Last school day...

Wow! Time sure flies. It's my last school day and I'll be taking maternity leave next week. However, it seems too to be the last of my days teaching in TJ for the meanwhile with a pending posting out to HQ after maternity leave. Kinda sad that the time spent here is so short. Had really great fun working with my friends here, stressful times and manageable days, had my share of joy and sorrows with the students, seen students with appreciative hearts and of coz those that take you as a passing phase in their lives. I must say this is a people place, still filled with the warmth of a family when I was a student and even now as I stand as a teacher. Definitely, gonna miss the short days in school when I get on to an office hour job.

Anyway, my dear gal is still playing the waiting game. Looks like today she's quieten down abit with less action. Is she engaged? Is she ready to face the world? Guess now it's the complete surrender to God of her timing and all. Simply trusting everyday, simply trusting all the way.

Shall just enjoy myself out tonight with my colleagues as we call for a celebration of the hardwork we all put in to groom our students here for the last year's A level performance. Oops...eating again...wonder how much weight I'll put on when I visit the gynae tomorrow... it?

Looks like now is the time to start feeling the guessing game. Everytime there's some little cramps at the abdomen, I start to wonder if the time has come. Last night was so amazing, baby gal was moving so much and the pain in the abdomen seems to keep coming at regular intervals of 5-10 min. Got abit worried but kinda sat on it for while thinking that I might be over reacting. So simply went for a shower and prepared myself to rest for the night. After watching Amazing Race, it seems she has settled down and the pain no longer comes. Haha...surprisingly also coz my hubby told to hold for another 4 days so that he won't lugi on paternal leave that counts in weekends too so that he can spend more time with her. So probably it's a false alarm and probably she understands?

This morning was just like any other morning. Got off to work and juz feeling her little squirms and stretches. I think she's still finding it rather comfortable inside.

Face it!

Well well....guess it's time to face up with reality. After being pregnant for 8+ months, all physical changes have caught on me. With an additional 14kg and a tummy which is now written with loads of stretch marks! Arghhh....thot I could escape but no. Guess part and parcel of this whole pregnancy is this huge tummy that has grown now to look like a watermelon. Let me just take a few shots to remember it. Blame it on my negligence of being inconsistent with apply anti-stretchmark cream/oil, blame it on some good advice from gynae to just simply leave it coz u are destined to get it or otherwise not get it in the pregnancy, blame it on putting on weight too fast, yet all this come to naught when u see the little one buzzing with life as your tummy rise and fall with each movement she makes. What an amazing phenomenon! God's creation....the very life that came about from nothing but an egg and a sperm...who can deny God's existence from His creation...


Looks like I didn't get much time to sit down and write my blog till today.

Well well the verdict of last Friday's Italian food @ Al Forno Trattoria - It was good but not exceptionally brilliant. Guess the restaurant has strunk, much more cozy with few guests sitting in while we were there. Only a table with an American couple and a table of Koreans. It's the ambience which I really appreciate, the quiet of the night with some taste of less than usual meal at home. We had a salad, pizza, some homemade pasta and ended off our dinner with creme bulee. Hmm..think I like the pizza best though a little salty due to the additional anchovies coz my dearie hubby says no to processed meat for me. Pasta was great on first taste but got a bit far to thick and creamy to last till the last strand. The salad of rocket with fresh cherry tomatoes and cheese really awaken my taste buds. Sadly the creme bulee wasn't fantastic though the waitress told us it was freshly baked. A little to coarse. I would have prefered the tiramisu if not for the alcohol in it. Hiaz, so many little luxuries that I have to give up just for the sake of my darling gal for now.

Nearing THE day

Guess I am never consistent with my blog and seems like it's only an quarterly update. Nonetheless, I guess it's important to document these last days of my pregnancy.

It's 38th week and I've gained a hefty 13-14kg. The additional weight is seriously weighing me down. Each day my walk seems to get tougher, with more aches and pains. Oh well, pregnancy! What more to expect? Baby is now a good weight of 3.2 kg and certainly an active gal. Our little gal seems ever so happy to remain in there. So far there has been no signs of any early delivery, no dilation, not much of regular contractions nor lessening of baby movements. In fact, she's certainly having fun in there as I watch my tummy rise and fall with her in action frequently. Guess this would be what I would miss most when she's finally out - the days when I talk to my little gal in the tummy and she responds with some hand/leg raises. Sometimes she's so quick that I wonder what has stirred her.

The funny thing is whenever she's in motion and I call for my dear hubby to look, she stops. Haha...early reverence for her dad ya! Heehee....

Guess better for the moment enjoy my couple time with my hubby before her arrival. Much as the weight makes me lazy, I guess it's about enjoying every moment. Who knows what life would be like with her arrival. As one tells, pregnancy is a beautiful experience, an experience that can never be shared in common with any others.

Heehee....tonight hubby is taking me out for Italian food. It's been awhile since we last had Italian...