More drawings...

Keziah did this at her kindi and we thought it was really lovely.

 The latest drawing of hers. Hmm…not sure where she learnt to draw her elephants but notice now there are 5 members?

Our new friends...

Haven't had the time to introduce these new fellows. We got them just before Chinese New Year as there were only 3 resident fish left from when we first started our tank. The kids just loved them!

A simple birthday...

Card from dear Keziah and my favourite durian cake!
Dear Daddy actually got me something…heehee…see anything new on me?
Though I'm still waiting for a good meal, guess it will be till the bug is rid in the family.


Chingay floats were coming into the heartland and we decided to bring the kids to have a look.
Central was bustling with activities. There's a concert but seriously not for kids. We were down at about 8 pm but the floats didn't turn up till close to 9ish.

Meanwhile we watched the lion dance and the dragon dance with fiery fire shows. We were just round the barricade so the kids got a real good view.

However, our little man didn't quite have much courage to face the loud sounds.
Not to mention what happened when the highlight of the concert appeared - the longest firecracker dragon. Though Abel was wailing away, Keziah was surprisingly calm and enjoyed every bit of it. However, the firecrackers were really explosive with dust and smoke clouding the place that we had to move her out.

Chingay Firecracker dragon from Joan on Vimeo.

The long wait for the floats finally was rewarded with the arrival. The kids' first encounters with floats!

My 3 valentines!

Daddy really gave a surprise! One from each of my darlings!

Praying each day is such...

Some days Mommy just felt so tired and just pray the kids would quiet on their own. This day, Daddy was late and Mommy just wanted to catch a shower to freshen up. Surprisingly, guess what they were caught doing?
Keziah was enjoying her drawing. She's really starting to draw! A family of giraffes..
A family of rabbits!
Our boy was not running all over the place or playing with his trains but doing his puzzles. It's just so interesting to watch how he fits his puzzles now. Picking a piece and try and if not, try another! Less whiney...
Wish everyday could be like that!

Zoo in Festive Moods

The zoo brought in new rabbits to join us celebrate the new year! The rabbits were really huge! These Giant Flemish flew in from USA just for CNY but they are staying and of course, there were others.
We caught sight of many interesting of which was the sloth and her baby. These creatures are the slowest in the world but they co-exist with these fruit bats competing for fruits.
 Nothing much for dinner on 2nd day of Chinese New so it's home delivery!


It's the time of the year again! The kids were just so happy in their new clothes..
 Abel and his little cousin…Oh so sweet...
 More play while we wait for others to come along...
 Funny faces!

CNY craft from school...

Simple yet lovely...