A time for everything...

Today when I am doing my quiet time, I revisited Ecclesiastes 3. It is just so appropriate at this point of time when I am just simply drained and tired - physically, mentally and spiritually. Really a reminder that God oversees all thing and there is a season for everything that happens. I think it is a real lesson to learn to trust Him and thank Him for all things.

Looking back, though I do have my opinions about my ILs - the way they do things and treat each individual, the way things seem to run in this house, I guess in one way or another they did provide some help. One thing I MUST really learn - NEVER COMPARE. There is no end to comparison. Guess I am feeling so much because I come from a fortunate family that values homecook food, being in action to help rather than by words, priority is on the well-being of the child. That being said, there are times we have differing opinions and I happen to get my way.

I have been asking myself why I have been feeling so negative, keep getting a great big deal of headaches. Guess ultimately the answer is simple. I have been just using my own strength and relying on my darling hb that helps me out so much. Have I been looking at the Lord for strength? With the year coming to an end so soon, guess it's really apt to reflect and see where I have gone eversince I conceived precious Keziah.

Ecclesiastes 3

A Time for Everything

1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:
2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,

3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,

4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,

5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,

6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,

7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,

8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Out Orchard shopping..

Mummy and Keziah went out shopping the whole afternoon. We walked from Robinsons down to Takashimaya. Heehee..Mummy thought there was sale at Robinsons but looked like she didn't read the promotional pamplet properly. It was an evening card members event. So we trodded down to Takashimaya, on the way stopping by Paragon. The baby room at Paragon was rather cozy except that it was a little small and certainly it's only for 1 mummy to use. We roamed round Taka, having a good stroll around and Keziah was simply fasinated by the water fountain just outside Auntie Annie's. After a whole long day, Keziah was really all tired and slumped in deep sleep in her pram.


Mummy has been feeling frustrated since Daddy left overseas over ILs. Somehow living with IL does not make life any better, especially when MIL has priorities over other stuff. I simply just wonder how she raised her two sons. My first shocking thing came when I left Keziah to her on Monday for work. For the whole day, she only changed her diaper once and that's when she pooed. I guess she must have left Keziah in the exersaucer on her own for too long while she did her chores. Guess what! Now Keziah has a phobia going into it. She would frown and start to tear when you try to leave her in it. I kinda didn't feel safe leaving my girl with her too. I had to rush to shower my girl before I leave for work in the morning. Following Tue and Wed, things got better but I really wonder what she did when Keziah was asleep. Apparently, Keziah had been a really good girl, napping close to 2 hours in the afternoon. Milk bottles were just used and left on the table. Her bowl from lunch was simply soaked with water. It looked as if Keziah had turned her world upside down. Even if my FIL was in like today, the same thing happened and dinner was late. I was basically left with Keziah on my own when I hit home as they have other appointment to attend. What irked me most was her comments about the way I did things! Things like don't shower Keziah too late like 7pm. Well I would like to have her shower after a day roaming around and feeling all sticky. But hello....I work and what time do I get home? 6 plus in the evening.... Wish she puts her word to action rather than commenting.... 2 days I'm on leave to care for my gal. Think I rather do things on my own than being dependent on others!

Weekend on our own...

Since Daddy left for his work trip, Mummy and little Keziah have been rather lonely. Still we try to make the best of the time together. Keziah was certainly full of energy, enjoying her crawl and playing her toys. It was quite interesting looking at her lifting her butts real high in an effort to prop herself higher or sometimes just her way to sit herself up. She wasn't that simply satisfied with being on her fours alone. She would try to stand up with every opportunity that presented itself. That being said, she had quite a few little bums today, knocking her head into objects in her endeavour to stand or reach beyond her limits. Partly I guess it's due to her lack of nap. She was simply taking juz 30 min naps and refused to go back to sleep eventhough mummy tried to cuddle her back to sleep. A little grouchy in the afternoon and that's when she had the most 'accidents'. Well, after getting all the attention she wanted in soothing her, she was back to her playful self, giggling and beaming with smiles.

Oh yes! Her teeth is starting to show. Her bottom front pearls are just making their way through..

Guess Keziah's smiles really comforted mummy who has to do much on her own now that Daddy is away. It's just one day and Mummy is starting to feel the absence of Daddy.

Daddy's away...

Daddy is going away overseas for a work trip. So today, we went to send Daddy off. This was Keziah's first visit to the airport. Dinner was at Fish 'n Co. Little Keziah was having a smashing good time whacking the fish. Look at her funny expressions!

She certainly wasn't too pleased when her fish got put away to prevent her from flinging her fish all over the place and poor grandpa had to pick it up for her again and again.

We took a family picture before we bid Daddy goodbye. It will be 2 weeks before he returns.

What more can Keziah do???

As of yesterday 15 Nov, Keziah has managed to support herself to stand by grabing hold of her cot rails. She can now kinda sit herself up and I guess soon she'll be able to stand on her own. As it is now, she doesn't like Does that spell trouble and more eyes on her? Another milestone to mark!

After trying out vegetables and fruits, Keziah begins today her exploration of proteins. Well, some books say babies should only start protein at 8 months but since she is adapting so well to her solid diet, we decided to let her try fish soup porridge without fish. Unsurprisingly, having a gourmet tastebuds, she is so keen at trying out all things new. She enthusiastically finishes her porridge and had freshly scrapped apple for the 2nd day since grandma started her on it. Now mummy can save some time making her pureed fruits.

Another wonderful weekend!

SATURDAY...It all began with an early morning rise at 7 am for a feed and a cool bath...Wow! What a fantastic splash with my little yellow duckie...

Mummy and Daddy took me out to Plaza Singapura. Just look at the crowd behind us! Saturday is really a day people get out for some fun. We were here at Carl's Junior for a nice charbroiled burger....pity I still can't have my share but I was still jumping for joy having the company of Mummy and Daddy.

After some hours out, we decided it's a good time to get some rest back home. The fun didn't stop here. I was just having fun being cuddled and exploring a good load of new things in the house.

Yippie...Mummy, let's have a few more rounds of swings and launches...

Hey! I want to have my hands on the labtop too...Mac - the new APPLE insight...

Well, guess I'll leave Mummy to do some stuff while I have fun with my own APPLE.

SUNDAY! We were in church as usual with me having fun with my pals!

Well after church, we went home for a quick change and out we went again. This time round, Mummy and Daddy took me to Raffles City on the mrt. It seems less crowded over here. We had a nice afternoon tea at Hagandaz...

Hmmm....what's on the menu?

Let's pose...

Hey hey...I want to see that....

Yum Yum...chocolate fondue...

Guess I'll just have to be satisfied with my banana for the time being...

Crawling away!!!

Keziah's now crawling away. She has mastered her forward manoeuvres, raising her bums, coordinating her legs and hands to give herself a forward lurch. Just not many weeks ago, she was just making her spin on the floor, pivoting on her tummy. Next she managed to do a back crawl and now the front. Though she has still awhile to go before she is effective in getting around on her fours, she made good progress in crawling out of her 1.2m x 1.2m playmat. She no longer wants to be confined in that space, venturing out onto the marble floor, slapping her hands on the hard cold surface. It's just so interesting to see her attempt to crawl over objects in her way to reach for what is beyond. She is also capable of getting back to her tummy from a sitting position. Apparently, my mum saw that she sat up on her own while on her tummy. Mummy here has yet to witness that.

Keziah in action!

"Ooooo....yum yum thumbs in!"

"Yippie! Horse riding on me higher!"

"Oh u caught me!"

"Look I am standing! I'm loving this time on my feet..."


"Come join me with all my toys!"

" really want me to do it?"

"Butts up!"

"Daddy's having such a big day fixing up a new computer...well guess it's day in the house.."

Almost 7 months!

Can't believe it! I haven't been posting for quite awhile. There is always so much going on, at work and at home. Finally settling into my work, getting adjusted to being a full time working mum. Really looking forward as the end of the year draw near. Work seems to ease off alittle. At home, little Keziah is growing up so quick that I find it hard to catch the moments. She has certainly learnt to sit up without support, making all efforts to crawl - doing boy style pushups most of the time in her efforts to learn to crawl forward, taking great joy in being on her two little feet! She simply love to bounce on her feet as if she is all ready to walk in no time. She can smile with the greatest delight even though she is going to topple over. She simply clings onto her the arch of her play should she have the chance to be put in her feet. Sometimes, she literally wants to pull herself up using that.

Talking about her feeding. Mummy started her on porridge this weekend. Guess what! She just loves to eat! Mummy had her greatest shock looking at how Keziah enjoys her food. Sat - sweet potato porridge, Sun - pumkin and carrot porridge. She would have 2 whole bowl of porridge if not for mummy stopping at 1.5 bowls and told her that's enough. She also had her first taste of banana, half a small banana with her eager to get on with more. Once again, mummy stopped her for fear she would overeat. Now mummy wonders if Keziah would balloon in no time with her great love for food. One bad thing, Keziah doesn't really like to drink much water. So mummy tried to mix 30-40ml of organic pear juice which isn't very sweet at all with 120ml of water. She finished it all in one go! Amazing but hope this doesn't breed another bad habit like her perpetual love of sucking her thumb.

Now mummy is deciding which size of swim suit to get her coz as usual mummy hasn't been really shopping physically but simply doing online shopping. Mummy is kinda hocked on bulk purchases and sprees on forum, buying stuff for little Keziah. Arghhh...gotta curb before I burn a big hole in my pocket.