P1 Orientation

The long awaited orientation was here. It's the first time donning on the uniform in full, stepping into the school and meeting her classmates. Keziah was definitely all smiles as we headed for the school.
 We assembled at the hall and had a walk through of an English class and recess time. These days, kids were just so vocal and most have no qualms in answering the teacher's question during the mock up class.
 Recess time, the canteen was teeming with students and parents. Parents were all tailing behind their little ones to make sure they knew how to get their food. The kids sat according to their classes and most were sitting quietly eating with little chatter. Guess the noise will start ringing once they are more familiar with each other.
Nothing happier than catching up with her best friend from kindy.

K2 Graduation

We have come to the final day of Kindergarten years for Keziah. Time passes so quickly and here she is, so grown. How she has changed from N2 to K1 to K2! Those were the days of her baby looks.

Her drama class in school put up a short play for the parents. It's really amazing to see how engaged she is in drama. All the children were so full of smiles.
The concert performance
Her little friends whom she shared 3 years with.
Not to forget the lovely teachers :)

Explorer Kids @ AMK

We were invited to a birthday party at Explorer Kids by Keziah's classmate and the host kindly included all the little ones. This is probably the 2nd time Keren's been to a plays ape. She doesn't like the ballpoint and prefers thefreedomof roaming and climbing all over.
The older ones had a real good time with their pals. For Keziah, it's like one of the last gathering before graduating.

Daddy's birthday

We decided this year to make our own present for Daddy. The kids are ever excited doing painting. We tried different materials and this was the process...
Final outcome after some touch up of the scene!
Our birthday boy!

Concert time...

It's concert time! This year, the kids had really fanciful costumes. All the happy faces…

All ready to change into their costumes..

At then end of the show with all their pals..

Home sweet home..

My love!!!!

Love this pics to bits!

I'm 14 month old!

It was just 2 weeks ago when our little one was on her fours. She did take at most 5 steps wobbling on her own at time but back on her fours she preferred. On 12 October, a week before 14 months, she finally declared that was enough. Walking was more fun. In fact, running is even better, given space constraint.

We had been signing quite a bit at home and now she's quite good at it. She has learned to sign meaningfully bye bye, please, thank you, sorry, no…Initially, thought it didn't work coz for her, we didn't put her to watch "The Baby Signing Time" as the other two did. Mummy just tried signing in her everyday conversation with her. She's finally picked it up. Interestingly, she knows how to shake her head to indicate 'no' but not nod her head to agree yet.

It's also very hilarious at times when she shows us what sleep is all about when we asked her to take her naps.

Speech and comprehension 
I must say this little one is a real feisty one. She definitely has great big lungs to make herself her, either in defense or in frustration. It's as if she's telling "don't meddle with me", a real chill padi. She's simply blabbering loads of gibberish beyond my understanding.

One thing I noticed, though she can't speak in proper, she knows what we want! Whether she follows though, it's another thing.

Maiden Legoland Trip

Our first trip to Legoland to play! The company made the difference coz we had pals along with us. The kids sure had a whale of a time!
 Happy gang…Wowing over the mini land...
 It was really hot when the sun blazed down. Don't forget to slap on loads of sunblock and arm yourself with hats or umbrellas if you are going. There's not much shade to mention.
Some rides we caught. All revealed that our kids are not gutsy, adventurous type who want their lives on tenterhooks. Even the Beetle Bounce scared tears out of our big gal...

Waiting for the big train...

 Our little boy's love...
 Wonderful peaceful ride which they loved. They practically went on it for 2-3 rounds as there was no one in queue.
 We missed this on the first day as it was closed for maintenance. Nonetheless our efforts paid off. We got to be the drivers at the Boating School!
 Zoom zoom…our little boy's favorite!

13.5 Month Time speeds by...

Time sure flies…each day we just see her do new things.

She loves dashing around in her walkers and taking a ride on her brother's McQueen. She's still not learnt to move forward but simply enjoying going backwards in the car.
She's certainly very creative in problem solving. Now that she's found her legs not just to stand or cruise, she's using them to climb! Today we saw her standing on her books and toy to help prop herself higher with the attempt to escape out of the play yard at the start of the month.
Now she has progressed to finding a 'seat' for herself while she plays. We even witness her moving her 'seat' to where she wants.
She's climbing now onto boxes to get what she wants. No fear!

We had been playing with blocks for awhile one day she surprised me by stacking up 3 blocks and within the next 2 days she did 5 blocks.

She's pretty good at pretend play. She must have seen too much of her brother lying on this cushion to drink milk that when we showed her this cushion, she lies down to pretend to sleep.
She's showing us how to talk on the phone. She definitely understands our words a lot better now. This means at times she will test us and attempt to do what we ask her not to and give us that cheeky look.
We started her on self feeding to keep her busy while we ate. Just look at what she did! First, you feel it, then you smell it then you taste it…mmmmmm….
 Yes, a few more pearlies! Now the top 2 and bottom one more are emerging.
Our princess dressed up daintily!

13th Month….

Each day, Keren gets steadier with better control of her motor skills. She's also asking for more attention and being in the play yard alone won't satisfy her. Mommy tries to occupy her with as much of age suitable toys.
Playing puzzles though she most of the time just take out the pieces and throws them everywhere. She has not developed the motor skills to piece the pieces back. However, she's more keen to explore her brother's toys, ransacking boxes to see what's in it. Haha…caught red handed here.
Thank God there are quiet times when she will sit down and flip the books. These days, she has her favorite books. Yet when Mommy sits down during her free time to read to her, she would crawl away or simply just take another book after a few pages. She starts to say 'book' and finds one when we ask her for one.

We play with little stacking blocks and she creatively made it into a ball stand.

She sure knows what a phone is.
Messing around in her play yard..

She's learnt to shake her head to say NO too!

Busy September Hols..

Well, I wasn't quite prepared for holidays. Being a Stay At Home Mom has made me realize homemaking is such an arduous job, worse than teaching. Every moment is full of something to do, be it washing, cleaning, cooking, coaching the kids, playing with baby and a whole lot more. There's never much time to think. However, looking back, we were almost out every day of the week despite Daddy being in reservice! Looking back, we actually revisited many of these places we had went before when they were much younger.

Holidays kicked start with the long requested visit to the Night Safari. We went together with the children's school bus mate which mad the trip even more enjoyable for the kids. Sometimes, it's really the company that counts.
 Monday, we went for Alice in Wonderland show at United Square. It was a real big boo coz there was no show at noon due to some organized tea party. So we went to Nei Nei's place to take a nap before returning for the afternoon show. Surprisingly there were not many people and we even had a photoshoot with the cast.
Tuesday, we went to the zoo with our church mate. Seriously, I was thinking of aborting the plan coz Keziah didn't sleep much of a wink the night before, waking up at 2 am, complaining of a pain in the left cheek. It did look a little swollen. I tried to sweep it aside and ask her to get some sleep but she just didn't and continue to whine till I gave her a dose of Neurofen before she settled down. We did see a doctor the next morning and he diagnosed it as mumps. Somehow still the impetus of going to the zoo seem to dull the pain and she still insisted on going. So we went.

Wednesday, it was off the the airport to try out the new play area, The Canopy. Seriously, it's far to small to interest me in paying for it. Since I had it free, why not?
I challenged to the kids to the slide which Keziah had some fear of since the last time she went as she didn't know how to exit. They got hooked on it after the first try.
 Thursday, it was to Jacob Ballas. We had fun spotting all the interesting plants like this calabash. Along the way we saw figs that were fruiting and mushrooms as well.
 Nothing beats the play area and sand. Though they really wanted water play, I just wasn't keen to get wet. However, I must say the water play area was a little disappointing. Not as great as before.
Friday, it was home with 婶婶 for some drawing class while Mommy took a break to catch up with some pals.

Saturday, we took off to the Science Centre with Daddy since it was a break from piano class. The kids sure had fun playing around with all the equipment.

 Our first trip to the Omni Max Theatre since our days as kids. The kids' first documentary show too!

Whew! It was a busy holiday after all….