My own Swimming Pool!

We bought Keziah her own swimming pool one or two months ago... but the weather has not been very good and just last month, Keziah was down with fever and flu.. thus the offcial opening of the pool was postponed... until last weekend...

Saturday was a sunny day... bright and sunny and it was a good day to test out the new pool... Daddy pumped up the swimming pool while Keziah was busying "helping" out... touching the pump... and looking excited. The pool was bigger than we thought and we filled the pool with five large pails of water, just enough for Keziah to paddle in.

My new pool.... cool?

The many faces of Keziah.....

Including one out of the pool!

Keziah has always enjoyed Watersports... be it in the tub or in the swimming pool. It took a lot of coaxing to get her out of the water.

We brought Keziah to Thomson Plaza for her afternoon walk. Daddy and Mummy wanted to bring Keziah to somewhere new where she can explore and see more things instead of the usual United Square.

She was busy playing and figuring out the new rides she saw at Thomson Plaza.

Walking around Thomson Plaza with Ta Ta and Mummy beside me... err where's Daddy? Well someone got to take the camera to take pictures right? heehee...

Toddling on her twos....

Managed to catch this shot over the weekend. Just haven't got the time to put in some music but guess it's still as entertaining watching the little one though...

Learning fast

Keziah is really picking up her motor skills rather quickly. She is now able to throttle around on her feet on her own. She would respond to our calls to stand up and come over to us. Quickly she will be up on her feet, taking careful steps towards us. Sometimes she would be ambitious and quicken her pace as well as broaden her steps. It's just so interesting to see her walk towards us. Sometimes she would get so excited and raise both her hands wide open as she comes forth to us.

She is articulating more these days, raising her voice to make sure she's heard. She would scream with joy when excited and start to jump and climb on you when you are carrying her. She gets so exhilarated playing peekaboo by hiding behind Mommy's skirt and popping her head left and right to see where you are. She's also learnt to hide behind you, grabbing you from the back as if surprising you. She is such a playful gal!

She waves to say hi to you, point to things that she wants, turning her head away from the food she doesn't want.

But mind you, she bites! Mommy is still figuring out how to stop her from doing that.

Lazy Keziah...

Keziah has progressed to learning to climb down the steps the right way, i.e. legs first follow by lowering her butts before the rest of the body rather than the usual head first manner when she is on her fours. Looks like she is conscious of playing safe before taking a step. Much to the development of Keziah's motor skills, she is simply reluctant to hold her mag mag cup or feed herself. Tried giving her biscuits for her to mess around and hold, hoping that she would self-feed. Nonetheless, she did it once or twice, with some difficulty in getting the food into her mouth probably due to the fact that she can't seem to release her grib eventhough her hand is already at her mouth. Hmm...she isn't very interested in holding her straw cup for a drink either. She would rather Mommy just feed her...

Just over the weekend, she was calling 'Da da' so loud and clear. Even before her bedtime and when Daddy wasn't back yet, she would resoundingly call out that. We are still figuring out if she was really calling that out discriminately, knowing that 'Da da' meant 'Daddy'.

Her first birthday is also just round the corner. Mommy and Daddy have just sent out e-invites to some relatives and friends. We are not planning to making it big, just some immediate family and some friends. Still looking out for her birthday cake and waiting for replies. We are holding it on Good Friday weekend since coincidentally, her birthday falls on the Saturday as well! Hope people are not getting away for a long weekend ya! Hee hee...

Whew! It's cleared...

Thank God. Keziah's nose is more or less cleared up today. The medication must be really effective but then again it could also be really strong for such speedy recovery. Her cough is also much better, with less phelgmy coughing. Heard from my mum she only coughed 2-3 times. Given her a dose of medication for the night and guess tomorrow I could cut the medication off already! =)


Today, Keziah was still sick and Mommy had to leave the house with heavy heart, leaving her to the care of Daddy and Nei Nei as there's a meeting on. The trip to the doctor was quite an arduous journey. The wait itself took 2hrs in the queue! Never see a doctor on Monday unless there is a definite need. Keziah's memory seemed to have improved and could even recall the past visit to the doctor. You know why I said that? She went into the consultation room in high mood, playing with toys and standing up on the examination table bouncing around. However, once the doctor unbuttoned her in an attempt to examine her with his scope, she yelled and wailed in great tears that no toys could comfort her, even the most attractive talking Barney. Ironically or not, the Barney was in raincoat and wellies as if anticipating her 'downpour'.

Just look at the amount of medication that Keziah got! Feeding her the medication was a big battle. Practically half of the medication went to waste during the struggle.

Looking at my friends' blog just reminded me of the little things that Keziah had already learnt. She is now an amateur walker, very keen to take risk to attempt to venture one stop to another on her feet without much support. Some time ago, she has also learnt to play peekaboo with us. She would take a cloth and raise it up and down and laugh with great excitement. She too has learnt to acknowledge when asked if she would like to do certain things, an indication to us with 'Umm' if she wants us to do something and if we got her request right. She knows how to put things into something for example, putting the toys into the toy basket when told. She also knows that a key opens a door and when you say the door is locked, she'll crawl to the end of the piano and hoist herself up to attempt to get the keys which are usually placed there.

Walking on her own

Keziah's beginning to walk on her own without support. She would just raise herself up on her feet and take some careful steps. If you were to offer your hand to assist her, she would be practically dashing forward with all great excitement of this new found mode of movement.

Sadly, this weekend was quite uneventful with Keziah down with flu. This time she seemed to have really caught a bad bug. Despite the medication from the previous visit to the doctor, she didn't seem to make much good progress. On Saturday night, she was practically tossing around in bed, trying to get a comfortable position to breathe. Tonight, she seemed a little better. Still she was coughing quite badly to the extent of throwing out some milk. She must have really gotten alot of phelgm in her throat. She didn't really have much appetite either, taking less than the usual. Somehow I wonder if her condition gets worse in the air conditioned room as I noticed she was actually quite alright in the day. Well, guess it's to the doctor's again tomorrow.