New shoes for Keziah

Keziah's feet been growing really fast these days. So we decided to get her a new pair since it's on offer. Somehow it's too big though it's just the next size. Will be awhile before she puts them on.

Abel's new car!

Thanks Shu Shu for my new car....heehee...I'm sure enjoying it a great deal!

Birthday @ MyGym

This is the first time we ever went to an event birthday party! It was a pleasant invite from Keziah's classmate, Maya, to join her at MyGym for birthday celebration.

Even Abel was happily running all about, getting his hands on the rides, trying to do what the older kids did by getting onto activity stations on his own.

The kids had great fun tumbling around. There were trainers to conduct a little gym course for the kids, getting parents involved in the activities as well.

The jumping, running and hopping really used up all their energies that Keziah and Abel had no problem getting to bed.

The BIG Wheel adventure

We were given these tickets a year back and finally after extending the expiry date once, we were on the BIG WHEEL - the Singapore Flyer. It was rather breathtaking upthere and we hardly felt much movement throughout the flight. We even caught the sunset. The kids had great fun running around the capsule, even little Abel was so exhilaterated with the sight.

Hmm..even so, would you pay to be the Friends of the Singapore Flyer like that of the zoo? Guess not for us! Once a lifetime experience...Probably once more when the IR is up..

Muffin making...

Our muffin making morning! Right after breakfast, we started to get our little hands dirty, making muffin using a premix which we had bought some time back but had no chance to use it. Keziah is always happy to be doing some of this baking though it can get rather messy with her insisting on doing everything on her own. She even cracked the egg, or should I say crushed the egg. Guess the outcome was pretty decent nonetheless. Oops, we forgot to take a picture of the final product.

Yes, Mommy did it! No pay...

This sounds ridiculous at this time of the year where everywhere is in recession and everyone is trying hard to keep their job. Mommy has officially gone on no pay leave! Well, it's going to be a challenge with just one income. Then again, what is time lost with the kids, to have to come home from work all frustrated and tired and venting on them. This is drastic. Could have considered part time but what is done is done. Hopefully with this, Mommy could spend more time with the kids and also get sorted out with moving to our new place. Guess with everything, there is a time of need to recollect thoughts and see what is the direction in life. Guess God had also intervened somehow for such quick approval from Mommy's boss for this leave which took her by surprise though with much gladness.

Sometimes when you get so caught up with moving along with the world, getting work done and back home to get the kids ready for bed, life is no more than a routine with little space for self and others. Worse when you want to do it all well and realising that you can't afterall multitask and expect that. Something has to go somehow.

Now it's getting connected back again and regain the joy of Christian living, the joy of having the little ones, the joy of simplicity...

Roadtrip on Nature Trail

It's our first time on a road trip to Malaysia. Thanks to our friends, the Lians, for planning this wonderful trip and accomodating us on a ride with them. It's not just us two families but with 3 other families whom are friends of the Lians. Our nature trail to Kota Tinggi began at 4.30am with some last minute packing as well as to gently wake our dear princess up at 5am to be ready for pick at 5.30am. Thank God Keziah was good and got up without much fussing and for blessing us with good weather, sun and rain when we needed.

The girls still wide awake despite the early rising. Just look how sweet they are!
Nothing beats having a good breakfast of fishball noodles and Yong Tau Hu after an early wake after clearing the causeway with relatively insignificant jam. We realised how blessed we were only that night when we met another family at the firefly tour at 8pm after they told us they just arrived having left Singapore at 2pm.

Keziah seemed so grown up now, drinking milo just like any adult! heehee...

Our first stop, the Kota Tinggi Waterfall. The rocks were really slippery but the kids had fun splashing around though going near to the waterfall was a little intimidating for Keziah despite her being very excited to get change and follow Cheryl into the waters. As usual, she took awhile before she garnered enough courage to approach with Daddy.

Where is Daddy?
Having a massage at the waterfall while Uncle Chris kindly took care of Keziah. He sure knew how to enjoy.

All ready for the next part of the journey...

How can our nature trail be complete without an equally rustic living!

Lunch at Dengat Seafood Restaurant marked the beginning of our gourmet meals. Basically, it's seafood galore. Not fantastic to begin but definitely filled us up!

This trip was in part an educational trip! We visited the Crocodile and Ostrich Farms as well as the Fruit Farm.

Crocodile Farm
Just look at how huge these creatures are. The strength of their tail could easily knock the prey off and be caught in their jaws in a matter of seconds.

There was this little crocodile that had a hunchback. Apparent such born with deficiencies won't live a long life but the farm still keeps them till they reach their natural end.

We had the good opportunity to hold onto a small crocodile. This was how close we got. It was a quiet fellow that allowed us to pass him from one to another. All the little ones were so excited to get their hands on the croc while Keziah watched from afar. It was only when everyone was done and being proded by Mommy that she finally held it together with Mommy.

Fruit Farm
Well, we arrived but it the weather was too hot to go round the farm to visit. We were told actually the best season to comeby is August where there would be a greater variety of seasonal fruits. Nonetheless, we did get some fruits to quench our thirst.

After all these visits, it's time for dinner. Dinner at New Mui Tou Restaurant was so much better than lunch and a lot cheaper. Ok, we didn't order that much but the quality was better at half the price of lunch. Yes, we had crabs for dinner and ostrich meat (not in pic as we were all busy eating) as well!

Firefly Cruise

Not to be missed if you are at Kota Tinggi. We had a feast of our eyes, looking at bushes lit by these little creatures, just like the lighting on Xmas trees. It's an experience that can't be captured on screen. Not sure how much Keziah appreciated God's creation but Daddy and Mommy were definitely in awe for that 45 minute ride. We even got so close that it felt that we could reach out for it. Keziah was all too tired at the end of it that she simply knocked out for the night.

We had some rain in the night which brought about a refreshing morning. It was definitely a sight to wake up to see the mountains amidst the morning mist and a pretty rainbow from the rain.

Breakfast of toast and egg, not to mention nasi lemak since we were in Malaysia. The kids had fun time roaming around with their Daddies while the mommies caught up with each other.

It's swimming time after filling the tummies...

And that wasn't enough. We followed on to explore the stream by the back. Guess what, the kids were hunting for fish in the waters. That's just how close our kids got to nature in the kampong way.

Along our drive out to the Ostrich Farm, we stopped by to be as locals were to get some little snacks. These were real cheap, 8 pcs for RM$2, and good. On our return trip, we saw many cars stopping to buy these, that showed how good these were.

Next to the Ostrich Farm!
The largest bird in the world and its egg is equivalent to 30 chicken eggs! Just look how big the yolk was! These eggs were better than chicken, high in protein and low in chloestrol.

And amazingly, the egg shell is tougher than what we expected. It could take up to 100kg of weight, not cracking even under Daddy's weight.

We were fortunate to catch sight of a day old ostrich. The first few weeks of its life is fragile and they have to be kept away from rain and cold. Just how quick these birds grow!

How amazed Keziah was at the ostrichs! Yet, it's still good from far. Daddy managed to find her one of those feathers that dropped on the ground and it was so proud of it.

Some ostrich meat satay! Really tender meat!

Nothing beats wrapping up the trip with another sumptuous seafood meal. This time round at Good Luck Restaurant and we had mini lobsters and prawns. Yum Yum....

Keziah's 3rd Birthday

Yes, Keziah's three! This time round, she had 3 rounds of celebrations - 2 simple affair with grandparents and one little school celebrations.

Dinner at Ah Ma's place on 4 Apr

Dinner with Tata, Nei Nei and Shu Shu on 5 Apr
Yes, it's pizza - Keziah's favourite. We ordered this time round from Spizza and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. It really resembled authentic Italian oven baked pizza. Definitely worth the cost and comfort of eating at home to give the little ones space to roam about.

Juz look at how she enjoyed the food....simple pleasure..

Her favourite Barney!

Time to unwrap all presents! Thanks to Ta Ta, Nei Nei, Shu Shu and Philane Jie Jie for all the presents. Keziah had great fun opening up the presents, being surprised with every present. So was Abel! Heehee....

Zoo fun with Daddy, Mommy and Abel on 6 Apr
Zoo has become our usual hunt now with the Friends of the Zoo membership. It's also a place Keziah loves to go. Daddy and Mommy were on leave today to take the two little ones out for some fun! We tried packing our own picnic for the first time for this outing...

The highlight of the trip was definitely the waterplay area. Keziah as usual was timid at attempting the activity stations, preferring to just waddle in water. It was only after warming up that she tried the slides on prodding. Could definitely understand her fear of the water pour that came along with a series of warning bells. Might as the older kids enjoyed that, Keziah was definitely not one who liked such. However, at the end of it, MOmmy was so proud that she managed together with Daddy.

Last but not least, her little birthday party with her friends at school on 7 Apr. We didn't do very much aside from some cupcakes for the kids and a simple party pack with crayons and some little sweets.