What do we do at home?

Over the month of January, life has been full of ups and downs for Mommy at work. Sometimes there's just so little energy to take the kids out. So what do we do at home?

31 Jan
Abel had his first paint session with Keziah. Just look at him in his little artist apron which Keziah once wore. It was good fun for the two to mess around.

Otherwise, it would be a short evening walk at the small park near our place. Isn't Abel cute with his pout.

Abel's walking unsupported

As of his first birthday, he has sprouted his fourth tooth. Ok, Mommy wasn't very sure of the exact time but thereabouts after keeping a close track on his first two teeth.

A week and a half back, Abel was still cruising. It took us by surprised that he started to walk a step or two without supported. The pace of development was really fast. In fact, just over the weekend, he could walk quite a distance unsupported in his 'superman' stance. Guess soon he'll be running around.

Another milestone, he was able to take his own sippy cup and drink from the straw! Hurray! Looks like he's taking more water too. However, he certainly preferred warm water to cold water.

Ok, Mommy knows these updates are coming abit late as work is really getting on her nerves. Nonetheless, she tries as best to update. Probably when she learns her ropes and finds her ground, she'll get better at juggling both home and work. Though for now, temper is running abit short when Keziah starts to fuss (delayed terrible twos?) or Mommy's just lack the patience.

Chinese New Year

Getting all ready for Chinese New Year by donning our new pyjamas on CNY eve after 2 sumptuous reunion dinners.

CNY day was visitation after visitation. It was definitely tiring but guess the kids had fun, meeting their cousins and relatives we hardly see for the year. Not forgetting our yearly CNY family picture.

As usual for CNY eve, we will have two reunion dinners.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Keziah had her CNY celebrations today. Look at the fun the kids have. The school planned a carnival for the kids. Sadly Mommy couldn't be there as she's back to school too, so Daddy brought her instead.

Some crafts that she had done in school...

New environment...fears..

It's been a long while since MOmmy last updated the blog. Life has been full of uphavels since the start of the year with the change of working environment. New place, new people, new job scope....It's been quite some information overload as well as alot of figuring out how to manage this new role. Seriously, at many times, Mommy felt so much like a fish out of water. It's mentally exhausting, thinking of all the things that have to be done, not to mention about getting buy in from people since she was going in to lead a team. It's constantly having to tell herself to give herself some time to get to know the people, how they do things and work along with them.

Keziah too has moved on the the bigger play school with her friends. Somehow eventhough she has the same friends in class, she too was going through adaptation to this new routine. First week was bad with crying and shouting, waking up earlier than usual when she realised Mommy could no longer send her off to school. It's tough for Mommy to have to tear herself away from a crying and wailing child, putting her in Nei Nei's care by force. The whole neighbourhood would have heard her everyday screaming out from the front door as Mommy left the house. Hmm...Is Keziah taking after Mommy in her response to changes? Sure hope we both settle down quickly in whereever we are. Meanwhile, you will probably hear less from us on the blog for awhile.

Abel's first birthday celebration

We had a small party today to celebrate Abel's first birthday! It was mainly relatives and a few close friends. Rather simple get together which really eased off the stress of entertaining many people and being able to catch up on conversations with friends. Looked like Abel enjoyed himself with the company he had, having fun playing with the older ones around him.

The people...

Our little friends at play..

What was Keziah doing in the meantime aside from playing with her friends?

Abel's in action...

The cake cutting...

A real big thank you for all who made it to the gathering! We really enjoyed your company and your many presents.