Princess kicking...

Oh wow! Little princess been kicking so actively recently. Wonder if she's doing rows in there....
So fun that she sometimes responses to the little tapping on the tummy.
Oh gal, you know your mummy is so excited...daddy wants to play with you too....

So happy today after going to school for 2-3 days I can finally sit in my room and start blogging again and read some others blogs. Just noticed my blog is super boring. Ugly template and nothing very interesting. Wonder how my students make their blogs so cool. Got dunno what tag, profile and the cool images. Am I growing out of touch?

Think I really doing nothing today. The weather is so nice to sleep but somehow though I didn't sleep quite well last night, I just could quite close my eyes now. Erm..guess little princess having a good time keeping mummy awake. I better find some better means of sleeping, i.e. poses so that I won't ache so much.

Finally fixed my antenatal class in Jan. Heehee..that's gonna take all my Wed evenings. By then I'll be like in my last trimester. Hope I don't get too heavy walking around with that big belly...

A twist of fate

Wow whew...finally a night out after awhile..heehee...

Down to esplanade for a nice musical on Friday night. Well can't say a twist of fate is a fantastic musical but the company does make a difference. Just a night out to enjoy the other half's company. Having been so used to the west end shows in London, this was definitely nothing to be compared with. What's worse is that the price here is so exhorbitant. However, I must say for a pretty much local production, it was still pretty fine. Quite a few catchy bits for a good laughter. Quite an expected outcome despite the fact it should be a mystery. Could have added a better twist...Oh, am I so critical? A good start to bring up the art scene here. Sad to say it wasn't quite a full theatre, with many empty seats. Wonder if Singaporeans can't appreciate local production, or simply just not bothered with the finer things of life.

I guess the world is real small to even have met my ex-schoolmates from Imperial on such a night. Singapore is real small or you just can't escape meeting another when you're a civil scholar. Somehow, friends whom I used to be quite close seems to have drawn apart. The feeling was just not the same. It's certainly a matter of efforts to keep in touch which otherwise will see the drift in relations apart.

Okidokiez...time for rest..

It's end of term!!! Princess time...

Finally can call it end of term. Eventhough all glorious thoughts that term will end on 28 October, it's really a fat hope. Been working on so much paper work and proposals for next year. However, I must say all should be coming to an end. Better to wrap up and do a proper job to hand my work over than for my counterpart to have to bear the black pot.

Heehee...At least for now, kinda sorted out the tower, worked out lesson plans for next year, gotten the budget done, cleared year end reviews and reports, arranged my OAC babies to be on their trek and had my major meeting with these babies.

Time to let down my hair and spend some time with my little princess. Heehee...oh yes! God blessed us with our darling little princess nudging me now and then. Gotta learn to spend more time to talk to her before she sees the world on 5 April 2006. Well time sure pass real quick and I'm into my 21 weeks of pregnancy. Gone are the days of horrible morning sickness that's not juz in the morning but can last the whole day. Must really thank God to have survived those times in school feeling super sick and yet having to scream and shout at those kids in class.

Guess being a teacher, it's really patience that counts. Gratification can come at some real late stage when you think those wretched kids never have you in mind. So sweet to have classes who remembered me. Sad that I have to part with them but life moves on from here with another life in me.

Wonder if it's God's timing. When I feel so comfortable in TJC, having great fun with colleagues and students, running some initiatives, I get posted out to HQ. Well well, surprised recieving a posting letter in Sept to notify principal that I'll be out in Jan 2006. Yiks! That's fast and surprising since I turned down the offer when I went for tea. Fight fight fight to stay on.... I want to stay on... Guess all that struggle won me another half more year at TJC. There's so much more I want to do... queer...starting to feel I miss my OAC babies...though constraint in the time I spent with them, it's good to see them grow. Certainly have some expectations of them, my perception of them, now I have only little time to impart more of what I wished to groom them. They may fall short but still a loveable bunch. Hope they don't lose their touch in humanity as one with a heart that cares, care to make a difference, care to make other feel they matter. But buck up and start to walk! OAC babies, you have to learn to challenge yourselves, your expectations of yourselves are so low. It's not the name that matters a great deal but the attitude. Do you have that persevering mind that want to build a strong self together? a baby, when you are on all fours happily crawling, who would want to walk on two when you have to put in more effort. Don't be lazy, start to stand like a baby and start to grab one another to stand. You may fall but try again and again coz if you learn to stand, you'll learn to walk and run and what more chase after your dreams. Aiyo, why I so emotional? Should heed HY and J's advice that I've done enough for ke ke...It's really up to them to even feel it..