Almost the last day...

Tomorrow will be Keziah's last day at the childcare before we move her to a new one. So Mommy decided that we make some jellies for the little kids in school. Here's our little gal helping out. She seemed really good at spooning things into the tray and quite good at not overfilling each of them.

Abel's First Tooth

Abel's first tooth finally erupted last week! The little tiny white pearly in his mouth...Thought we will start recording on a tooth chart for him. A little late to start sprouting but nonetheless, it's starting now.

LIke a big boy....teething biscuits

Abel's now on his two little feet, opening the doors to his 'little' house under a 'pavilion'.
On 20 Oct, Abel has his first try at teething biscuits. Mommy almost forgot about these biscuits that she bought from him. Nonetheless, it's still as good for the little one.
Hmm...what's this?

Let me just bite in to see how that taste.....

Oh....Abel likes things which are for big boys and this train set which belongs to Keziah.

HMFD scare..

For the past week, it has been a HMFD scare for Daddy and Mommy. Keziah came down with fever on Monday and started to refuse food and drink, even her usual milk. This was so unlikely our fantastic foodie. Tuesday's visit to the PD revealed that she had ulcers in her mouth. Though there was no mention by the PD of HFMD, Mommy was really worried as she received a call from school that there was 1 case just reported. The worry heightened when Mommy found a little bump on her feet and 1 more ulcer developed the next day. Abel was kept at Ah Ma's place since Monday just to be on the safe side. Mommy was sure she can't manage with 2 down with HFMD. Thankfully the fever came down on Thursday and her appetite got better. A visit to a GP confirmed that it was most likely viral fever which caused the ulcers in the mouth. Though Keziah recovered from the fever, she's now down with running nose and cough, throwing up the past few nights as a result of blocked airway. It was just such a mess when she throws up, especially when she refused to throw up into her 'vomit' bucket which we placed just next to her mattress. Abel's back with us and certainly hope he doesn't catch another bug from Keziah.

The little cook

Daddy and Mommy got Keziah a little PlayDoh cooking set. This is the first formal cooking set that she has aside from the random collection of 2nd hand bits and pieces from friends. Just look at our little cook at work.

Dress up!

It's Sunday and Mommy thought it would be nice to be in our Sunday best for church, especially when Keziah hardly wears the dresses she has. Off we went!
Abel too in his long sleeves for the first time. Isn't he charming? With the highlight now on safety on the roads, especially with two children, we have decided to have both buckled down! We decided to invest in a better booster seat for Keziah, one with a backrest so that she could nap properly and not have her head all over the place.
Abel now takes on his sister's good all carseat. Well, he's chirpy for a start.
But don't think that will last long. Look at how bored he was. Soon he would be bawling to get out of it. Time to do some training...

It's getting more challenging as the days go by to discipline Keziah. She has been whining so much when she doesn't get what she wants these days. Just look at her on the floor when we wanted her to be in the house and not outside playing around. Guess Daddy and Mommy will have to get tough on her!

One thing though, Keziah simply loves her brother and so does her brother adores her! Keziah's definitely bossing her little brother around.

Play time together

The two little ones are starting to play together, or rather get into each others' territories. This was what they were doing just before bedtime. Abel sure wanted to get a hang of what Keziah's trying to do.

The crawler..

Here's a video of Abel which we did some time back when he was 8.5 mths or so...Just look at him crawl and trying very hard to 'whistle'..

Playdate...for kiddos and parents

Abel hasn't been very well and we've been leaving home while we brought Keziah out. He's definitely coming to the understanding that he wanted to go out together with the family as he will whine as we leave. So instead, this weekend we decided to stay home and invite the Lians and Wuus to join us for some waddling in our humble inflatable pool.

Keziah was really excited when she heard that Cheryl was coming over to have some fun together. So here's our little girl helping daddy to get ready, inflating the pool and filling it up.

Here they went! Splish and splash together. Little Heidi was sleeping from her long day of activity, so only two little ones in the pool. Daddies joined in to play with the girls, or rather making them wetter. Mommies were having a good time catching up with one another.

Ok, dry up time! The first showcase of Keziah's swimming poncho - the little mermaid. Oh well, it's not exactly very clear.Anyway, it's still smiles despite the end of the pool fun.

Here's all the 3 young ladies after washing up.
Now, it's time to fill the tummies. Saturday was really not a day to be out without reservation. We had to wait some time for our turn. It's Japanese food again! The daddies making some paper craft with their girls before the dinner was ready.
Yummy food.....sashimi! Finally Mommy could indulge in that since she had stopped breastfeeding Abel.

What were the kids doing? Thanks to Aunt Nat who was always ready with some things for the little ones to do.
The water bottle talk...
Hmmm...deciding what to eat?
Here's Cheryl and her mommy...yummy handroll...
Tuck in little ones!

Standing Tall

Abel has been pulling himself up for quite awhile. Today, he has even start to cruise quite steadily, even attempting to stand without support.

Abel's 9 months old

Today was really wonderful on arriving home. Keziah ran to Mommy as usual to give her a great big hug and smiles. More than that, Abel who was crawling on the floor also came charging at good pace to Mommy with smiles and tried to climb onto her legs. What joy to see the kids after work!

Wow time sure flies! Abel is already 9 months old! Mommy seemed to have not done very much with him eversince she got back to work. Everyday was almost operational, getting the kids ready for bed after she came home from work. It's really a challenge to engage the child. It's more like allowing time for free play for the two little ones, a little reading while they tussled with each other before milk and lights out. Erm, there's really not much learning aside from loads of cuddling and wrestling!

Mommy has almost weaned off Abel, dropping to just nursing him twice at home. Though for the past 2 weeks Abel has been down on and off with flu and cough which somehow still persist, we are thankful he is still his happy smiley self, ever so active to catch up. Oh yes, finally, Abel is sleeping through the night, a good 8-9 hours of sleep from 9pm to 6am. Last Thursday marked the beginning of this new journey which Mommy rejoices for she had never had more than 3 hours of straight sleep eversince he was born.

Abel can now not only sit well, but a speedy crawler, good at climbing steps and even pulling himself up to stand.

Somehow he's into the habit of playing with his tongue these days. There is a little white tooth sprouting at the bottom and it will soon be out.
Oh and he sure loves to play with his sister every night. Either it's Keziah getting after him or him pouncing on his sister, giving her kisses and pulling her hair.

Making her own choice

Keziah has started to make her own choice of the clothes she wants to wear and shoes even. Today when we brought her out for her music lesson, she even chose to wear her dress shoes which we rarely do unless it was of any occasion. She's so much now a grown young lady. She always seemed fascinated by the clay figurines outside the Clay Clove which conducts courses for little children to make their own little pieces of art. Maybe we will let her have a go at it when she's a little older. USD3.99 International Shipping - Get your Vits and Supplements

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Happy Children's Day

It's Children's day. Mommy would think this would be the first one that she would ever remember or at least that Daddy and Mommy made an effort to celebrate it. We wanted to go back to the zoo and even arranged for a play date together with Uncle Chris, Aunt Nat and Cheryl. However, Abel came down with fever last night and we had to call it off. We simply had a lazy start in the morning, went for breakfast downstairs and bought some diapers and grocery. Keziah was simply happy with just pushing the shopping trolley along, refusing any adult's help.

The two little ones just up from bed and jostling one another...Oh yes, Keziah's back down on her fours. Wonder who is learning from whom.

Nei Nei came over and we visited one of her friends who was staying in the same block. Afterwhich, it was home. Nei Nei and Ta Ta took care of Abel so that Daddy and Mommy could take Keziah out for a short while for some fun. With nowhere in mind, we went to Jacob Ballas Gardens again. Maybe someone should tell Daddy and Mommy whereelse we could go. Somehow, this time, Keziah was so comfortable with exploring on her own, keen on trying out new things. She was even having greater fun at the water area, mixing around with other little kids.

In view of Children's Day, Ta Ta treated us all to MacDonald's. Just look at how happy Keziah is eating with her grandparents..