Rainforest Kidzworld @ Zoo

Since there was no music lesson this Saturday, Daddy and Mommy arranged to take the kids out for a zoo trip to explore the newly open Rainforest Kidzworld together with the Lians. We arrived early to start our exploration at 9am. We actually slowly trotted along to see the animals along the way as we made our way there. This time round, it was a rather fruitful trip as we caught sight of many animals (kangeroos, pig deer, spider monkeys, orang utans, white tigers, mantee, sea lions, penguins, giraffees, lions, fox etc.) though some were asleep or still half awake since it was early. In fact, counting, we would have caught sight of almost all the animals and even watched the lions' feeding on chicken on the return journey. We even caught 2 shows - the rainforest escape and the splash show by the sea lion.

Of course the highlight was the Rainforest Kidzworld. It's definitely worth the trip and time. We didn't really explore the whole area but simply let the kids play. The wet area was good enough to keep them all hype and excited. Even didi was so happy looking at others play. Mommy also tried to let didi have some fun to wet and wild a little on his two little feet.

It was nice having such outings where families get together with the little ones at play.

Also significant about this trip was that Keziah went diaperless. She didn't wet herself and went to pee in the toilet when told to or when she asked for it. Looks like she is ready to be off the diaper soon!

Mommy's going back to school...

It's been what Mommy's looking forward to! However, anxiety is starting to mount after she went for her first department meeting. It's a new school so the environment and the people are totally new. There is definitely a lot to learn, especially now she's going in to take the role of responsibility. However, the puzzling thing is that she was not briefed on her role and more so the expectations. Somehow the teachers looked like they have certain unspoken expectations. Hope it's not going to be a guessing game. Being new to this ball game, Mommy really wonder if it's really a good idea to go into a school which she didn't really find out more about and knows no one. Now it's really a lot of prayers to know how to cope not just with work, but more importantly, the people.

Saturday Excursion

It's been a long while we haven't gone for walks since Abel was born. He was also home most of the time as he is such a good baby who could nap without having to be pushed out in the stroller compared to his sister. Daddy and Mommy is trying now to take them out now that both are bigger and hopefully stronger, i.e. not sick so often.

Keziah as usual still loves running in the park and doing the log walk (now on her own).

Yes, the happy threesome + Daddy the cameraman!

Abel was certainly happy to be out and more than that, we noticed that he was really observing his new surroundings.

Guess what new discovery we made at the park? Not the monkeys. Interesting we didn't see any during our short walk but we saw this huge komodo dragon by the broadwalk.

And a dead turtle in the waters. Looks like he might have knocked into the pillar.

We decided to be abit more adventureous and took time out to Vivocity after Keziah's music lesson for lunch. We had pizza and pasta at this Woodpecker Italian restaurant. This was also Abel's first meal out at the table eating (his own food of course) after birth. The food was ok but exhorbitant for the quantity and considering it was a set though.

Back home....

Handsfree on two..

Abel's been pulling up and these 2 weeks, he's really up without support. Just waiting now for him to take his little baby steps to walking on his own. That means having to chase after TWO when that happens!

Some activties before bedtime

Abel, now being very mobile, both cruising and crawling, started to meddle around with Keziah's toys. Just look at him making himself home at Keziah's drawing table on his feet.

Some short watch of educational videos for the little ones while Mommy has her dinner.
Abel still loves his fingers....

How alike are the two in even watching the TV.

Keziah never fails to show her affection to Abel with great big hugs...wonder how Abel feels?

Reading time...

Climbing up the bed is one activity that Abel loves.

Trying out puzzles?

Yeah! He simply loves the sound of bells...

Can you see his first little tooth at the bottom? Daddy has a better shot of this.

"Hold it! Don't shoot me!"

Birthday 10 mth old

One of those days that Daddy and Mommy decided to take Abel in his birthday suit!
Give me a 'Hi-5'!'s so cooling...

Abel's dimple

Actually from birth, we noticed Abel has a little dimple when he smiled. Somehow we never managed to catch a shot of it. Finally here it is.

Abel and His watermelon

This boy is really demanding and impatient when he doesn't get what he wants. However, he can be easily distracted too!

Back to ground zero

Well, our efforts sending Keziah to another childcare failed. She didn't adapt and Daddy and Mommy didn't like the teachers there. It was really rather unexpected or probably our expectations were higher. So there we are back at her old school and burning a big hole in our pocket for this trial.

Back from Hong Kong...

Some snipplets of our trip...
Certainly not easy with a kid travelling but it was still fun. Good to see Keziah's smiles and how she enjoyed what she saw aside from the cries when she was overwhelmed.