a few months.

We had a good meal at this fusion Japanese Restaurant called Sun and Moon at Wheelock Place. The food was rather impressive though Mommy wasn't impressed with the service we received. However, the price was slightly higher than outside.

Oh yes, just a word of warning if you are driving, please don't park at Wheelock Place. The parking rate was exhorbitant. For something like 3hrs or so, we had to pay $10.50! We had the shock of our life when we saw the amount. Ok, we didn't see the rates when we drove in.

Daddy thought since we were out, let's go try Tanglin Mall to see if we could catch the snow wihout much crowd. This actually surprised Mommy as Daddy doesn't really like to be out for such stuff on a weekend if he could. We certainly got a good weather today for snow fall. However, it seemed that all the little children and adults were enjoying the avalanche and snow fall except Keziah. Probably, it's her first time seeing foam spewing from noisy machines and the noise could have frightened her.

The beautiful Christmas lights on our way home. It came on rather late today actually...

Quiet Xmas...

Seriously this year is a quiet Xmas for us. We simply took an easy morning out to MacRitchie Park for a morning walk. Now that Keziah is more inquistive about things around her and more exploratory, it was really more fun.

Just look at her happily trottling along on the grass, looking at those toadstools that mushroomed over the night after the rain.

Oh yes, her interest in log walk and of course, leaping off as she reached the other end.

What's that fruit? Looked like a ball which she's been enthusiastically looking out along the way and kicking them about.

It's fun even with a tree branch...

Playing catching with Daddy. What's more than hide and seek?

Bedtime at 20+ mth

At 20+ mths, the toddler has much more to do before bedtime and also more verbal. Caught this over the weekend. Somehow it's been almost half a year since I last tried to use iMovie to make a clip sequence and certainly quite raw at it. Somehow, I simply couldn't add in the titles no matter what. Didn't recall it was that hard. So if there are any Mac user of this software, do let me know how to get it done as I haven't been able to do it even after reading the Help.


Our little boy is engaged! This meant that he could be arriving anytime soon within the next 16 days to EDD (Expected Delivery Date). Our gynae visit today revealed that he has nicely descended and weighs 3kg at the moment. Certainly would like him to hold till new year before he pops! Now it's time to get things ready and pack my hospital bag...

Like Mother Like Daughter

Imitating the adult...Wonder what she is looking at?

Sad and Disappointing Saturday...

When Daddy returned from work, Mommy was so happy coz the weather was brilliant to go out! Especially these days being rainy, any sun rang the opportunity to take off. Mommy seemed to be suffering from "London winter" depression symptoms, i.e. going abit crazy in the depressive gloom when there was no sun. Guess Mommy also has this nesting syndrome where she has some sixth sense that baby was coming soon and wanted to spend any little time enjoying the times as threesome.

After some time haggling with Daddy at where to go since we had to go without a car today, our dear sun decided to retreat and allowed the dark clouds to come on. Having a car at this point would definitely be a convenience with a heavily preggy and a little toddler. Anyway, not having it was just another to add on to the disappointment of what came after!

Mommy had planned to go to SKS bookshop to get some Christian books and then to Tanglin Mall for snowplay. Though we still got out of the house, with a ride out, the rain spoiled the whole afternoon and evening. On the way out, Mommy realised she didn't bring her wallet out, i.e. the ezlink card for public transport travel as well. Yes, we did go to SKS bookshop and picked up some books. However, we had to 'lug' them to Tanglin Mall in a cab. Ok, it wasn't many books but guess a few books to a heavily preggy was somehow still heavy. At the mall, we changed Keziah diaper and realised we only had 1 last piece left. Only then both Daddy and Mommy realised they forgot to pack in more diapers as we rushed out of the house to catch a ride. Thereafter, we waited anxiously for snowfall at 7pm and I can tell you it was really crowded! Things were made worse with the flea market that was on and the rain that kept people squeezing along the covered walkway, waiting for snowfall like us. As much as we saw the snowfall from a distance, it was in the rain and Keziah couldn't go out to play. So near yet so far. What was nice was the purple Xmas lights along the streets but seriously after all those happenings, there wasn't much mood to enjoy it... Then the day ended with us taking a cab back with the hope that we will be back for some FUN before this whole snow thing ends on 2 Jan 08.

Boxing up..

Daddy had to go back to work on Saturday morning. So Mommy spent some good time with Keziah having some fun in the room. Just how interesting a toy box can be. Aside from keeping toys, Keziah also decided that she wanted to 'store' herself in there after taking out all her toys.

Jacob Ballas here we come....

Finally the sun was out! We had a lazy morning waking near 8 am to realise the sun was out. So after a quick breakie and change of clothes, we headed out to Jocab Ballas Children's Garden again, with Nei Nei as well! Not to be disappointed this time. Keziah was all ready with her cool sunglass which she didn't keep on for long.

In fact, the sun was strong. We had a good stroll round the park, enjoying those little caves with waterfall and swinging bridge along the way, not to mention looking at the plants around. I must said the Garden is really a good spot for bringing your kids close to nature, with facilities that will entertain the little ones. Keziah was definitely making herself home, running around to explore even the little butterfly shaped signages.

Many parents like us had brought their kids out to the water play area. Actually most were more prepared than us, coming in swimwear while we were ready to allow Keziah to have a wet and wild time in her casuals and have a change after that. Interestingly, they had these watering cans around and Keziah was so happy just watering the plants. Beginning of some green fingers?

A clip of Keziah in action with the plants..

Early Xmas Gift

It's a public holiday and Daddy and Mommy had planned to take Keziah to Jocab Ballas Children's Garden at Botanical Gardens. We arrived there but the weather didn't keep. Look how disappointed Keziah was with the "I don't want to go yet, we've just got here" look. She actually refused to get into the car to head home when it started to pour shortly after we entered the Gardens.

So what did we spend this wet day? It's time to open up her early Xmas gift from Jeff Shu Shu. Of course, with none other than the giver himself. Keziah was seriously interested in giving a hand in setting up her new drawing easel.

There was really not much we could do since it was raining so Daddy and Mommy decided to take a drive down to Paragon where there's a kids' playarea so that Keziah could have some fun. While at Newton Circus, we hit a jam and Daddy decided to turn back. Guess everyone was either doing Xmas shopping or just heading to shopping centres to hide from the rain. So we went to United Square instead to pick up Keziah's chubby crayons from ELC. Hmmm....she just seemed to enjoy the 'facilities' at ELC as well, happily rolling around on the bee mobile while she found her hands on the kitchen.

A non-exciteable weekend

Ok, last weekend, Mommy actually planned to have a trip to Jacob Ballas at Botanic Gardens and some snow play at Tanglin Mall. However, weather was not too brilliant and we were kept home most of the time. Somehow our weekends now just seem to dwindle away, especially when Keziah is attending Saturday morning enrichment. Now, being December, it rains all the time. We have just gotta take the best of the moment of any clear skies for things. We shall see if we could have our little excursion this Thursday when it's a public holiday - Hari Raya Haji.

Unfortunately, Keziah is down with fever starting from Monday wee hours of the morning. Thank God she's managing her temperature quite well. This time it hit an all time high of 39.5 degrees and she refused to be sponged down! Good thing we had some spare medication at home.

21 more days...

Oh dear, it's only 21 more days to the arrival of our little boy! There's just so much yet to be done, not to mention that Mommy is really tired now.
1. Clothes washed but not folded and placed in drawers. Not exactly sure if there is enough of newborn clothes actually since I haven't really counted.
2. Hospital bag not packed.
3. Confinement herbs not bought.
4. Yet to buy PJs suitable for bf.
5. Yet to find my MIM sling.
6. Yet to pack up my room and clean up a little. Well, there is evident dust accumulating!
7. Yet to prepare my gal that she's moving in with her Jeff Shu Shu for bedtime with Daddy for the confinement month.
8. Descale the steriliser and get my pumps and bottles ready.

End of Term Party

Today was the last day of term for Keziah at Growing Up Gifted. The kids had some party. Of course we had some party snacks of junk food while the parents and kids mingle. Not very much but it was something different. Keziah will be moving up to the tots class for convenience so she has to say goodbye to the younger ones.

2nd Jan Mommies Gathering

12/12 - Nice date isn't it. The Jan Mommies had a 2nd gathering today at Pearl River Restaurant for a sumptuous buffet. Being a weekday, there was hardly any crowd. It was good catching up and seeing how we have all changed over the past few months. We first met when we were all about 20 weeks. Most now were in their 33-36 weeks. Being preggies did provide us with that common interest ground to chat and share the excitement of childbirth. Though this time round the crowd wasn't as large, we still had a cozy time in the restaurant that was actually quite quiet. Met some mommies earlier as they couldn't stay for dinner but it's a pity we didn't catch a shot. Anyway, the dinner spread was reasonably good and the food was rather fresh. Mommy QQ had uploaded all the wonderful food pictures on her blog. I shan't duplicate it here until I have gotten her permission. Do drop by and visit. It's really amazing how much we could eat, not to mention the accompanying husbands. All these happened as we had our wonderful active Mommy Mei who always volunteers to be the organiser and get us freebies as well.

While we look forward to the arrival of our babies, we too would be looking forward to our 3rd gathering with the little ones in tow! Now it's just counting down to see who pops first.


Today was just a day I think I would remember forever. I had my first fall during my pregnancy, and at 35+ weeks. I guessed my tummy must have really shifted my CG quite a bit that I somehow having difficulty balancing myself. While walking down the stairs to go off for work, I actually missed the last step to the landing and fell off. Thank God I landed on my feet/bum. Thank God baby seemed alright as he was still moving as usual after that. There was no bleeding or any pain. I really have to watch my steps from now on and not just being complacent and trottle all over the place.

What should we get for Xmas/Baby welcome gift?

It's the time of the year. Sales is everywhere and there is loads of tempting spree online. Mommy really hasn't been having much time for these until the sudden craze hit over the weekend. Now, Daddy and Mommy are really rushing to buy stuff before all these sales/sprees end. Wonder why people are closing their sprees so fast. Probably everyone is in a good buying mood. Anyway, in view of the welcome of our little boy and of course K's little brother, we are thinking of a gift for K, remembering she's never 2nd even with her little brother. Seriously we don't really have the practice of buying gifts for Xmas but I guess for this year, there is a good reason for it. Especially, now with USD dropping like crazy, it's good time to spree from USA.

Mommy's rather undecided whether to get the Leapfrog's LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Learning System (appropriate for 6-36m)

or My First LeapPad® Learning System (3- 5 years).

Of course the latter has a longer educational utility period but guess even if the former was bought, there's always no.2 to use it.

Toy'RUs also has some nice drawing easel which Daddy and Mommy thought Keziah would love since she's now into the phase of drawing and messing around with her marker pens and crayons. We actually went to survey and shortlisted the two models below. There was one other crayola model that looked sturdier but only 1 last piece left. The First Art Studio seemed attractive but looking at the box (since there was no display), it looked rather small. The other can be used on both sides at the same time but looks abit flimsy. Both had magnetic boards which meant that K could stick her magnetic alphabets and learn. After much thoughts and spending money on leapfrog stuff, Mommy thinks we have to shelf this buy first unless it comes as a gift to Keziah this year. Meanwhile, Mommy tries to hunt for a 2nd hand.

The First Art Studio

Crayola Quickflip 2-sided Easel