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My friend started this website some time back for moms and dads interested in home learning with a hands-on approach. There's loads of printables to make your own learning materials and ideas on how to interest your kids. Now they are having a give-a-way. Find out more from them @

My Little Indulgence

Though it's already no. 3, we still have to be fair to her. Bird nest is known to increase the immune system and help with better complexion as the old folks say. These days we're just too busy to cook our own or have the older folks bothering to prepare such stuff for preggies as much as we loved. So what more easier way than buy the prepared concentrate form and take a teaspoon a day.

Universal Studio and Resorts World

Mommy Grace from Keziah's previous school initiated a gathering and with many thanks did all the coordination. We hit the Universal Studio in the morning and the kids were all so excited to see each other and all the more to explore the Park.
 Character shots!
 First stop to the Madagascar ride! Crate Adventure
 Then the jungle carousel...
 We caught one of the street show and managed to catch most of the characters from the show. The silly thing was that you can't just take a picture with all of them. You have to queue individually for each character.

Lunch was simple fast food at Goldilocks. Food was not fantastic but the kids were very happy with the lunch box that they had gotten.
 We caught Cat in the Puss.
 Some dinosaur ride in the Lost World...
 The kids going up to speed in the Accelerator. Abel was a little distraught by the speed though..
We popped in for a few shows like Shrek 4D and Lights Out! The kids enjoyed Shrek quite abit but there were instances the effects were a little overwhelming when things got too close. Lights Out! probably wasn't a good idea for kids since the simulation of a level 5 hurricane involved real loud explosions that really frightened them.

 A walk on the street….
Then it's check in time at the hotel! The loft bed got the kids really excited and they both wanted to sleep up there...
 Pool fun @ Festive...
 Dinner @ Hardrock
 Yummy big juicy burger...
Then it's kids' entertainment thereafter by them for them. Just so interesting to see all of them sitting together to play games and later on running up on stage to have their own little performance. A world they called theirs...
More swimming fun the next day but we went over to the pool at Hard Rock hotel and this was a big hit with the kids. With the artificial sand and and slide, it kept them all entertained the whole morning till check out.

 All in all 9 families….the Daddies..
 And the Mommies….
 Some Ramen for lunch after checking out. Looks good but only average tasting...
 Abel was so tired he slept over this meal.
 We headed for Imbiah Lookout for storytelling. They were reading the story of the Enormous Turnip.

City Tour with Cousin

We were invited to a city tour with our cousins. How nice to be a tourist for a day!
What's a trishaw? Now you know it...
Visited Kampong Glam. Aside from the mosque, what captured our eyes were the little shops that sold toys from the olden days. Time to reminiscence…There's even a Children Toy Museum tucked in a corner.

 Next hit, a temple at Chinatown.
 The highlight of the trip - the river cruise. The kids loved this most...
Some dessert before the ride. Look just how this Turkish ice cream seller amused the kids with his little gimmicks.

Mommy's favourite

Mommy hasn't had this for the longest time. It's one of her old time favourite...

Happy Father's Day

TCC was having 1-for-1 main course/pasta and so we headed down for an early dinner after Keziah's ballet class. The food never disappoints at TCC! We were delighted wth the baked pasta and beef stew and to top if off, we ordered the high tea set with a variety of dessert. Mommy was happy with her cup of decaffeinated Azuki Caffe with soy milk.

Though it wasn't purposefully planned as a celebration for Father's day, we're sure Daddy won't mind this as everyday is Father's day right, dear? Always the sweetest Daddy needless to say..
 With Abel telling him, "I'm already three now!'
Winding down, we had movie night watching Madagascar in preparation for our trip to Universal Studio next week. The kids feasted on Garett's carmel popcorns to their delight while they slumbered on their cushion for the show! Should see how they danced to the music at the finale.

We're 6!

Well, we've turned 6! Yes, 6 years together with ups and downs, many learning curves and 2 kids in tow and another arriving soon. How quick time flies!
Mommy craved for Japanese food but have to avoid the raw ones just to be extra careful. So Daddy planned a date out for grilled Japanese food at Robertson Quay. Never knew this place was so bustling with life at night.
 This place had interesting starters..
 Some ideas for homecooked food…fried potato and seaweed with salad and tomato and eggs...
A variety of items from the grill. The taste was definitely a class of its own. Fresh and succulent meat with different sauces to accompany each meat. Yumz…
Then we headed off the Island Creamery for some nice sweet desserts…

Yes, ups and downs there are but it's always a sweet ending to it all…Many more happy years walking hand-in-hand together dearie...

Build build build...

This boy just loves to come up with his own creation. First a train and then a boat sailing towards to train and next after mommy popped out of the room and back in, a house! 
We had some activity books and the kids picked to make a garage out of old tissue boxes and toilet rolls. Just short of some paint which were all at Ta Ta's place to make it complete. In fact, the next day after the glue was dried, Abel even stacked them up to make a multistorey parking for his trains!

Baked Broccoli and Cheese

Daddy bought so much broccoli and Mommy decided to just make broccoli and cheese bake for lunch. In the casserole, just to clear the fridge, we included mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Accompanied by baked teriyaki salmon and some pasta for these pasta lover kids.

Keziah's first story...

We got a little bored in the hols and Keziah has been sketching quite abit so Mommy decided to just clipped a few sheets of paper to make a blank book for Keziah. She immediately jumped on the idea of writing a story. We started with the zoo..

However, interest was shortlived and we started to slow down. Keziah decided to change the theme to the farm. Don't ask me what's the relation between tortoise and the farm. Maybe coz she saw tortoise at a fish farm we visited.

 To encourage her to write, Mommy did most of the difficult spelling and tried to encourage her with those simple ones that can be phonetically sounded ones. Finally, her completed works!