Eventful Saturday?

In the evening, Mummy had a gathering with her ex OAC students. This is an annual gathering of the many batches of OAC students. This year 10 batches of students were there at the party. Mummy of course didn't know all of them but for those she has overseen, they have grown up a lot and hopefully mature as well.

Keziah did have some fun after she warmed up. She was first fasinated by a cat at such close range.

And later some light balls.

Can I change my ball for some snacks?

On our way back home, Daddy tried his luck driving pass the NDP preview hoping to catch the fireworks. He missed by a few minutes, by the time we heard the loud bang, we were already driving pass Sheares Bridge. Luckily quick thinking Daddy drove us to Marina south the place where Daddy used to do his trials and we managed to catch the fireworks. It was the first time Keziah was actually seeing fireworks 'live'.

It was a great fun for Keziah and she enjoyed every moment. Looking at the fireworks with her mouth open wide and with excitment.

Picasso in the making?

This was a picture drawn by Keziah.

What do you see?

I see..... a woman wearing a hat pushing a cart

Did she really draw it? Well.... It sure wasn't Daddy and Mummy. Just giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Keziah posing in front of her masterpiece.

What do you see?

Sweet Rest

How lovely! Father and Daughter! Caught in the act by dear Mummy. :P

Daddy and Mummy took leave on Friday to take care of little Keziah. Ah Ma took the day off to have her health checkup done. Mummy scheduled Little Keziah to go for her MMR jab. As usually, Keziah was crying the moment Dr. Ong put his setescope and she cried tears.... Tears were flowing down her checks.

The rest of the day was uneventful and it was raining heavily the whole afternoon.

Fell down the stairs.....

Bad Mommy bad's just a bad start to Monday today.
Keziah woke up early so mommy walked her down the stairs. She happily sat on the stairs a step away from the ground and waved good morning to Tah Tah. Tah Tah had to go upstairs to change for school while little Keziah looked on quietly. Mommy thought she will just pop off for a sec to turn on the steriliser just round the corner of the stairs. Well, usually Keziah could make her way down rather easily from that little step while seated down by sliding her bottom down. Who knows the next moment, mommy heard a loud "bump" sound. For an instant, mommy couldn't connect and took a split second to run back to the stairs. Keziah was lying front down on the marble floor crying out loud. Mommy quickly picked her up and looked all over for bumps, red marks and bleeding teeth, in search of where she hit herself. She just couldn't find it. When everyone asked how she fell, mommy felt worse coz she was not even there to witness the fall. Could Keziah have stood up and missed a step coz she was not quite fully awake or slipped coz she was in her footies? Could she have just missed the step in attempting to walk down like an adult? There were just so many questions. It took awhile before she quieten down. She went back to the spot and hit the spot as usual to indicate that's where she hurt herself. When asked, she patted her head to say it hurt there. Mommy was just too complacent and taken her development for granted. She's still a BABY!!!!! Mommy needs to watch her!!!!

Okiez, mommies out there, if you have stairs at home, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD ALONE ON THE STEPS EVEN IF IT'S NEAR THE GROUND, ALWAYS HAVE AN EYE (OR RATHER TWO EYES) ON THEM ! Lesson learnt.

Private Pool. Anyone?

Mummy was not feeling well during the morning and thus we didn't managed to go to church on Sunday. Daddy felt that he couldn't manage Keziah on his own as it was raining. Daddy did a good job keeping Keziah away from Mummy as she rested for the morning. Daddy even brought Keziah out to get some food for mummy. Keziah also took her morning nap in her stroller.

After her lunch, Mummy suggested letting Keziah have a dip in the pool as the weather was good. Here are some pictures taken during her little dip in her private pool.

Me and my new toy.

Mummy teaching Keziah how to balance a ball on a shovel.

Happy Faces.

A picture with Mummy.

I sure enjoyed my dip in my pool. Did you?

My new playhouse.. Come play with me when you are free...

Nei Nei and Tah Tah went over to Grand Uncle place to collect some toys for Little Keziah. They were all toys played by Keziah's Uncles while they were younger. There were books and toys but Nei Nei and Tah Tah only managed to bring back the playhouse. Daddy and Mummy have been contemplating buying one for Keziah but it was way too expensive. Mummy missed a good deal on the internet to get a second hand one at $60 but it was off color as the previous owner left it outdoors.

The fixing was easy as the instructions were very clear and Mummy and Daddy got to clear the playmat for the playhouse. Too bad it was missing a roof as Grand Uncle cannot seem to remember where he kept it.

Presenting....... drum roll.....

My new playhouse....

Give Mummy or Daddy a call if you wanna drop by to play with me. I will be happy to have some company.

Guess Nei Nei and Tah Tah got to make another trip to bring back all the books and toys... Yippeee....!!!

Finally.. Pictures of some beach fun....

Finally we have pictures of the beach to show. We finally managed to bring little Keziah to ECP last Saturday. She had great fun playing with the sand and the seawater. She was all smiley and excited, messing with the sand and walking barefooted. It's her first outing to the beach and look how excited she was. Though it's near her sleeping time, she managed to keep herself up, scraping and digging at the sand with her sand toys mummy and daddy bought. The little drizzle didn't stop mummy, daddy and little Keziah from having fun at the beach. Keziah was rather upset though that we had to leave early coz the weather didn't turn for the better. But ECP we will be back!

A photo with daddy before playing

First touch of sand... errr how does it feel like?

Running along the coastline.... don't worry... daddy is there to keep an eye on her.

Fun playing with the sand.

It is time to go.... bye bye we will certainly be back!

Passionate little Gal..

Keziah has recently been showing alot more emotions that really strikes your heart. Over the past 2 Sundays, she was so loveable when hugging her little friends goodbye. Just last Sunday, she just didn't want Dawn jie jie to leave without giving her a goodbye hug. From Monday onwards, she will run to Mommy and Daddy when we stretch out our hands for a hug or say 'hug hug' after we returned from work. Usually, she will just go on with what she does and 'ignore' our presence/expression. Now she is really responding, breaking up into a wide smile and running towards you to give you a hug. How wonderful that feels after a long day out at work!

Beach.... where are the pictures?

Finally we are all packed and ready to head for East Coast Park right after church. Mummy and daddy have thought about it for such a long time and they have finally put the plan into action. Little Keziah was exceptionally good in church and she slept for 1 hour for her morning nap when she would have usually been playing around with her pals. Mummy was thinking that she'll not nap until much later in the afternoon. We decided it's a definite to head for East Coast Park for our first beach outing. It would be Keziah's first experience at the beach too.

As daddy was curising down ECP expressway trying to find the exit to ECP, Keziah decided to play chess with Uncle Zhou instead... she just dozed off hugging a bottle of mineral water. Too bad mummy didn't have the camera with her. There went our plan. Looks like the beach adventure got to wait as little Keziah has 'more important' things to do.

Playing Choo Choo Train in Church with friends...

Carrots for lunch anyone?

Anyone Interested?

Can this thing really make bubbles?

More Bubbles please!

Daddy got a chance to take some pictures of little Keziah during the weekend. Below are his humble works.... Just look at her beautiful smile...

Ready...get set...go...

A girl with attitude. Knowing what she wants and where she wants to go.

Enrichment Class? Fresh Milk?

I know I haven't been posting for some time. As usual with Keziah sick (though still as active) and working office hours, I am feeling really really tired and been juz a real pig once I hit home. Thankfully now that she has almost recovered, just some phelgm that you hear when she coughs at times.

Yesterday, Grandma ma was not feeling well and had to seek immediate medical attention. So Mommy and Daddy took a day off to take care of the little one. It was a nice fun and easy day home and around. Beef stew with mee sua for lunch and rice for dinner. In between, Mommy managed to get a vacancy for trial class at Growing Up Gifted. Seriously, Keziah was not so interested in the story telling aside from being amazed by all the toys around and also what the teacher held up. She was constantly up from my lap and walking to the teacher to have a feel at the items. Otherwise, she would be walking around. Mommy had to constantly bring her back. Behind the teacher's back, she even took the boardmarker and toddled around. Guess what, somehow she fell. Think she was more shocked than pain. Mommy didn't managed to get a glimpse of how she fell and where she knocked herself coz another mommy was in front of her. There was introduction to words, storytelling, sing-a-long sessions, art and craft (yes, Keziah made her first little 'bag'). I wonder how much she learnt in this 1.5hours. There were 4 other kids in the class but our little one didn't really interact with them and neither did the rest with each other. It must be kids of this age or protective parents. Anyway, think I will consider other trial classes than put her into this one. Guess she might be better off with more gym and running classes. Mommy gotta think of more ideas to inspire her creativity - some finger painting sessions, art and craft at home?

As yesterday's childcare arrangement was rather last minute, there was no formula milk at home. So we tried giving her Australian Fresh Milk warmed up like the way we did with breastmilk. Keziah actually took it happily in her bottle. She finished her afternoon tea of 140 ml and bedtime milk of 240 ml. Remembered the first time we tried the Marigold fresh milk at Mac and she refused it. Not sure coz it was low fat or too cold or coz she had to drink it from a straw. Anyway, life is now easier that she takes fresh milk. NO worries running out on FM.


Well, tonight is the 2nd time Mommy witnessed Keziah throwing out her food. The last time she was down with a high fever. This time, she was actually asleep already but she was coughing so badly that she sporadically threw up her food. It seemed that her whole dinner was out! Think she had a shock herself. It was certainly a mess that Mommy had to clear up. For the night, Keziah will have to just share the bed with Daddy and Mommy since her pillow and mattress were all messed up. Prayfully her cough will get better. It seemed the cough only hit her in the nights. She's usually fine in the day, in fact, still as usual bubbly and running all over the place aside from the running nose and occasional cough. Looks like Daddy and Mommy gotta find some means to strengthen her!