Teachers' Day Gifts

For the first time, Mommy decided that we shall start making gifts for the teachers. Nothing elaborate. Just simple cookies and cards. The kids were really excited about the whole stirring and mixing of the cookie mix and not to mention dropping them onto the pan.

We did some punch out and made some cards to tag along the biscuits. Yes, our Keziah leaving her simple note. It started out all high but Keziah was soon distracted and had to reminded several to complete the 6 tags for her teachers.

Yummy food...

Yummy food in celebration of Ta Ta's birthday @ Orchid Live Seafood restaurant! Not without their famous lobster porridge and Steven's chicken.

Conclusion of the food…our 'gourmet''s verdict!

Arty time

Tried our little boy on his scissors skills but he still prefers tearing….so it's just some 'sticky' time for him while Keziah added on to her little craft.

Toilet Training K - Succeeded

Yes, finally Keziah's toilet trained for the night too! Yupz at 4 yrs 3 mths. We began sometime back in June though with little success due to the lack of consistency as well as Keziah's resistance. Thank God recently things had been better and these two weeks we had been even trying not to wake her up for wee eventhough she even tells mommy before bed that she wants to be woken for a wee before Mommy goes to bed. Crux is we didn't want to disrupt her sleep. Surprisingly, she wakes up on her own about 11ish to go toilet with one or two occasion wetting herself a little before rousing. Our little girl has grown!


Daddy's new toy!
We started our day with a big meal @ Carl's Jr.

Many facets of the little ones..

What two can do together? 
How loving…

Beach play and kite flying @ East Coast Park

This year, Mommy thought to make NDP more meaningful and exciting, we joined the crowd at Marina Barrage to watch the fly past and fireworks after our nap. Little did we know that there was a big screen erected for the public to embrace the spirit of national day celebration. It was definitely crowded and parking was a real headache.

Join in the celebration with a picnic and view overhead. Simple baguette we prepared just before we headed out from home.

Well we ended with the beautiful fireworks which we didn't manage to capture as the kids were all so excited watching them. All was beautiful aside the horror of getting out of the carpark to head back home. Can't imagine it took us 1.5-2h to reach home, spending more than 1h stuck in a silly carpark. Now we'll think twice with such event though the kids really had fun!

Match and stack..

Some cheap steal Mommy got at Cash Coverters. Match your fruits and balance your stack. How tall is your tower?

Pizza galore

Another weekend of cooking for the kids. It's pizza day! Ok you can see Mommy isn't quite good with Chinese food and what's easy to prepare but a western meal. Fun and easy. All you need is prepare the ingredients and the kids are ready to be the chef and make their own meal!

Culture week @ School

It's culture week at school for Keziah. They were allowed to wear home clothes for the whole week or be attired in different racial costumes as scheduled for the week. Of course, the only one we had was the cheongsam. Since jie jie is in red, Abel wasn't going to be outshined and he insisted on putting on his RED shoes.

Big smiles…just like the happy face donut that Mommy bought for breakfast!