Children's Day

Hello all the little ones, HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!

The little ones had celebrations in school today. For Abel's , parents were invited.

It was definitely an elaborate celebration with a themed party. It was a day with Alice in Wonderland. Our little Abel wanted to be dressed up as the rabbit and was really excited when he saw the rabbit ears and watch that we prepared for him! The school was all transformed.

We waited excitedly for the kids to get ready for their little performance but sadly the rain drowned our anticipation. We had to head into the school to begin with the activities instead.

It was hat making to join Mad Hatter at his tea party

Hand painting to suit the occasion. Abel just didn't want his face to be painted like a rabbit so it was just the hand. Interestingly, he took great care not to smudge the paint that we even had to tell him it's ok and it's dry.

Yes, the tea party and more dress up fun.

Treasure hunt for the golden key to open the door to find the doormouse.

Flamingo rings and story time. What story were we listening to? Alice in wonderland all relived by the puppets and sound effects from the kids with their instruments.

Nothing less than a sumptuous meal full of sweets and chocs to fill the little tummy. Of course, there were the staples of mee hoon, sweet corn and sandwiches on top of the muffins, eclairs, swiss rolls, jelly and fruit tarts.

Lantern Festival

We had a sort of pre-celebrations of the lantern festival. It was steamboat dinner tonight and our little ones at the first taste of pomelo. The two little ones just loved the fruit. Our Abel was savouring every sac that he could find.

A little stroll around our neighbourhood with the paper lanterns. Definitely fun for the kids!

Beads fun

We popped into a shop one evening and this caught Keziah's eye. It's a bead craft in which you have to place these tiny beads onto a pegboard and finally iron on after you are done with the layout to get your product. She wanted a big set but Mommy decided that we will try out on a small set first.
Hama Maxi Beads Blister - Star
Keziah did this almost all by herself except some areas which needed Mommy to direct her a little as this little craft required some sense of perspective to know where to place the beads to make up those flowers.

Space Hols

Our kids are always excited when it comes to painting and craft. We've been reading quite abit on space this holidays. Abel is exceptionally captivated by it. Maybe it's really a boys' thing. Anyway, we decided to just play around with comb and toothbrush to make a starry space with paint and glitters. Our kids started doing what they should but as usual after awhile, they went off tangent to use the brush to just dab paint around. Seriously, it looked like they had comets flying in space and shooting stars.

Some cut and paste and that's what Keziah created on planet sequence. Yes a few evening ago we made these bottle rockets to go along with the theme. Now Mommy wonder if we will launch it either using the menthol coke experiment or just a silly balloon or simply just leave them for the kids to fly them around.

Abel on the other hand did his craft with great seriousness and this was his idea of space.

The Trinkle Box done!

It's finally done!

Sushi making and craft day..

Aunt Nat suggested this Sushi Making class for the kids and we gladly tagged along. Well, it was an uneventful start with a wet day that we even had to call for Ta Ta to the rescue to send us over as it was raining so heavily that even calling a cab was impossible. Thankfully though we were late for about 15 minutes or so, Keziah was still in bright good mood to get her hands on the table. Cheryl was definitely ready to update Keziah on what she missed.

They got to do some fabric painting as well.

The girls with their products!

Of course we had the sushi for lunch but Keziah didn't seem to be quite her usual self and ate real little and extremely slowly. Guess the bug must be getting her down

First day of Sep Hols - Day out with Mommy

Yes it's September Holidays and we were so glad to be out. Mommy hasn't shopped for awhile at Orchard and we decided to venture out for some fun. Yes some simple food but nonetheless our favourite snacks.

New taste and new friends

Today is Teachers' day holiday and we were home. Mommy and Keziah went out for our fare of chicken porridge at the market and guess whatelse we bought?

Custard apple was in season and it's time for Keziah to have her first try. Yupz, she liked it!
New 'friends' for our tank. It's been sometime that our 10 fish were reduced to just merely 2 lonely ones in the tank. We saw these really nice bright orange sword fish and bought 2 of them together with 2 other fish for our tank. Let's hope that we are more successful with keeping these pets this time.
We were given this "Make a Trinket Box" craft on K's birthday and finally we started to work on it. It's the first experience with plaster and guess what, it wasn't as easy to handle and you've to be very fast with your hands to fill the mould before the plaster started to harden. Though Keziah was very excited about painting it, it will take a day to completely dry out before we can work in the paint. Guess what's her reply when Mommy told her that.
K: " But tomorrow I'll be in school at this time."
Yes dear, it will be weekend then for the finished product.

More on Art

Keziah did more on strokes..long strokes and short strokes. On top of that, they are learning pattern in animals. A mix of paper craft for the zebra and usual paint and draw.