15…16…17 months….

At 15 months, our little girl is ever so full of energy. She has been running and dashing around ever since she got on her feet at 13+ months. She's definitely a keen observer, doing what the older 2 do. She's quite a daring one too, didn't even squirm when we put her on the swing. In fact, she enjoyed the ride. Her voice is also getting really loud. Is that a trait of this household?

Her brother and sister adore her. They are always ready to cuddle her and monkey around to make her laugh to their hearts' content.
She loves dogs too…Never fail to alert us of their presence. To our surprise, she was daring enough to touch one. When we visited grandaunt, she simply approached the big Labrador that was lazing in the living room. Little did we expect she could stretch her hands out to touch it.
She loves to scribble on her writing board. We noticed that compared to the other two, she was using her left hand a great deal more. Whenever given an object, she would pass it to the left hand even if we had given her in her right. A lefty?
It's just so lovely to see her everyday expressions!

At 16 months, she's looking so grown. In fact, she has started to sort of pose for the camera.
She has learned to used her little pointer to point. One more means of expressing her wants! She can point and show us parts of her body like eyes, nose, head, hair, legs and even stick out her tongue when we asked her to.
Learning to cuddle toys!
More of her monkey see monkey do…no fear doing what she sees the older ones doing.
Like Abel, she doesn't like the feeling of sand. She could refuse to walk when placed on it. However, with more exposure and proding, she finally overcame it. Irritated by it but still carry on with the play.

At 17 months, she's starting to speak. We could hear distinctly how she calls out to "papa", "mama", "jie joe" and "kor kor". We are also starting to hear things like "ball", "bird", "frog","play", "more".

Her comprehension is far more than what I expected. Pulling at my pants when I am preparing to go pick Keziah, indicating she wants to go along. Pointing to her shoes to tell you to put it on. Cover her mouth when she cough after she heard me telling the older kids to do so after only one encounter. She remembers and repeats every time she coughs or when there's something on her mouth. Once in awhile she will remember to sign "thank you" when you accede to her request of food. Just so amazing watching her.

Hong Kong …. Just two of us...

It's amazing how time flies. We haven't ever had a trip off on our own since Keziah was born. In fact, the last was to Australia when I was 6 months pregnant! Can't help feeling so excited about this trip of time alone just two of us but yet there's always that lingering thought of how the kids were.

There's of course an agenda on this trip…to celebrate the union of our best friend from university days!

A nice little cuppa before we took off...

Our cozy hotel room…Thanks to our good friend for booking such a nice place.. Our first meal to kick to fill our tummies after landing..This McDonald's really caught out eyes. Ain't Hong Kong so full of cute ideas?
Our little candlelight dinner at the Peak. Nice view good food…what can you ask for?

Then after was to help our friend with her preparations!

The beautiful bride and groom….

It's simply non stop eating in Hong Kong as we celebrated the wedding of our dear friend and visiting relatives. Food Paradise…

Abel turns 5!

As usual, there was the mass birthday greeting at assembly. We were almost late. Abel insisted on wearing his McQueen suit despite having worn this same one last year. This year, it certainly look a lot more fitting.

Seeing him in action at school.
Keziah was so enthusiastic to be there for Abel's birthday. So off we trotted along, the three gals to hang around the school while waiting for his break time. While waiting for break time, Keziah brought Keren around the school to play. She's definitely having a good time.
 The racer cake he chose and birthday goodies for the kids in class! Definitely beaming from ear to ear at the sight of his cake.
  Whole class celebrated his birthday..It's the day too to served others.

First day at school!

Frankly speaking, I am more nerve wrecked than her. Last night I couldn't sleep much. It as if I'm marrying off my daughter. I was simply preparing her shoes and bag and labeling all the essential items. It felt like she has grown up into another phase of life and flapping her wings of independence!
We waited for the bus together. It's so amazing to see so many P1 in our block and all the more astonishing to have most of them in the same class.
Dismissal and off they went to their classes. The last we saw of her at school. The next was when she arrived back home.

Welcome 2013!

It was a nice slow and easy start for the year 2013.
And a slow stroll back to Gran's..

We headed out once again just to play to the maximum to welcome 2013. What more we can do before we start the school year. It's back to West Coast Park which so far we haven't been quite successful playing at due to the unfortunate weather.

Thank God for the sunshine! We really played our hearts out.

Today, Keziah conquered her fear of heights and scaled the web all the way to the top to slide down. Previous time she only hit the lower slide and down she came. This time, she even asked to repeat her feat. I'm so proud of her for taking the courage to try and even encourage her brother to do likewise though he firmly refused.
Even our little baby was so eager to follow the older ones.
Loads of fun swinging, climbing, leaping...
The ever-loved flying fox and Keziah could't help asking for more.
On the other hand, Abel enjoyed the sand more. Digging away with branches and building sand hills. So happy when all 3 are at peace and working out together.
Keren was in no way on her own. She wants to do everything her siblings do. Insisting on the stick that her brother had, she started to do likewise to write on the sand. Certainly, sand is not her favorite texture as she kept looking at her hands and dusting them. Despite so, she continued at her task.