Happy Call Pan

Staying home somehow draws more interest in homeward. Saw this Korean pan advertised on TV and heard so many good reviews. So it is. Mommy bought one to try. The first attempt at thick omelette filled with silver fish. Yeah, picture perfect!

Out with three

For the first time Mommy took all three out on her own on public transport. We took an MRT to Bishan to catch Barbie Princess Charm School. Thank God they are all well behaved.

Keren Hands and legs @ work

Motor skill is progressing. Play time now involves both hands and legs working concurrently.
"I can do it with eyes shut too!"

I can turn over @ 3 months 1 week

Yes, Keren is now able to turn from her tummy back down to her back. Initially, mommy thought it was a coincidence but she did it not just once but a few times thereafter. Another milestone achieved!

Keren's looking a little different

Somehow she's looking a little different. Hair is definite;y ;onger and beginning to stand up.

Keren and leg raises

She loves doing leg raises now and with that, she's shifting her CG to help her to roll onto her sides.

What do we do in the hols?

Mommy started word recognition with Abel beginning with sight words and word family 'at'. Hopefully we can sustain these little activity to get him started with reading.
 Lots of craft follows…our first attempt at scratch art..
Nap is a must for growing children and of course, for mommy to take a break. Thank God whenever all three nap about the same time.

Yuquan Chinese Cultural Programme

Keziah attended 3 days of the program me and came home everyday with different items, ranging from Chinese calligraphy, flower arrangement,
 Chinese painting with 墨,
to cookery, making chocolates and dumplings of which Mommy forgot to take a picture of. It was simply fun with all these activities that topped up the core word recognition and reciting of 弟子规。

Snuggle together..

Pray you will always be so close to one another even as you grow...

Keren's 3 months old

Time sure flies. Keren is 3 months old. We brought her for her jab. She now weighs 4.23 kg, length 55 cm and head circumference 38.5 cm. Pd still felt her weight gain was low and recommended the following:
1) Add MCT (Middle Chain Triglyceride) oil to increase calories of milk 3x 1.5 ml
2) 2 formula feeds to supplement
3) Continue vitamins

None of which is easy to carry out. Oil is super oily, with fm Keren still merlions and vitamins isn't easy to feed even if it's 1 ml. Somehow we still try as best as we could.

Is really gaining/doubling birth wt at 3 months important? She took 3 months to gain 1 kg when most babies would have done so in 4-6 weeks.

Nonetheless, she's still the ever happy baby….Look at all her smiles and hear her laugh out loud...

Poo...none for 12 days

Yes, we were real puzzled why Keren didn't poo for that many days. We decided to call the doc to check on her. She is on breast milk most times aside from the few feeds of formula for nights (at most 3-4 times in all). So it cant be constipation. Who knows, she finally did it after her morning feed. It was a diaper full of soft poo. She must be trying to avoid the doc.

Keren's up on her tummy

Yes, she's holding her head sturdily now on her tummy and enjoy this time exploring a view so different. Finally seeing what she is lying on this whole while.

New way to play with rattle

Caught our little one at her creative play...
 Never fails to charm her siblings...

2 mths 3 wks Weigh in 4.07 kg

Henderson Waves

Good to be close to nature in this concrete forest...
 Daddy and daughter's talking time..

Abels scissors skills

Abel's scissors skills has improved a great deal. He can manage the corners and curves so well that Mommy wondered how long it had been since she art sat down to do such craft with him.
He even decided to creatively use the scraps as decorations for him to print his name on. As he said,"This is bus no. 123456."
 His love for red goes beyond us. Even his next craft, he wanted it red too!

Keren's cool look versus her smile

2.5 mths Playful Keren

So much fun on the playmat.. hands and legs everywhere now...
 Well still rather suck her fingers than lift her head up while on tummy. Hmmm…one finger isn't good enough, two taste better.