Mommy's 33

Time sure flies…Mommy's turning another year older. We had an early celebration the weekend before. Without fail, Mommy had her crave for Japanese food satisfied. However, it was quite eventful as we had initially wanted to return to the Japanese restaurant @ Holiday Inn Orchard as the food was great when we had it 2 years back. Sadly, we arrived to find that it had wound down. A quick check on, we found that there were many Japanese eateries in Cuppage Plaza. Based on reviews, we ventured into Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant for the sole reason Japanese patonise it. This place was rather huge and was no fan fare in terms of the decorations, very much like a family restaurant in Japan. The menu was entirely in Japanese so we simply asked for recommendations from the service staff who were mostly aunties. After some wait, we were not disappointed by both the portion as well as the affordability of the meal. This place was known for their tasty bentos. One thing we noticed, the Japanese were housed in separate room and even for the locals who patronize them, they were regulars who ordered without the menu.

On the eve of Mommy's birthday, Daddy got her her favorite flowers. Thank you dear for remembering!
Mommy decided to make the meal together today. Simple wanton that the kids helped to wrap (well, they filled the pouches but Mommy had to tidy them up) and grilled char siew on the Happy Call Pan.

Daddy came home with little cakes to end off the day! Nice sweet varied taste..

@ 6 months

It just amazing how quickly mood changes even for a little baby. Yes, Keren has grown! Her expression of happiness, excitement and frustration.

Keren started on solids a week before she turned 6 months and she's taking very well to it. We started with rice cereal and moved on to sweet potatoes. She simply loved her food! We noticed she liked her food thicker rather than watery. 
Along with solid feeding, we tried her on the zippy cup but she had more fun gumming at it than drinking.
Keren can also hold her own milk bottle now! 
She certainly knows what's in the bottle even though she's not the one having milk.
She finds her way of having fun. When legs get tired from lifting and kicking, she finds a place to rest them so she can play with them later.

Loads of beautiful smiles from her!
I love playing with my new phone. Who's calling me?
Balls are my favorite.
Kor Kor and me..Do we look alike?
Tummy fun time!

With a Pinch of Salt

"With a Pinch of Salt" - what an interesting name for a restaurant! We took it as such to try out the food as there was a good deal on Groupon. The place was a cozy little shop along good old Katong where we both studied.

Food was just norm, nothing to really rave about. However it was a nice night out just to reminiscence the old times. It's the company that matters as always.

Stayover @ Cousin

We meet once in a while but the kids just loved to play together. Since Keona's and Tiarni's parents needed to be away for the weekend, we stayed over at their place to watch over the girls. The kids had a whale of a time watching TV, playing toys and taking a dip together. We even caught the fireworks from Chingay celebrations right from their apartment!

They had so much fun that they wanted to do a stay over again….